Alpha Epsilon Chi

~ ~ , V3 C' tl ;:ll 0 0 l 'l (:J' s: 7 . r • [!) ':} Vl 1-$ U\ ~ (L- 1 )J ::::r 0 s- -+ "' ~ 5 !·' ~ c: ~ ~ C1 !-' ~"') Jq ,. ~ ::t:> 0 8 0:::>' F= , II' 0 1-'::Sc+ "' (_I\ z '[) tf. 9- >- -J :r. s:: 0 ~ !'\) 0 "d -tl--' ' _o .;::> '1'1 t:1 o.,c+ ':~> )> t1 80 I. -t- ;I:) r 1-i }> 1"1 , ~ o'O.. ""< t: - <:< P-1 ' ~ > ::h '""" c+ cf"Z (1J '1\ -- " " 0\ (J) "" fb """ :J 0> « ~ ~ ;; (!;\ .. ~ s:- 01! p._

4<>" /;eh- UP ( orv.dU.J.di..rJn '!!:. ~ Alpha. fp.dLI.on C'3!:. SocUd Club /967-~:Y Att:f:Lcle 1 - Name Sec;lUJn 1. Th.e ot{LcLal name ot :tAW /.Jocial. cl.u/J J../.J Alph.a {p/.J.i.l.on Ch.L O/l. foJt d.mpli.cU:J; U -tJ'htUJ 6e cal.l.ed A.[..X. Sedi...on 2. lAc DLIItDO/.J e vl :tJti.A /.JOci..a..L club i..1J i:o p~tomoi:.e [/vz, c/UUI.adEVt ol bll.ol..he~WJ l.J.we 1 h..f.o)z .dc/wlit./.J.ti..c. adU.evemen;/:_ 1 Ul.vJ:ti.fln acf..l..t.· : . 5ec.ti..on 1. Sec.ti..on 2. Sec.ti..on ]. 5ec;lUJn 4. Sewon 5· 5ec.ti..on 6. 1 e.n. /.JocLal. cJ.uh wuler..rJJ a oed~ .!..eAa.t 1?./l tJ11.4 )ecti.on/.J :b.vo

i .. ln tu d the 1 0 1 i lpb.B. _psilon Chi stude-nts o ocial Club . ra.~ Colle CHARTEH MEMBERS : 1t ,.H l fi l en, Fred 'Reimer alt :Evans J Heywood Lloyd, Charles Burxs, ~nit Jerry Levert . Jerrv Jones , Noel ple , Gerold Ebker , Dave rnh!!-rt. Tally JKurphy, Ed ~d Ted Cline. ..~en1. on, Mi ke DoLtga1, Bill illiams, OF ORG.Al:'TZATIOH : Alnha ETJa:i loll Chi . eanin~ : Bro t_·,he1a in Cb.r.1 st. 0 ..... ~

VERSE I REFRAIN VERSE II REFRAIN VERSE III REFRAIN ~~ ~ Magic Dragon Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frollicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah-Lee, Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal PUFF And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. Ohl PUFF, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frollicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah-Lee, PUFF, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frollicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah-Lee. Together they would travel on a boat with billowed sail, Jackie kept a lookout perched on tuff's gigantic tail, Noble kings and princes would bow whene'er they came, And Pirate ships would low'r their flag when PUFF roared out his name. Oht (repeat above) A dragon lives forever but not so little boys, Painted wings and giant~ rings make way for other toys. One grey night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more And PUFF that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar. Oht (repeat above softly)

ALPHA EPSILON CHI QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Name 2. Age Birthdate Hometown 3. Classification Major &Minor 4. Father's occupation Mother's occupation 5. Number of brothers Number of sisters 6. What occupation would you like your husband to have? What income bracket? 7. How large a family would you like to have. 8. Do you plan to find a husband while at Harding? 9. When do you want to get married? 10. Why did you come-to Harding? 11. Can you cook? 12. Have you ever bleached your hair? 13. What kind of date do you enjoy most? 14. Do you believe in going steady? 15. Would you consider dating me in the near future? 16. Were you ever on a diet? 17. How much did you lose? 18. What kind of music do you enjoy most? 19. What kind of movies do you like? 20. What are your hobbieG? 21. What is your favorite subject? 22. rNhat is your favorite corsage? 23. Give an opinion of the boy interviewing you. 24. Pledge, give your opinion of this girl. ..

.?~ .~.., 0li'PIC.clR.:i President: Valt Gilfilen Vice Pres .: Charles Burks . Sec retary: :No.el Lemon Treasurer: Jerry Jones ~cribe: Ted Cline Hn.:rria • SCRAPBOO~

rea ident: Bill rnllar t Vice I res. : Tally "~-Jurphy ecr r v : .uave ·~c uo l 'r ure r : eal. criba: Ed MOsby aeen: 0.-..JJWh t ..;J;vans (Sr:.or ~s ood Lloyd , Claud ... , Turne:r , l ton , Bomer Anderson 1 r :aod<L, Bi 11 Da,7son . d John • u • We wish to ackno~dge receipt on t wvv p£.-<>4 , /~l..) o of $ -- Merehandise ~~&C:{4... ?/t.b''"# as coming from ~u to The Maude Caroenter hl1dr(1,ll's Home. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your contribution to this wonderful work. We solicit a continua– tion of your support and of your prayers. Cordially yours, The Maude Carpenter Children's Home Lock Box 844. Wichita, Kansas The club project for the year.

Arnold, A. J. • 3. Claude,Howard 4. Crookshank,Ed 5. Dawson,Bill Ag Clsa e 22 So 18 So 19 J 21 J 21 Se Bible speech P.E. Gen. Sci. none none Bible Bible Cham. - Hom Portage Ville, Crosett, Ark. Imboden, Ark. Le Grand, Iowa Arlington, Tex. 6. Douglas,Earnest 20 F Bible, English speech Veneta, Oregon 210 G 208 G 209 A 7. Ernhart, Bill 22 sr 8. Evans,Walt J 9. Farrar, Lucian 19 F 10. Huey, Bob 20 F 11. £.line, Ted 21 3o. 12 • Mac Doug a 11 , Dave 19 J 13. Mays, Charles 14. Milton,John 15. Murphy,Tally 16. Parker,Glynn 17. Reed,Reuben 18 J 19 So 21 So. 17 F 20 F 18. Turner,Kwn 20 So 19. Wardrup, David 18 F Accounting Bible Bible accounting Bible Bus. A dmin. accounting math Bible Bible engineering education Bible Ol!,FICERS: President: Vial t Evans Vice Fres.: John Milton Secretary: Bill Dawson none Vet.v Burnt Creek,Calif. 220 g ? Conway, Ark. 136 G business Jeff. eity, Mo. 114 A Bowling Gr., Ken. Vet :v non~ Cleveland, Ohio lOOnG business Walnut Ridge, Ark. 143 G Gen. Sci Fort Smith, Ark. ? Bible \'lis s ~)uri Van Buren, Ark •. Macaougal, Ark. B. A. S . Tipton, Okla. music Housten, Tex. dcribe: Howard Claude Treasurer: Dave iu'lcDougall ~ueen: Gayle Claunch. 234 A Vet.V 234 A 212 A 112 A 208 A

Gayle Claunch Reigns As Alpha Epsilon Chi Queen AEX to Have Stag Bee Rock Expedition The A.E.;x. club members and their dates, will go to Petit Jean May 4, for their annual spl!ing outing, A stag outing to Bee Rock is planned for Sat. night, Apr, 18. ~ Cllauneb, a senior from Dayton, Ohio, represart. ihe Ala IOdaJ ciQb lor the &eeollll PIGtand with their queea are: I. to r, Walt Evans, David M.eDona•ll llDd Jolm Mlltoa.

~ ' . ~pres1~ent or A .~. A ~ 1- to ~-r,.;\"'~ i'1 t'·e 'ti''l.:l of -~v/,/,,"",I,'Y'~:Y wr/hd nJtjr;/ojyi;Pr'cr(·rlt.ol! // '"U' I!C~y /{:nrl ((,/ U / lhr>t;yl0;; t'aylJ<(o.).)r~JI .-y1.~!j'f'/llie/hy t- '- , ... ~. ·,::..:l.a 1_, '1. co.:· .. ~ec.:. 2 * HARDING BISON, Searcy, Ark. December 12, 1957 Drive Defensively, Politely Don't Be a Fool!- He Met One! CliARLES BURKS innocently met his death last 11~er while returning to Harding. --- J-L_ ~~ ~~~ ~~-~ >;\ and Live

t:-t • 0 .

IAEX.!Nins Amerie-an League Priz~e; 1 Sub:T Wins Top ·Place in National ~ By Milo Hadwin AEX vs. Galaxy . AEX won the American league ) championship in the club soft– ' ball tournament by crushing Gal- 'J axy 16-5. After two innings of ·. play, Galaxy took a 4-0 lead, in the last five innings AEX ' unleashed a 16-hit barrage drive in as many runs. John Bil– lingsley supplied the power by smashing two singles, a and a home run. Ed Croo~~

((Of C:lteeJSilt{/" Pre5ented by w . . - SometAin • • •

MEMBERS: Randy Allison Ike J' nthony Perry Brackett Anthony Bryant John Garrett Robert Gatewood Gerald Gwin Pat Hile Daniel Jones Jim Penrod Lee Peterson Larry Schremp Liester Setzler Steve Smethers Karl Stauffer Phillip Wear OFFICERS: Fall Semester: Pres. -- Gerald Gwin Vice Pres. -- Dan Jones Sec. -- Robert Gatewood Treas. -- Phillip Wear Soph. Fr. Soph. Soph. Sr. Soph. Sr. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fr. IIC.Jc"' 'Jr·:.. ........ ~ ._.,: Fr . Jr. Soph. QUEEN: Ruth Ann Selby SPONSORS: Dr. James Hedrick Jerry Starr Pocahontas, Prk. Little Rock, Ark. Sallisaw, Okla. Fort Smith, Ark. Fort Smith, ! rk. Campbell, Mo. Searcy, f'. rk. Fort Smith, Ark. Gilmore, Ark. Clinton, Ark. Memphis, Tenn. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Little Rock, trk• Bartlesville, Okla. Neosho, Mo. Fa.rt Smith, Ark. Spring Semester: Pres. -- Earl Powell Vice Pres. -- Phillip Wear Sec. -- Karl Stauffer Treas. -- Anthony Bryant

ACTIVITIES Among the first activities enjoyed by AEX members was pledge week. It was a challenging week for every– one. It was climaxed at Kiwanis Park with the initiation of nine ~ledges. After the initiation there was a wien•r roast and a warm welcoming of all the new members into the club. Camp Wyldewood was chosen as the sight for the third function. AEX members and their dates enjoyed grilled hamburgers and roasted m8rshmellows, followed by a series of games. The evening came to a close with a devotional under the stars. Second semester was opened with a formal banquet at Buck Powers Restaurant. The theme of the banquet was astrology. Dr. Gilliam's speech, the ·Gay Nineties Quartet, and a '_skit by some of the members provided entertainment for all. The AEX spring outing was held at Petit Jean Park. It provided a chance to get away from the routine of school work. Other informal gatherings were enjoyed by AEX members, including an evening at Echo Haven with Ruth Ann Selby, club queen, as hostess.

Sponsor~; Dr. ~nd Mr~~ J~1;e3 Bottom; Vli th D.-.ughters And, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry

1-' 1-' 0 ::Al \..0 '-D 1-' [» 0"'- 0'. r.: C<1 -..J ::C'- o' I I t;j ~-·" 1-' lD n \,0 \.0 ~ ~ 0'\ ~ ::; --J ~ Cl ~ 1-' 1-' -- - •••• ••

'0 e ..p 01 ~ '~ ' l~ to',

i ~~~ 0 ,J I ' t~~ • • ~~~-~ {).£~ ~tunA -1~ ~. ;w- ~ {j7A- :Jt-d 1ZU C~ficere 1967-1968 Fe.lli Prest Jerr7 S~ith · ~ Vico-Pres:· · 'Rdn Phillips Soc- Tros: Mike Hogen Spring Pros: Roger Sutherlin *Fl_qyd Ricks Vice-f·rosJ· Jim Medlock Soc: Mike Hogen Tros: Bill Leeper ' '• "Chaplin; ,, Ge.ry M&r tin 11 r ~~~ '7 :.L.F' .-- " ~ ~ . Cffioere 1968-1969 Fllll Pres ·t Buddy toms.x Vioo- Pross Gery Mertin Soct Ron Cls.rk TresJ Bi ll Leepe r Chap lin: Jim Medlock Spr ing Prost Jim Medlock Vice-Pros:: Roger LuAllen Sect Ron Clark Tros: Lester Shroad~s Chsplin: Steven Nowmsn

• ____, ____...

CONCORD ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST P. 0. Box No. 23 BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE 37027 January 31, 1969 Buddy Lomax Box 554 Searcy, Ark. 72143 Dear Buddy: We have received your contribution in the amount of $ for the Nigerian mission work. \?~~~- Please accept the sincere thanks of the elders and members of the Concord Road church. We are grateful for your fellowship in this good work. Roy Autenrieth c. T. Estes V. C. Fulgham, Jr. Lem Yearwood Sincerely, ~;u@J~ (Mrs.) Gloria 0. Nannie Secretary For the Elders

In Recognition of I00% Participation in the Christmas Dolly and Toy Drive This cttrrtifiratr nf 1\pprrriatinn Is Awarded To By The Executive Council of The Student Association of Harding College DATE ~..,t(!, ~~ / 9!/ 7 EXECUTIVE SECRETARY STUDENT ASSOCIATION

In Recognition of I00% Participation in the Christmas Dolly and Toy Drive This Q!ertifirate nf 2\ppr.eria:tinn Is Awarded To AEX By The Executive Council of The Student Association of Harding College [~;~ DATE 12/11/66 EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION .J_/ EXECUTIVE SpETARY STUDE.Ni

19'69 - 1970 The education of the Zambian people has been the main concern of Alpha Epsilon Chi this year. Following Dr. George Benson•s plea for educational materials, AEX went to work to collect used textbooks for Zambia Christian School. Boxes were placed in all dormitories and students were ask to donate books which they no longer used. the club then sorted, made list of, and packed allof the donated books. Dr. Benson then sent the much needed books to Zambia. The club members departed from the usual type Christmas Party for their December function. They celebrated the holiday season with a Chanukah Party at the Searcy Optimist Club. Refreshments were foods that the Jewish people eat at Chanukah, including cheeses and dried fruits. Other activities of the year ranged from measuring the length of coeds• skirts during pledge week to a spring banquet at the imHeber Springs. Dr. Bales was the speaker and Mr. Green presented a slide presentation of minature wildflowers as the entertainment for the evening.

MEMBERS1 Jesse Ray Anthony Ron Clark Kieth Hammond Paul Haynie Marty Jones B.ill·Leeper Conrado Limbowarr. James Medlock Jim Medlock Mike Patterson Les Shroades Tom Walden OFFICERS: Pres. -- Marty Jones Soph. Jr:• Fr~-. Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Fr.' Sr. Fr.· Jr. Sr. Vice Pres. -- Jim Medlock Sec.~Treas. -- Paul Haynie SPONSORS 1 George Baggett Dr. James Hedrick CLU135QUEEN: Rita Schreiber Fresno, Cali. Rochester 1 N.• Yr. Washington, Pa. Bossier City, La. Mineola , T~ex. Sterling Heights, Mich~ Searcy_. Ark. Stte Louis, Mo. Berkely, Mo. Hastings-on-Hudson, N .•Y:.• Salem, W.Va. Paragould, Ark.

Activi~ies 1970-1971 Giving their tired heckled pledges a break, the old members broke the ·tra:dition of rough initation the last night of pledge week and didn't have it. Instead the old and new members joined in an evening of getting acquainted and having fun at a Pizza Party . . at Danny Bryant's home. The evening's refreshments were topped off with a pizza withnAEX~ spelled out on::. tt with mushrooms. In December the club held a Russia~ Peasant Feast at the Searcy Opti'mist Club:. Authenic peasant dress and food added to the atmosphere.- The members of the club, featuring Tom Walden, entertained their dates with Russian~ folk dancing. For their spring banquet, AEX again went to the Stockholm in Heber Springs. This year the theme was "THE ZODIAC". Dr•. Ganus was the quest speaker, while Dan Baker and his music group provided the entertainment. To add to the evening Tom Walden,President, read everyone's horoscopes. AEX placed third in academic achievement among the men's clubs for the spring of 1971.

- RUSSIAN PEASANT FEAST Fall 1970 RUSSIAN PEASANT~FEAS~Fal1 1970 L: to R~ Meg Greer,Nina Bryant, Mrs. Bagge t t , Mrs . Hedrick RUSSIAN PEASANT FEAST Fall 1970 L. to R: Sharon Holderby, To-m Walden,Pattie Beard,Paul Haynie -- THE PERSONAL ZODIAC OF 1 Bf?M,Cfl.. BIRTH DATE • N~7 '

SPRING COoKOUT 1971 Baggett's Backyard Charlie Young and Kitten ;:: .. a I O!C ll I SPRING COOKOUT 1971 Baggett 's Backyard L. to R. Paul Haynie,Nina Bryant , Danny Bryant,Phil Rhoads , Pattie Beard - SPRING CDOKOUT 1971 Baggett's Backyard FRON·T 1 ' ROW: Ron Clark, Sharon-, Holderby, Charlie Ybung': SECONJIROW: Dr.' Hedrick,Pattie Beard, MI'.~ Baggett THIRD ROW: Danny., Bryant, Paul Haynie, Bruce Evans,Phil Rhoads F !;! ..

Y£MBERS: Danny Bryant Ron·cnark Johnny Estes Bruce Evans Webber Ferguson: Paul Haynie Phil Rh0ads Roy Stephenson: Norman Ultis Tom Walden Charlie Young OFFICERS: Pres. -- Tom Walden Vice. Pres.~ ..,~_ Ron C'lark Sec. -- Danny Bryant Treas. -- Paul Haynie SPONSORS: Eddie Baggett James Hedrick ULUEl QUEEN 1 Pattie Beard CLUB MASCOTa: Sharon Holderby Sr. Sr;;o Sne" Jr. Jr. Sr.· Jr. F,r. Soph. Sr. Jr. Searcy, Ark. Rochester, N.Y. Humboldt, Tenn. Trumman, Ark. Coldwater, Miss. Bossier City, La. Fort Pillow, Tenn. Athens, Ga. Meridian, Ida.• Paragould, Ark. Glerr Burnie, Md~

Activities 1971 - 1972 A pizza party culminated pledge week activities for AEX members and their pledges on rough initiation night. The third function was a Wild, Wild West Party at Joe Webb's Stables. Members and their dates relived the old western life 'in dress and refreshments. At Homecoming time club members hosted a breakfast for the alumni of AEX and enjoyed the fellowship with those who attended. As the holiday season approached, members and friends went caroling in the community. As a club project AEX members decided to place a board in the Student Center for sentance sermons. Every week there is a new idea placed on it. AEX spring banquet was held at Casa Bonita in Little Rock, with a theme of "AN ENCHANTING" EVENING IN OLD MEXICO." Dr. James Carr was the speaker, while Dan and Cheryl Hazel entertained with folkmusic.

MEMBERS: Leon Brown Bruce Evans Waynie Johnson Chuck Lovelace Don~ Morris Phil Rhoads Roy Stephenson Wilson Thornton Eugene Yip Charles Young' OFFICERS: Soph. Jr. Fr•' Fr. Soph. Sr. Soph. Fr. Fr. Sr. Pres~ -- Roy Stephenson Vice Pres. -- Charles Young Sec.- Treas. -- Phil Rhoads Chaplain -- Bruce Evans SPONSORS: Eddie Baggett James Hedrick CLUB QUEEN• Pattie Beard CLUB MASCOT: Sharon Holderby Escondido, Calif. Trumman, Ark.~ Bedford, Ind. Memphis, Tenn. Kensett, Ark. Searcy, Ark. Augusta, Ark. N. Little Rock, Ark. Hong Kong Glen Burnie, Md.

li'Zl -= Pledge Week --- .... ._.....~-.:-~ ALPHA EPSILON CHI~S ,_PLEASURES QJt, PLEDGI.llil TEUSDAY Foul Weather Day~ Umbrellas are to be open at all times when outside; unless it rains, of coursea WEDNESDAY Melody Day. Before speaking to pledgemasters 11 e·lub Queen or Mascot, or club sponsers, the pledge should sing or whistle a few bars of his favorite tune. THURSDAX Fashion Dayo That's right~ itJs dress~up day, and the more ridiculous you look the better! Soclts should be mis....matchedm belts should be buckled in backo If you try hard enough, you may be able to put your shirt on back• wards~ or get your shoes on the wrong foot~ FRIDAY Animal Day. Opon request o£ your pledgemaster, pledges should be able to mock or imitate animalso Whether farm, domestict or wild~ an honest effort to sound like these beasts will be a great asset to each pled~e0 s education towards communication with hi~her li£e forms. FRIDAY NITE FUN NIGHT11 - Pledges must meet the pledgemasters at EVERY DAY 8 o'clock PaM~ in the lobby-foyer of the Music Buildinga ••WEAR OLD CLOTHES, AND BRING A TO~·':'EL! ASSIGNMENTS l.Be sure to wear your AEX badge of pledge-ship. 2oPledge Petition. Pledges must carry around a minimum of one-half roll of colored toilet paper. Through-out the week have people sign the panels of the roll. Get fifty (50} signatures -- one name per panel. The roll must never be tornl

.. I ,..__-; I~--~· • Ill._ L- ?.

IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT This <l!rrtifiratr nf ~rrit is awarded to Alpha Epsilon Chi Social ~lub lor a grade point average of 2.972, for the spring semister of I97I. by the Executive Council of the Student Association of Harding Colle e DATE I). I o/? I 7

..... ~ ...... ' . -·-· .. .; ... . -- .. --..... .. A ... \. .. .. ~' ' -. .. .. - ' . . : " .. . . ,. ~ P.- .... ~,._ Afril d.~ 1'1?3 ~ ~b .... .,~~ .. ~·'.. _,,.., ~'L: ~-~ ~~ ~~•' elations from elaine ;~; J'~ -Dt"ot,. /1 [~ br,TJ,t, a~~ . J ,..,,.. :I .Pt! cJ CJ.rr,. A •ll•r~J l~ )""~·~ -.1 ri ,~~ h..,... bu"' s(l•c./.J G~rtll "T ~~wt. ~/,J. I k,..I4J W.e L,~.-// h<vt 0uJ H~(l .f,Jc.IJ,c,.. ~ ...J I~ )o, ,kj ~tlt141cf'J +1!1 if. :r ~.»;/( L~ f'•'C./ tr~ f~/tc4u.f the At~ t /Ja ~h J ~~" t ~ ,td ~ k ... ~~ e.. If cf ~~"4.. hL:Ha. TJ,.~ k ~·"- v~r~ "' ...c~ .... .,J •.. 'fl1..l +~"" )ovt. J1. D;J 11/khtit-.«. ~·~ We. ')).{~ ~(. "J;II ~ G,J J;,,d J'O\. t•tA k l I ~:-:: '111:3. iJ., lr,tl. o? ~.J !;J .,.,. J<f•tf :{ t-(~ +\,( pt4ce S} ~,J '\If~' Jwe/f ;..._ \of'"" Arui. d ..... \.} 611-t ~ ~- ~J ~..,_ .. ' . ~ ·- ~ .....

• • • • •

, ~ ~L~~ --t ~ - L . ~ t. t-~ u k ~ r i ~ ~ ~· ~ ~) ~ ~ f f ~~ ( 1 r-t ~ · ~ . ~ ~ ' ~ ~ l ~ r~r }~ t ~ J. l ~ ~ . ~ ~ l ') l ' ~~ ~1 f ~ - l ~ ~ t ~~ ~~ ~ I ~ t C'\-. ,'! ~ ' ) (... t ~ ~ t~[j~ l ~ ~ ,

/t c....+/ve. t1e-, hers of I+ 't hq e;s/lon C-h,· N c:t me- Eox Roo 1YI fho,.,e_ Tho mCf.S Bei+.s J-q? I\ J...OO4 ')._6~- fTooz ltYl ol r- e w C-v-o ss man /73 Po.rk 1 J-6~- 16 79' Jim DCI bb.s . G7o Par ft. J_ :2.6?-/b 79 Joe J Fost-er I bb/ If 20 I A- Ex+-. 3 ~ 2. John Hq 1/ J6b"7 "')_00 ,4 26~- ~002 Cr)lf J-1-q +-+ /e /of II s-3 G /-if lf 1=-xf: ~I6 M~v- k ~e-lms /tf 9b G 13b £xT: 2.2~ Ph.-lir Pett c_oc k "'7/0 E_ Hqr h-e-t ::LG~- 9/07 S+-eve RLl sse// ltf3§ oHSit B2 ft-t+- I '0 ~6rt- 91-S7 bAv')l W; II r'ams Ih II PC\v- k- 1 l.G~- 16 7'1

+ THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION IS AWARDED TO AEX for outstanding cooperation ~ith the Red Cross Blood Program uanita Hostetter, Administrator Arkansas Red Cross Blood Program Date OCTOBER llJ 1977

1--' ""T1 ;;t' "'' ~~7>'' )::::> "'-~-·~ ~ lD )::::> ('J ""' () ~ rn \J '-,. ......... I .~ F" ' >< ~ ;:::: ......... I N ~i'~ r) t} f'. <i"'~£a .._,.,_.....,....,~ -I ~ t~ (!) rn r) lD ~~~ ~ ::::0 ...,.. ' ,,, 1--' - 3: ~ '<"'{"~ ~ \ ~ + """ a ~ 1$) ,_t' ~ll 4"' (:, rJJ ~ ~ u m _ _,. r-: ..-! fJ ~ ~ ~ 0 -• ~ ·0 j • ~ '-....!J ~ -d () .......... ....... • '1 t.J Q 0 0 ·~~ -=a := r1 ~ $J ~ j !.! ~ .,.. -• c ~ ""'

In Appreciation Pt:>-zs~ntaa to ALPHA EPSILON CHI 114% for outstancl;n'J coof'.zrat;on w~th th~ ARKANSAS Cross Blood H~oryram WHITE COUNTY CHAPTER 1977-78 + TheAmericanNationalRebCross &J2wJ C!.tjj,J1 A2~"f). A /r A<J GLORIA AK7 s , EXECUTIVE SECRETARY RICHARD E, HALL DIRECTOR OF DONOR RESOURCES

ALPH.A. EPSILON CHI PLEDGE vlEEK '78 RECU IRE!-mNTS FOR PLEDGES Prepared by the Ministry of Propaganda and Foreign Affairs We, the old members of Alpha Epsilon Chit hereby welcome yDJ 1nto our midst •. To dravl you closer to us and t::> each othert wo reouire the following things of you, asking you to do these things willingly and without complaininp:t R.s befits a true Dragon. I •. Schedule of Events. Tuesday, October 3: Meeting in American Her1.tage 186 for all and members at 7:30 p'Jl. Reouirements for pledp:es will be outlined and . pledging activities wi ll begin. All pledges (hence– forward to be referred to as Newts) will be asked to ~ake their Dragon ne:une tags and Dragonflame at this time. Following the meeting other actiViities w1)1 be assigned .. \Vednr::sday, ·october 4: .At 7:00am all Ne'>'lts will be at the sundial for a devotional, the Windin g of the Sundial ceremony, anci bre e k:fast will follovJ immediately. This holcf:> true for Thurs d ay and Friday as we11. Dre·ss: Dress shoes, jeans, T-shirt, vest· (if possible), tie and hat. Special Activities' :: Report to American Herl.tage 186 at 8:45 pm, for spec i a.l instructions. Thursday, October 5: 7:00 meeting, as above,-for devo, break– fast, etc. Dress: Suits (preferably 3-piece) anc tennis shoes. Special Activities:· Be nice to ladies day. Open doors, carry books, etc. lf.lso be nice to Snerd day and )Hpha. Girl day. Small p;ifts--bubble gum, etc., plus opening doors, carrying books; complimenting them, etc. Also; after Pledge \·leek concert or· at 9:30 pm, wh1 cever comes last, assemble on 2nd floor blacony of Olen Hendrix building to be serenaded by snerds. Friday, Octoher 6:· 7:00 am meeting, as usual. Dress:· Slacks, aport shirt {no jeans). Special Activities: Be nice to teather's day. Give small gifts--apple, candy, card--to teachers, in appreciation for all they've done for you. I • • • ,... , ... ..

ALfHA ALPHA AL~HA -Allison Ayer C 222 124 ~-c b·ery l Ballinger 6ll E. I•1arket 1600 -Linaa .doyd S 220 550 · Jo Anne Bush C 322 7d~ Knthy Fair ~MSA D-6 528 Kay Pudge NMSA C-5 81 ·-·Helene Hall PC 320 1371 ~Leta Eall PC 333 324 -~ patrice Hamill OI·!SA 2-13 1042· Laurie Hodges(inactive) 1001+ l~. Sherri Ct. didgecrest, CA 935.55 ·~ Gretchen Jacobs ND 136 lld6 1-Ielinda LaFevers 710 E. HarkGt 19~5 ~ Betty hartindale S 116 575 - Donna Jo McDonald S 202 1235 ~ ~usan Moore ND 256 · 1524 -R honda .l-'ioyer 410 ;.;;. Park ~170 · Pat [·;"rphy(i.nactive) ~· Lmm l)eacock PC 333 ' 1573 - Annette Pitney ND 136 387 Janice Priestly .K 3?.2 · 1339 - Jean Priestly K 322 1339 - Kathleen Hauch 7U8 E. Narket 1545 -Terri Sisco C 315. 297 - Pam ~tewart ND 2S6 1317 - fatty Tidwell K 321 . ~79 Wenoka Verkler Rte. 2 656 -Lawn Williams S 130 1611 ~ancy Wooas off campus 1334 Beaux Andy Crossman H 116 173 Philip Peacock G 132 176 John C. Weaver(inactive) 3600 s. Dayton Springfield, MO 65807 ' ALPHA EPSILON CHI Thomas Betts Tr. courts #20 29r3 173 670 ·Andrew Crossman H 116 Jim Dabbs G 151 1278 Ray Durbam(inactive)0M3A 2-14 Rick Hackman 504 E. Woodruff 623 1657 1~45 ·1042 John Hall G 132 Carl La0-'evljrs 710 E. Narket Rick Hamil1{inactive)OMSA 2-13 Michael Helms(inactive) 1033 Bob-O-Link Haco,TX Hark HeN emar Box :?.'/].2 U .C.A. Com1ay,A.R \'Jalter \..J.'!' G 137 Philip Peacock G 132 Steve Russell K lOOA Gary 'J:. \villiams A 115 Eddie Willett H 116 Jeffrey A. Woods off campus Russell w. Polk off campus ~.Rhonda Hoyer ·Kathy Poyner Q,ueens 79/ 410 E. Park s 30h 76710 72032 1611 176 1435 1611 215 1334 966 870 . 510 Qk~7t<'I7 .:?~:::1,"5'. ~::_; l 7/~~

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'J'fiE .ALPHi~ EPSILON CHI COKSTITUTION Created bys Samue l Elton HemLl l IV Ove rseen by~ GlauronB the Kagnificent Edi. ted by : Edwa!'d Chane Wtllett ~n scribed (f~nally) by: Edward Chane Wille tt - ( I• ~