Galaxy 1947-65



Here is three cheers for Doc Kern. Besides being a swel~ sponsor; a good sport, and a all-arround grand guy, he is always a earn– est friend to all. To Doc Kern the members of GALAXY say thanks a million. RAH RAH RAH

Familtar gate and winding drive . Spell 'welcome home' to all; When we return from summe~'s play The thrlll's renewed each fall.

ocial. C MOTTO: AsLra Castra Numen Lumen. · -The stars n1y camp, the diety my lam.P- _)



* A IDSTORY Harding had a great number of new faces on· the campus . at eh beginning of their school year Qf 1947-'48. Another new member was to be founcfon the campus,too. The diffe·rence in her and the f.reshman, is. that long after they are graduated, she will still tie her~. ot CO"l:\rse, she ·will have -- :-.. grown some; maybe not so much in size, but Per- . . . haps you are wondering who she is. We call her GALAXY. Due to increased enrollment, new social clubs had to be ·formed. Dr. F: W. Mattox, Dean of Men, helped to organize GALAXY and Maury Log~e was appointed temporary president. The first tPi,ng for the club to do was to select a sponsor. The club's unanimous choice was Dr. Kern Sears. (Dr~ Kern is a distinguished fellow with a small scar on his forehead, which he claims is' moving down. But we in the club think may– be hi~ hairline is moving up.) In order to function properly, a club must have a set of laws to guide it in it's acticities. A constitution was drawn up and ratified, and then officers were elected according to specifications. *

"'•- CHRISTMAS PARTY "Oh JOU better·watch out, you better not pout, better not shout, cause Santa Claps is coming t.o tf)Wn.",:..--Thi~ was so true when the Galaxians of the GALAXY had"thei~· Chr'istmas party on Monday, Dec~mber 15, after Monday Night :Me~ting·. . . . , . ' . ,.. . . " , . T here ·wasn't any pouting, but there was plenty of shouting of joy and • • ' mirth that told that all of them were having a good time. The scene was the choral studio and had been decorated up for Christmas with lighted tree (from Esther Mitchell) and all the trimmings. As • eac h member entered he place a wonderful and beautiful present (which ' wasn't to cost over 10~) under the tree. Gerald Kendrick acted as master of ceremonies for the occasion. When all of the members had gathered, Gerald took his place and started the program. but before he had·hardly gotten out a word who should come rushing in but Santa, himself, (Yeah, himslef) with whiskers, red suit and all. After a few jolly words and ? ?jokes?? Santa handed out all the presents. They ranged from mousetraps to baby bottles. After every person had opened his present Santa sent Gerald K. and Don G. after a huge TIDNG that he had left in his sleigh. The THING which resembled a atom bomb was decorated with d~ger signs -and bright colored japer. Sant's instructions were to put it in the middle of the room. Then he

THE GALAXY CHRISTMAS CARD As an unusual idea for giving the students of Harding a spirit of Christmas, the GALAXY sponsored the placing of a huge C hristmas Card over the dining hall entrance. The card was made up of blue and white cardboard printed in white ink. It had the GALAXY emblem in all its glorious colors magnified at the top. The card, which cause much talk of admiration fqr the club, read as follows: THE GALAXY SOCIAL CLUB wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year May the idea continue as a small project of the club for many years to come. Thanks this year for its preparation goes to Don Garner and Gerald Kendrick. .,.

GALAXY'S "PLAY NIGHT" TIME: Seven-thirty p. m. DATE: SCENE: Rendezvous Blue Room OCCASI()N: GALAXY'S First Annual Banquet. The Invocation ia given by Byron Corn and then there is a flash of light as the 'flashbulb from Mr. William Walker's camera goes off. After the pictures are taken there is a very warm welcome by the GALAXY'S president, Maury Logue. A ~ hearty response is given by Miss Jo Connell, the president's date. Following these things a evening of eating, merriment. ·~ and drinking (water, tea, coffee) followed. There is entertai~ :··' ment galore furnished by Bob Morris as guest soloist with ' Katy Hollingsworth as accompanynist and piano soloist. Following the theme of the banquet, Hitch Your Wagon ·.:· to a Star, Mr. Dow Merritt, noted missionary from Africa; makes a after-dinner speech which ends with some advice, "Hitch your wagon to the Bright and IM>rningSitar." Games follow directed by Mr. Billy E. Smith. These are entertaining games in which all participate. Laughs enormus are the result. .. ., t •.

( (

~ . ' , of Fay Murphree a6 tlk~t~! Byron Corn at a ~:,JUnae 93a:nq«.et on ~~ 19, 191f8,a! 7:30 ~. ~., I nt tfk' ffieu.e 9t,.O.J1l <4' ffi.o.~~n'6 fR.end~.ouo

·---"'!1 With Red Bluff as their nation. Monday ~orning the axv social club ~d their left the campi.IS at 5:30 aboai'Q R. K. Adams bus for their outing. A breakfact of spam, doughnuts, and cOffee. was to the group after they -lei At hot dop. les, cooldes;; and cokes poup. 'l'be date lilt lncluded Byron Com, Rutfl Nelda Cwnmins ; ~ . ~Logue, Lynn Hefton; Ted D~ Ruth WDliams; Geralcl Keadrlcks, Betty Perkins; BiU Johns. Crls Abl;1atby; JackPlum·· mer, Katy Stibblefield; McCartney, ... Larsen: by Peyton, J~eal; Ralph hl. Genevie~;?l· Bunwt~, Robtle b; Smith, Joanne An ; Horton, Elizabeth y: Sears. sponsor, an~Grace son. I •

MAKE MINE AN OUTING TOO DING - - - - - - - - Four thirty a. m., May 3, 1948, and alarm clocks located in stratigie ·spots over the campus started to sing their shrill songs to awaken the thirteen members of the GALAXY CLUB. It was outing day for the GALAXY and af te:-r rubbing their eyes, stretching, and that inevitable early morning yawn they were up aad getting ready to meet their d'ltes as the sun was announcing its ·approach over the horizon. # "Red Bluff" was the destination 1Pr the outing, but this short twenty miles from Searcy was reached onlyafterafewcomical early morning expierences that h~lp tomak.-ejustanouting--- ''a good. outing.'' First it was decided that it would be wise to send an "advance party'' to the Bluff to bUild.& fi_re and start breakfast in preparation for the rest of the group thatwasto followafewminutes later in the R. K. Adams bus. The advatiee ~ty consisting of Betty Perkins, Gerald Ken~ck, Kathy Stubblefield, Jack Plummer, Ruth Cummings and Byron Corn, loaded the breakfast provisions and started on what they thought was the road to "Red Bluff". Thirty minutes of driving brought to these "Arkansas travelers" no recognition of land-marks that would have told them they were ' app-roaching the Bluff. After a brief strategy conference and the advice of a local native it was decided they were obviouSly on the wrong road to the destination. A quick 180 degree turn

' -,- .J I .,-/ , . .1. .r-· ""


,- ·l '

( •

• In Honor Of - - MAURY LOGUE Maury, who was elected and served as the GALAXY'S first president, was the only grad– uating member of the club. Maury 'Yas an excellent leader, always open to suggestions and criticism. He was a tireless worker for a chance to be a friend to all. In tribute of his service rendered, the club wishes him the best of succ_ess. May he forever feel that he is welcome by any and all of the members of GALAXY.




' .... -. .. 156 Celestial Journey at Rendezvous New dub jackets President ............................... Byron Corn Vice President .............. ....... Billy Smith Secretary ....................... Gerald Kendrick Treasurer .. ........... ... .... ... ... Billy Horton Sponsor ........................... Dr. Kern Sears Library for Wichita Orphan Home Front Row : R. Diehl, B. Smith, B. Corn, B. Peyton. Second Row : B. Horton, A. Bryq.nt, T. Diehl, L. Nf cCartney, B. Johns, G. K enclTick, D. Garner, K. Zee. Third Row: Dr. K ern Sears, sponsor, ]. Branch, G. Boyd,]. Plummer, R. Roger.r. Not Pictw l'd:]. Grissom , B. Davis, D. Burrow, R. Smith, L. Tuck er.

~Jk $j~ ~te<Jue6U tf{~ ~ of ~/117e~jj/e at tf{Wt Secruul Ctnnuaf 93~, ··a ~e crawtn , . CJ< ~: at tKe ~~, S~, 7:30 r· m. Galaxy Club Ho Annual Banquet The ·Galaxy elub tw1d .....,.~, nuaJ banquet at th~ Marrch 12. The tfleme "'J: banq\let was "Cel,esttal pey". The pcogram ("'li'lllat..t-• . Plan" included: Invocation · Dr. Kern Welcome· Byron Corn ~ll()t · Bllly Smith Mars . Gl~Boyd (song) Bluto . Tl;e Starllghters (novelty) . Mo()J\ Mt. Carl Nater (speeeh) Venus Dot TulUss Aboard Ship· Duet IMiss TuJ– llss and Glenn Boyd) ~nedJction • Julian Mranch Those ' who attended were: BoydDav1s1 Christine Abernathy; Gerald Kehdrfck, Geneva Brown; Ralph Diehl, Gen vieve Henry; Billy Smith, Joanne Anderson; Billy Horton, Lois Benson! .:r~ Plummer, Joy MannsClll'eClC; Glenn Boyd, Shkley Pegan; King Tao Zee, Jackie Ftlan; Bill Johns, Greeta Shewmaker· Julian Branch, Louise Zinser , Ai Br · ant, Maxine Grady; J)()bby ~yton, Ruth Ann Toothman; ]\llr. and Mrs. Shirley SnnCh; .Byron Corn, Jollile ~iddle; Dr. K 1.'11 Sears, MJss Esther tt! elL · Guests were: Mr. ~rs.Carl Anne Cartet. Galaxy Petit h9,n queen ; Mn.r:rt•~<· Dorothy Tulliss, Clarence Richmond. Kern SeiD's Is the club

J )




1949-1950 Byron Corn Billy Smith Gerald Kendrick Billy Horton Dr. Kern Sears_ President Vice president Secretary Treij.surer Sponsor Celestial Journey at Rendezvous. New Club jackets. Library for Wichita Orphan Home. Members R. Diehl K. Zee H. Smith J. Branch B. Corn G. Boyd B. Peyton J. Plummer B. Horton R. Rogers A. Bryant J. Grissom T. Diehl B. Davis L. McCartney D. Burrow B. Johns R. Smith G. Kendrick L. Tucker D. Garner

( ( . ' " u ,,) . ..; srete ini t flylde1100d • taken pleco P'ebruary 25. ut C:.r:1p. hav '·""' Ea:urdi):• ni~ht. vou;::r~ ::: ''AR 1 ~:C Eight pledgaa were 1ni– tiatad durlnp the Fell C9me3tor. Th~y arc 0idney '·lorton , i,rJtsJ'1Cl'B; F3rcy F'ranc is ,C:nl - i.for-ni~..~ BUl (;u:rry, Loui:;i-– ~.!"l[:; l\.~n~ct>.~ R.t.od~s 1 N~w J4exi– c~; ~vy Stout ; Oklehoma; R:.1rh Brsd~n, I.rkanaas; Nethan Duke3, Georgia; and Larry R0~~~t&. Soarer. Jo'nn ~!or:de f'TO'l' Cal.!.for– and John Welsh fro~ Arkan– l..or~r:'3 inj tietod lcet rr-onth. twc:- plsdges wer6 fettened oendwic~es for t~e or– which included eeverel gc.ill~P in which tho then pra~ c;,nt rr,'!!mb:-,rs definitely had -:~''l~ ndYa~t.&.gt. Each \'ISS pre– •'· ~ ~ith e rcw ~g[ c~ a to– Ken of ~pp?ecietio~. with i~~<~.:::_ :-~-c.t~~~~ ... ;:_: t':l! t ~}--;!)y ~~(l·r"~ ~t"1l- ~('"-'"~ to !<':', e [' th~ 3hG .L' :-: ~1JV'2n.~ r l o::-n ce:rs fo;;~ the curr~mt :· c;1u.:d j'ear "'61:'(3 e lr: ~:ted at fll{;'::Jting for tht) ;,,)·.~,,,} ycer l9l:o--49. They nre ~~rald ~Gn~rick, fresidont; 'l::~.l Dj.:;l·tl,. ~Tica=Frasident; Den ~r..i·n··:---, Socr.·:etary; Glenn Eo:Jd, and Bobr.y Peyton, The clut 1 a firet and only proj0~t thia y~er hae he~n to pRate printed copies of the ;,l_ma :tater on the inoide cov(!>r ~ the sonr bocka. G~r~ld Kendric~ haa been '!'1~Hrr. sinca th~ fHJd of the Fall but is expoc-t.nd to .-c– for the cpring to:rm. His horv.e is in ~.h:-c..-apurt,– Lurlng hi~ aLaence, ~~d Clehl, V-F, is a&~uminR the d;.1tics of club p!'Gsidoilt. 0Dfl J:Nl'BOD'JCTI01'' ~ •• 'ft•.c r::~,·;;bara ·of' tho G-:.J.o.' r Wii\h tu SJi."lC )'O"Il this bulht:n (js 8 cont:uc.tuance of' tne 1 :t · te ra that No haves b~eH G:!'n,::br: you. AJ.thourrh you alumni ere over the Unlteo ~m hopa that you will r~msnbor the Har-ding c'nd t11f..1 Galaxi3EJ. lt!t; ~0ya t~inking of your,:.~e •.Jbo r- e Ste:tor" olWfl)' o C~-t!ry.n.~ 3 f: :n;;, t~l , ~· tj. ~ 4~ ~.-.~ ~t:!'l,.:4ltr) ~* ~* ~~,. ~ :,:. ~:~ :!' ~' ~( rt :~1· ~~~ ~ ~ ... l ~:t:VO achool at -t.ho or:d ~ ~· ·w.l. t;·J·;~ winter· term. They ,<lt'~ BT3''"' Corn and Billy Sraith. Byr~~~ returnod thie tarrn to. f1;:}j,~~:r 1\'01"k on his degr.oc anc.l i ~n~:·r: f<Ul return to his hon,, in i••{ .i ~· .... chlte.. Kanse.o. [ :·rrvn :nt:cr· - tied Joli~1e !'\:lt:idlo l~•st e :1! ...,.; .... :~ ira NOH York Clt.y. Billy Smith, getting Me iugn;e at the ena of tht: tn>T, plz.nct 't\J a"Gtend G;e·t~:rge P~~-~Jot~J Colh-:!,Gei in Nas"-·villt~ ,, 1\•;:m. ~ f;nrJ ~1crk on hi a tt~at·' ~ ~ c.~l£'" h!e • ~1 oa.nn;a .ltiw:l~ ra )n is i~h1.1 t:irl 3111;;.> marr~ i?cl in ~;ho "';'l> 1ng term of 1949. OUR HONDAY NIG:-1'1'2.• o. On th~ O.Y!ll~~:te b;c f(,·rmf..:', na~tinga have bean h~ld em~h month and the :;.·orn~ir<i<~g ~~ig;rt.e hav3 b~en spent in acti~lti~s on the carnpua such m.e ex:tn nighte, rollerak~;J.ting }idi'ti·,i?., intre.m:ra.J. ac,;tivltt~e 11 t'!lt– r;-a~ gymnselur!.l encJ t!) _rled~ g:ea cut for i.rlitJ.e·t\onc:. T:1~ greete I' put 'J:t thr~ pre parat ion for xooet ingn ha ~ been Lione by comit.h"a \:1w met during the woek ~~c~ do their planning. ~ * ~ • • • ~ * ~ * ~ • ~ 0 ~ ~ ~'{1~ gt;, .~ tWl joy<:; d ~, ~::.· ~- i.g11t~~1;·l ·:.::- .~-·:n:in:z ·(.:1~ t'tJ ~:;r.~,~~ 0.(.: r-Jrvtl:t' ~-lc .. (: ~:c...:.,·. ~-"_g;;-rt :~ )_;:~ ... ~· r; ~:~D~ .t {. :l ~J~ ·,.,~;:_~ :~ .. ~- ~~ /'(~ l ':! ~.( ~-- · ... ~ .. cc.~rr.o tn~l [: ~·~~-"}:· J)) ~~ ~·,,:l r~~~~~{.:·.r,;g 011 ~"L:iual 1. L:\ ,;·, t;. ~ ?:n·'i.:.Jm' .• Draw~- i:··~). ~~ :3 ·::. ~· :...# ,] '!. ..? t : ;:~: ':.) r:_~ ~ 0 ~:: fc~r,:cue ~-- ~ i"'K -:;·;; hor"1 under· ·~r:~ 'nrf;t~~['C ::~ 1:.'"i t''~ '"cy ;"!; ; !:<motn-...~.: . 1: !ln Crr r{~:1?' ·ta ;•.:xi ;~..~ ~-1 ~:' ;~ :H:1 ,~ ')!.\~i~~ e r:.{ !·~ t '~~ I~Oji't~ '0e.\ ;, s ~


( Bose,.¥ PeYTO I'1 c

GALAXY RES TS "YOCR FO'BIJRE I TH.E STARS" TI ~: Seven- thirt y p . m. DATE: Fe~ruary e· ht een , ninet een hundred d fi tty A, D, SCE· E: Ren e zvous ~anquet hal l :t Ga.l a.xi ans uest s OCC SI Otl: ALAXY•S Third Annual ~anquet onversati on , ay flo rs , and pretty f orm l s f illed t he smal l r ece t ion 1 at berson • s Be de zvous , i here er e hispered rumor s amon8 the 6irl s about t w s beh 'nd he cl osel doubl e doors , Gal axy has a trad i t i on for excel l ent formal functi on s . ot ( fo •;e shall change t r e sent t en se to follow the ct r cou~les ) her e i s , for t he door i s e · ng opened , Ted Di ehl and hi ~ gue st l ead t he y int o ~he cand l e hall . In tle fi r st ecou s of h~ entry. it i s qui te , f or the guests "'n ual axians t a l k lo .~· i n t e can l e- li6 ht , In the cent e r of the r oom a on e floor , a s u.are o~ ject i s t u r ui n an- proje ct i sta r q o the ll s a d ceili of t he room. ~Jouples f i thei r l aces t t bl e for- t ·ro , and ; •;el l-- you can f ot l o t he pro ram turni ng ths dial that I found a t my pla ce • .b i lly Smith was ster - o f- ermonie s ae,ai n . member the cute fort u.aet ell illQ g me we pl yed _t our fi r st uet1 .e ll , we r i e l i t at:>a.i n thi t i m; s nd it oes over bi 0 , Dr . Kern o p ek his~ es ch i h humor , e; uc t i on 1 v l u.e ad ... eal l e son of in irat ion 1 naturs , e all r ee t ha we ' d had a hard time get i ng be ter man for t he job . Thanks a lot , Doc , From al l of u s ,


Byron Corn came to harding f~O.~,~itEtt .. ~........ ,... ... ,.., A charter member of tae Galaxy, he has sa ·: s t ic ident, and as president. byron will be remembered for his easy manner, aad for ~is runnin~ off ~~th the breakfast on our first outing. Last summer, jjyron married J,::>lint~ Riddle. Now that .Byron has completed his work: here, ~. and mrs. Corn are making their home in ui chi ta. Billy :Smi th , who i s al so a cb.&rt e-I,"} . .. California. .Billy was vice-president last yea~.":.,• 'i- • ..$>" .. • · l:ie wi 11 'be remembsre•J for his ready wit, and his ability to serve as rnaster-of-cermonies. at our banquets. At the First Annual Banquet, .Billy had his first date with Joanne Anderson, who later became ~s. Dilly E. Smith.

1950 -51


1950-1951 Gerald Kendrick Ted Diehl Don Garner Glenn Boyd . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer "HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAW' was the impressive theme of the first Galaxy banquet in 1947. That year they also had a fine outing at Red Bluff and bought books for an orphan's home library in Kansas. How ·is that for a year's activities for a newly formed club? Since then they have had many excellent club projects: selling Harding's home study Bible courses in Searcy and nearby towns; inserting a copy of the Harding Alma mater in the college song books; and starting a bul– letin which is mailed regularly to the Galaxy alumni. The Galaxy Club colors are blue and white. They have their regular club meetings on Monday night and their club sponsor is Dr. Kern Sears. Bill Johns Percy Francis John Weish John Morris Ted Diehl Larry Roberts Glenn Boby Bill Curry Don Garner Wayne Shewmaker King Tao Zee Gerald Kendrick Members Bobby Peyton Kenneth Rhodes Ralph Diehl Robert Hall Ralnh Braden Jack Davis Boyd Davis Shirley Smith Sidney Horton Billy Smith Byron Corn

On Feh,...·· ,_ 1951-1952 Ted Diehl Bill Curry President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Scribe John Morris Ken Rhodes Gerald Kendrick Dr. Kern Sears Dot Tulloss Sponsor Club Sweetheart 150 8th. St. N.W.Cleveland, Tennessee mt Every Star•• was held in the large Rendezvous. This was the largest ~ld this year due to the large \e Harding Galaxy. The traditional s put up over the dining hall en– l Christmas party was held in ·s. The club completed its fourby getting their sponsor, Dr. Kern ~ag outings were staged by the in spite of the pranks played l be remembered as moments of ~mbers s John Morris Ken Rhodes Ralph Diehl Gerald Kendrick Glenn Boyd John Welch Don Garner King Tau Zee Ted Diehl fvferedi th Thorn Ralph Braden Percy Francis Sidney Horton Bobby Peyton Harry Word


1952 -53

19.52-19.5.3 Bill Curry Glenn Boyd Jack Plummer Percy Francis Herb Dean Evan Ulrey Carolyn Poston President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Scribe Sponsor Queen Christmas Party. Banquet at the Rendezvous, March 1. Themea Mad Tea Party based on a portion of Alice in Wonderland. Annual Spring outing. Projecta annual Christmas card posted over dining hall doorway. Ken Kometani Jack Purdom Oharles Pittman Buster Martin Herb Dean Bob Nossaman Bill Curry Glenn Boyd Ken Rhodes Keith Stotts Don Hicks Dale Hulett Jack Choate Jack Plummer Kenneth Fox Morris Walker Sidney Horton lV1eredi th Thom Benny Holland Percy .Francis Charles Richardson Lloyd Bush Jack Davis Paul Smith Members 10-7 Chome Skimbashi Shiba, Minato– Kee, Tokyo, Japan Purdy, Missouri .3236 Douglass, Memphis TN Everton, Arkansas 4.5~3 N. Meade, Chicago, Ill. Rt. 4, Box 367-B, Minden, LA .507 N. N. LJth, Frederick, OK .304 E. Jefferson, Roswell, NM Melbourne, Arkansas Harding Oswego Road, Liverpool, NY 2.5 N. Gertrude, Stockton, CA Crossville, IL Guy, Arkansas Box 98.5, Harling·en,., TX 1.34 s. Harvard Ave., Lindsay, CA Box 27 Rockingham, NC 21605 Bon Heur, St. Clair Shores, MI West Highland, Harrison, Arkansas 912 Pine St. Sweetwater, TX



1953-1954 Bob Nossaman Keith Stotts Max Bates Jim IYiahaffy Bill Curry Evan Ulrey Mary Lou Johnson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Scribe Sponsor Queen Stag outings were a Galaxy specialty this year--two were held at Hobo Island and one at Bee Rock. Bee Rock was also the place o£ our initiation. The spring outing was held at Blanchard Springs on April 12, and everyone had a swell time. For the banquet on Feb– ruary 4, t he members of the club went back into ancient history for their theme. This was found in Greek mytho– logy and the banquet room at the Rendezvous was hardly distinguishable from the scenes used in keeping with the theme. The club sweetheart, Mary Lou Johnson, looked lovely for this occasion. She wore a vivid red formal. Members Gerald Kendrick Keith Stotts :Bill Curry Leon Sanderson Eugene Ouzts J. W. Collins David Brown Max Bates Bill Woodruff Joe Cuellar Bob Nossaman Charles Grubbs Carroll Bennett Don England Bob Nichols Jim Mahaffy Al Petrich Paul Clark Frank Clark

1954 -55


. 1954-1955 Keith Stotts President Vice-President' Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Bob Nichols Charles Grubbs Eugene Byrd Kermeth Davis Barbara Richards Queen A commendable project initiated this year by the Galaxy club was the maintenance of a student loan fund to help any deserving student who is recommended by Dr. Benson and Mr. Croom, or by the Galaxy club. A home-made ice– cream party at the sponsor's, Kenneth Davis, and several out-of-doors activities, informal initiation of seven pledges at Hobo Island, stag outings at Bee Rock and Wyldewood, and the annual spring outing were enjoyed by all. The banquet was held on February 17 and all traditions were broken when no particular theme was car– ried out, but beautiful floral decorations were used to enhance the environment of the Terrace Room in the Mayfair Hotel. Bob Nichols Herman Leake Leon Sanderson J. w. Collins Eugene Byrd Keith Stotts Leo Powers Eugene Ouzts Bill Craddock Paul Grubbs Max Bates Bob Nossaman Charles Grubbs Bob Atkinson Louis Stephens Jay Culpepper John Hall Don England Carrol Bennett Jim Garner Jerry Lee Members 1451 s. 2nd St., Louisville, KY Rt. 4 Greenville TX 20J E. Portland, Springfield, MO Tuckerman, Arkansas Pleasant Plains, Arkansas Quaker City, Ohio 707 Water Works Rd. Columbus, MI Rt. 5 Thomasville, GA South Point, Ohio 1336 Brooklyn, Cambridge, Ohio Box 162, Summerfield, Ohio 105 s. Turner, Searcy, Arkansas 1337 Brooklyn, Cambridge, Ohio 2408i w. Iwocaravas, Canton, Ohio North Kenova, Ohio Vet Village, Searcy, j\.rkansas Searcy, Arkansas ·, ·· · · · 113 Anderson, Sparta Tennessee Box 61, Dubach, Louisiana • 225 Wiley, Madison, Tennessee 244 Grayling Lane, Monroe, LA

----·~----------------~~~ • . ' '



Davis·-sponsor Ryan-sponsor Simmons-sponsor Alexander Belue Boggs Boilla Boudra Bray Carter Collins Cottrell Day FaiJ:-ley 1964-1965 Members DeFoor Dye l''ord Gardner Goatley Hornbuckle Howard McClellan l\'lcKinney McMacklin iViayer hliller Morrison Varied activities kept the Galaxy ' members busy. After initiation of pledges at the Davis' home, th club made nlans for their social functions ~nd project. A hootenanny was held in January at the Pumping Station where the couples enjoyed music and chili. In, February, a Valentine banquet at Buck Powers Restaurant called for lovely decorations and a ro– man tic atmosphere. At Christmas, the club joined with other men's clubs to give food baskets to needy families Si'!:arcy. Sports engaged the interest of th ~ club, and the year was off to a good start when Galaxy won the large club softball championship. Other sports were enjoyed by the members, even though no other chrunpionships were won. Neal Pounds Hader Richmond Rikard, Shel"borne Sizemore G. Smith M. Smith Stevens Stotts ·rate 'rrickey Hildman An outing was planned for the spring at one of the various scenic areas near campus.

"Hootenanny'' was the theme of the Galaxy third function held at the pumping station on Jan. 13. The members and their guests engaged in group sing\ng. Topp-

( laxy, TNT Clubs Reign New Softball Champio Exo:itemen;_t has been the order every day when any two clubs squared off tp do batlil~ on llillrding;'s Intramural Soft b a I I Big Club F'mals The American teague Club so(tball finals disappointed no one. Powerful Gala.--ey defeated Mohican 7-2, Up!let Sub-T-16 5-3 and were in the finals. But who against? Lambda Sigma surprised everyone as they stood in 1:9 take their licks against Joe Butleson andCo. o[ Galaxy. Lambda 1·olled over Alpha Phi Kap_pa 8-4, t.oo.k a loss to Sub-T16 3-13, stQPPed Mohican 11-9, aChieved sweet reven~over Sub– T 2-1, and found themselves right– ing Cor the league championship ~th Gala.'t}'. The game was not so muCh a Lambda-Galaxy batUe as it was a pitcher's duel between Jee Burle– son of Galaxy and Roger Johnson of Lam~da Sigma. G y drew fust blood in th.e fourth inning as Burleson led off with a single. A .fielder's choice- and a base-on– balls followed to fill the sacks. Then Burleson, (l8me flying home a Johnson-pitch got away from That was the sooring until the t op of the seventh, and last inning. Th• were two out when ~er Johnson slashed his single up th®niddle, so a·s Johns9n said, "there'were two .down arid it was By Gary Lucas Excitement and club sdftball were synqnomous words as the f_8l;!S fiUed the bleachers Mcmdayi night to watch Gala.xy knock Sub-T-16 five to three. This Sub-T's first lOI!IS since- one remember w~. .- Galrucy took advantage ol three walks, two errors, a two-run doubled and a three-run triple for five runs which turned out to be all they got buJ; was enough to win. The hits were even for bOth teams with $even ea.cb. but Sub– '1"!! Ken Phillips gave up six free– passes while strikinl[ o'IU Galaxy's ace pitcherJ Ji .son struck out four an only two. ,The win cli:nches Galsy plac.e in. the finals. Sub-T play Lambda Sigma in. the finals. Last week, softball and football apened men's intl'amur One huWlred se,tellLtv·-fhrc signed up for the dialln<>nr and foot~ drew CYVer Club Softball the club softball Galaxy and Sub-T•l6 the semi-finals in League. Galaxy drew defeated Mohican to Sub-T also drew a wnvno;oa. Lambda Sigma

1. Bobby Wallet 2 . Carl Davis J . Chuck Lanier- -brother of 4. Vance Wingfield 5. Lewis Lieband 6. Jim Grady 7. Phil Dan Pier 8 . J i m Brosster 9. Dave Smith

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1964-1965 GALAXY TOP ROWa Davis (sponsor), Ryan (sponsor), Simmons (sponsor), Abney. SECOND ROWa Bailey, Boggs, Bradsher, Bay, Burleson. THIRD ROWa Carter, Chrch, Day, DeFoor, Dye. FOURTH ROWa Fairley, Gardner, Heinselman, Lambert .McKinney. Fifth ROW: Pounds, Rader, Richmond, Sewell, Sizemore. SIXTH ROWs Smith, Stevens, Stotts, Trickey, Wainwright.

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Bill. Dye Ron Losher /


B. Bradsher Robert Rader Raymond Johnson Ron Lamhert

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( ( Billy Willingham HeJ:"mon w.

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