Kappa Delta 1969-73

Women's Sportscope By Cynthia Farley_ When freshmen girls enter Harding, they usually have heard of all the sports there are, except one. That one is Spasket– ball. It is just like the implies spastic. Before the club event begins this year, I want to take out my crystal ball and make some predictions as to how the re– sults will turn out. In small club competition Kappa Delta will once more__ take the trophy. They wm have eXI)flrjenced players from_la.s.L year.,Jbis will give tbe__.team. an_a_d.Yaill.rum__ _Qy_~.r___ the_ other_ cJyg~-Th~_QpJy_~Jy!:L_that might IXtSL_a_ _j_br~lll;__is__I)~~j_a_ _ .Chi ~ In large club competition I see Kappa Phi loosing her title. This year they will have fewer experienced players than her champion team last year. In their place will be Gata. ata is active in sports and will be trouble to every club in sporting events this year. Gata looks good as far as spasketball is concerned be– cause of some excellent new members that will be an asset to the team and secondly, Gata alreadv has a good returning team from last year.

.I C>- i)--0 ' . . \ . .

•• • '' T-th.tJI·•\jJt-1- fA< MIAJ C.VA.s fe;v,'!Je! :~ qtJo. fJ..use .Sf,'cKv oLJ +r~eJ w-e,-t Wd.,r~ :.1 F 0 /()IIAL ? ~, . . . '' WJ\ ew, we ;vt A~ .e_ /f.' ,,

. • •

UDLLey/3;4J,L , C.A'/ Lc. Whe.~l~t; :rAAl i <!. e .Se.t¥a~ L ~I ~~'pJ. y t..tf-ft?J" • a,r... Toy and Dolly Drive chalenges dulas BY Martha TOWIISelld The annual Toy and DoDy Drive is drawing to a ctose as it faces its final deadline at midnight tonight. Buddy Jones, SA President, thinks that, compared to p~ vious years, this drive will yield more toys and dollies. He attJ:ibJ,Jtes this to the extended deadline. but he says, "It's not over yet." Club participation is an im– portant phase of the drive. €1ub presidents are asked to urge their members to support the cause and tum in a toy. Clubs with 100% participation are given a certjfjcate. There is also competition on the individual level. These entries are .iudged and the win– ners are rewarded with a rib– bon. "But the main idea we are emphasizing,'' says El1en Kra– mar, senior representative, "is the idea or giving. We want to make the sudents more aware of kids who don't have a fam– ily." The toys and dollies are sent out to various orphan homes all over the country via students who are returning home for Christmas vacation. Judges for tbe individual com– petition were Mrs. Billy Ray Cox, Mrs. Floyd Daniel and Mrs. Jack Wood Sears. Winners in the humor cate– gory are: ftrst - Patty Shiro, Omega Pbi; second- Joy Lynn Justiss, Delta Chi Omega; and third - Diane McKinney, Kappa Pbi. The craftsmanship winners are: first - Cheri Wood:ruft, Tofebt; second - Tammie Skel– ton, Oege; and third - Pam Williams, MEA. Placers in originality include: first - Emily Morris, Tofebt; second - Lynda Hayes, Tri– Kappa; and third - Brenda Dimmitt, Kirei Na Ai. Winners in the appeal to children category are: first - Hazel Hall, Delta Chi Omega; second - Janet Montgomery, Theta Psi; and third - Paula Myers. Winners in the storybook characters catego are: first - Beclcy Newma Tri-Kappa; second-Dianas~rnam.- Kappa ~ ana Llll9b1e ~er, Delta Chi ega. F'of LH r se;A~r~~-.· .:1 ~ V'/4c, £ Thirty Students Are Selected For Who's Who Thirty Harding students were named to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for 1971-72. Students are recommended by the Students Association and voted by the faculty. Members are selected on scholarship, participation and leader– ship in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship and service to the college, and promise of future usefulness. Seniors must have a 2.5 cumulative grade average and juniors 3.00. Those selected are Leon R. Blue, Margaret Formby Blue, John Carr, Deborah Ganus, Mona Lee Moore and Teresa Rushton, all of Searcy; Gerald Burrow of Shreveport, Kathy Burton of ·Atlanta, Ga., Mike Cole of Trenton, Mich., Jerry Cookof Clarksville, Dana Cowart of Huntsville, Ala., Calvin Crim of Raytown, Mo.., David Fincher of-Atlanta, Greg Franz of Anderson, Neb., Tim Geary of Merced, Cal., Stevie Green of Orange, Tex.. , Phil Johnson of Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., Buddy Jones of Greenville, Tex., Ellen Kramar of El Centro, Cal., David Lacey of Ft. Worth, Nancy McClug– gage of Jackson, Miss., MariLynn Mc– Inteer of Nashville, Tenn., Carisse Mickey of Dallas, Laura Shuffett of Centralia, Ill., James Sigmundof Lake Charles, La., Randy Smith of Ft. Worth, Steve Smith of Corning, Larry Stewart of Corunna, Mich., Ron Wages of Pa~goula., Miss. and d'ary w00d– ward1 Ft. Wbrth. Women s ex ramu1:4 p109ram continues Harding's women begd the seMnd phase of tb new feminine extramural program last 'week with two basketball contests against Beebe Junior College. The players met defeat in their first game with the Beebe team which features foUl' all– staters from Arkansas. Last Tuesday night's game at Beebe marked the final contest before the Chrisbnas breal<. The basketball squad is com– posed of physical education majors. Betsy, McCarroll, Diane Lowry, Janice Sewell Ci~ ~ Ifarbaia Messer • Mary Broom form the starting unit. Serving as alternates are Diane Webb, Beverly J"o Pryor, Carol Huey, Karen Knoff and Melinda Yoakum. Mrs. Ba~;bara Barnes is head mentor. Acting as assistant coach, Phil Watkins helps the girls develop their plays. The team bas been practicing for the past three weeks.

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~ ~ ~ • _..l .' ~ ... ~.·- - ~ ~:~ - . • •I - - ~ - JJ(,._ andJJ(,.s. 9/.nn :Jlr•lns . rerunt!lhe honour ofrour presence t allhe marriare oft/,eir daur/,ter eMaron , lo JJt,.. Aennel~J[u:fw£a I""' ..5fbt. and 5Yf~zs. 5.homas !Rnbe'tt J{e!ley 'tequest the konou'l of you't p'tesence on Xrsda'l, t/,e lwenlr-lhirdof :J'Jecemher at the maHiaqe of lkei't dauqhte'l • al /,aljafter seven o ;focJ Ca'lol Jlnn to Xrmar }{igC'!.urch ojC'!.risl 511,,_, games !Ray CWilliams Jltariella, (}j,io ' on Satu~zday, the /i~zst of ganumy Jlineteen hund'led and seventy.,fwo andafterwards al//,e reception at seven o'clock in the evening Chu~zch of Ch~zist C·vilan C~mmunil'l ::Jioom Cent~zal Jlvenue and 93ake~z St~zeet 93atesville, clllkansas !Reception following ce~emony in the Clzu~ch _l • . "! ~ -- ~

Fall semester Dean's List honors 317 Harding scholars u Anderson, Karla Catterton, Holly Gibbs, Debcnb Knutton, P'rederlclc Morrow, Citherille Banta, Janet Anderson, Larry Chandler, Melanie GolDey, Mary Kramar, Ellell Murrie ,Michael l&l( RIChiM Archer, Karylln Claiborne, Garvin Goudeau, Rollald Kramar, Lucillda Myert, Paula Bittlq, Paula Augsburger, Bruce ~:tkffll Gnl, T.- t.ac.y, Pamela Newcomb, Kathy Bl~. Linda Bailey, Mary Gray, ClaudiDe Lackie, Josepb Npn, KWQD& Bobbitt, Meredeth Bailey, Nancy Grilfttb, l!Kb' Lair, Kemletb Npn, MlQa BhmBetfY, lttiimd Baker, Anne Coker, Pam R:Wd' Lamb, Dimly Northcutt, Donna Brockwell, Joanna Baker, Leonore Coleman, Ron LIJI&e, Jim Nunnally, Jolla Cash, Unda Sanks, Becky Comotto, Matt Guyer, Rick l.avellder, NUGY Olree, KaJm Castle RoJ!er Barnard, Virgil Conley, Rosamond Kac:kwortb, Cyutbla l.aw, Valerk Osblm, Cecilia Celsor, Dennis BarfiBer, Tom Cooper, Cindy Hall, Llllda Lawrence; Shal1lll Pable, Richard Cowley, Jamie Barton, Kathy Cooper, John fUr$. Alan l.ew!J, Jerry Parker, JUiell Crone, Barbara Basinger, Martha Crim, Calvin Haleltllle, Claudia Lewis, Malll'ia Pa.rb, Jerri Deldiker, Deborah Batten, Nelda Cross, Marka Ravena, Charles l.onJ, ChristiDe Parb, Kathy Eckman, Steven Beasley, Carol Davidson. Lester H.awley, Wayne LUmpkiJI, Gall Pa~. Michael Fowler, William Beavert, Glenda Deacon, Susan Riye., 1 Lynda Luttrell: Mary Jane PltliUps, StepiMD Ganus, Debbie Behel, James Dell, Carolyn Hec:W, Linda McCleskey, Brian PiM"ce, Janet Harrison, Ronnie Bibee, John Doak, Ruth Hendrix, Olen McCiuggage, Nancy, Pratt, Ava Hays, Sarah Blachly, Ronald Dockery, David Hermann, GleM McCutchen, John Pyle, Barbara Healy, Doris Blue, Leon Downs, Sharon HlnermAD, Mary McDonald, .Ann Rahrle, Maureen Heimburger, Doug Boatright, Debra Drake, Thomas Hill, Ronald McPariUid, William Rawdon, Cheryl Henderson, Kathy Bomar, Sharon Drennan, Ginger Hogan,' John McGee, Sally R-. Rlta Hollis, Bobby Bonner, Leslie Duke, Richard HOgins, ~ Mclnleer, MaTi.Lynn Relboldt., Jame1 s:!i&i'a c• Bast, Bema Duncan, Barbara HOlder, Bemetta M~wllriits. Jllllte Rekl. Richard j • I Boswell, David Dyer, Elizabeth Holderby, SbanJn Maddox, Tbpmu Rllodee, Stephen Kastner, Melila Bowie, Steve Ellis, Susan Holt. Jack Mabaffey, Deborah Rlee, rra Keller, Sally Breedlove, Nancy Estes, Tom Hopkins, Marguet Mahaffey. Kathryn R.icharda:IO, Janet Kennington, John Brimberry, Don Evans, Mary Howle, David Mahffey , ~obert Robertson. BUJ Kilday, Susan Brock, Mary Fincher, David Huddlesion. Anna Marrs, Joe Rosell, Frank Lacey, ·David Brooks, James Fish, Ted Huey,Carol Martin, Anthony Ruael, Patricia Landrum, Alice Brookll. Sharon Fitzgerald, Sheila Hunt. Barbara Martin, BeYI!rly SamPle, MeliD!I Lawyer, Lauren Broom, Mary Fletcher, Myra Hunter, Gary Massey; Marie Sawyer, Emmett McCown, Layton Browning, Princess Fonville, Aleta Hupp, Debra Mathew3, Sylvia Schreiber, Naney McKinney, Lama Bnmner, Robin Fortenberry, Mary lnman, Joan Mattingly, Sberryl Soot!, Robert Myhan, Jerry Bullock, Jerry Fortner, John Jacques, Beverly M~~ SbeU!n, Rosemarie Shields, Doug Burrow. Gerald Fox, Allenna James, Larry ~. ra Sheppard. KatlilSimpson, Leslie Burt, Eima Franklin, Barbara Jlnk~ Dennt. MerrlmAD. Ccmnle Shields, Mc:K:ay Stough, Ron · Bush, Robert Franklin. Deborah Joh~ David Mickey, cm- Shives, SlleiJa Swaid, Swaid Bynum, Hooston Franklin, Linda JohDDI, Rldcy Miner, Mite Slpumd. James 1bomas, Susan · Cage, Gary Franz, Gret~ JobDBI. 1tutb MIUer• .Ra:maaa Sii!IOII, Rlc:bard Williams, Patricia Campbell, David Freeman. Dennis Jobnlon. Sarab MW..,liDel Skellett, Toal • . " • Cannon, John Fuller, Carthel J'ohDDI, VlraJola Mltdlell. KetiMib Smeller, 9I(IIIY Acker, Becky Carpenter, Leila Gant, Keith J.CU.. lik:tiael r.tcx.. Dnkl Smith, Ryu Aldriel\, Lydene Carr, John • Geary,nm Kenct.Ubi.IJ, "- Monts, J- Sperry, Marti Allee, Doqlas Cue. LajU1118 Geer, Mary Klql, .Karea Morris. s- ~Mufan! -~Edith Kappa Delta excels in ~rades ages .· ke ason SPONSORS ~I Martha t tom StephetlS, Barbara Steuart, Allnle Stevena, Susan Stewart. Larry Stewart, Susan Sullins, David swartz, Mark Swayne, DemU Sztanyo, Rlcl!arcl Tanksley, Doug Taylor, Perry Taylor, Richard Thomp!IOO, Guy Trickey, Bobby Trudgen, Wendy Underwood, Rebecca_ Vance, Patricia Vance, Susan Vanrheenen, Chaldon Vickers, Leland 'aftf,!. Ronal~ Qlis, Wtlitam Warren, Charlotte Washburn, Janet Wayland, Paul West, Ruth White, Janet White, Robert Whited, Sandra Wide!, Karen Wilkinson, Katrina Williams. Karen Willoughby, KeMeth Wilson, R011emary Wilson, Tyra Winter, Ruth Witt, Debra Wood, Sandra Woods, Elma Wooton, Cheryl Wrenn, Charles WriJht, Patricia Yeapr, Sam Youac, Cllaries THIRTY-NINE STUDENTS ACHIEVE 4.00 AVERAGES Thirty-nine Harding College stu– dents a chieved straight "A" grade averages for the fall semester which ended Dec. 18, according to Virgil Beckett, registrar. They are: Janet Banta, Oden ; Rickey Betts, Memphis; Paul Bitting, F t. Lauder– dale, Fla.; Linda Bledsoe, Ports– mouth, Va. ; Meredith Bobbitt, Mem,; P.his;, Donald Brimoerry, Lexington Park, Md.; J oanna Brockwell, Jones– ooro; Linda Cash, Newark ; Roger Castle, Longmont, Col.; Dennis Celsor, Houston ; Barbara Cross Crone, De– Soto Tex.; Debora h Deidiker, Ozark, Mo.; Steve Eckman, Oak, Neb: ; Bill Fowler, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Deborah Ganus, Searcy; Ronnie Harrison, Vilonia ; Sarah Hays, Searcy; Doris Healy, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Doug Heimburger, Indianapolis ; Kathy Hen– derson, Mountain Home; Bob Hollis, Rockford, Ill.; Cindy Holmes, East Alton, Ill.; Khali'i""':funsnan, Nazareth, Melila Kastner, Corydon, Ia.; Sally Keller, Tavares, Fla. Also Rhon Kennington, Lancaster, Cal. ; Susan Kilday, Maryville, Tenn.; David Lacey, Dallas; Alice Landrum, Woodburn, Ky.; Layton McCown, Ambler Pa.; Lorna McKinney, Al– bany, Ore.; Jerry Myhan, Cloverdale, Ala. ; Doug Shields, Oxford, Miss.; Leslie Simpson, Forrest City ; Ron Stough, Montgomery, Ala.; Swaid N. Swaid, Nazareth ; Susan D. Thomas, Lowell, 0 . ; Patricia Williams , Padu– cah, Ky.; and Lauren Lawyer , Searcy. A total of 317 students were named to the Dean's Honor Roll.

• • of ou Kell • Fram the wires of KFAssociated Press: i jek before l~st, the Kappa Delta B~s were apset in the match GJ f the decade ..by Kl(K ~ R®@kie Bl<.i ckwaad of Alabama was high scorer of the game 'Nith 2 p®imts, Spikes and Pedig® trailing clCilse behind with 1 .:Joint ayJiece. ' All jesting asid.e, we "n t h e B te;ua re;;;;.J..1.y d ~ a pp reci a te the t:r-ue~bl.uenes ;:.:; Qf Shi p , r;; ur club beaus, the A tea m wh~· £t re S ® h e l p ful ·,-, i M~ g11f~tifs .}ii @ms , 0ur brother club , aJJld the rest of ;.rpu KD' s. - r , v/i ; / (t ' ' , • / ~. 1", ,.,'7,'e.tm, '"l? (;\'€ '(tDL! ~ltU ~• · ·tG .,. /-l<;•?;P q1 ·d i )P• '1'f ·;u:·~ll j•->o.::. 1 ~ -~. , _ y 1 ·-' r ' }~:1 ~7 -.....c · ~ -- • ·- _,. l ub box • Debbie and Gindy ates fit Wendv l'li th a ne' d-ress .

• • Neale Pryor 'fhe To Mye s The~BC ' S11 Bee~ie Mur, .y Sue Ellen Maxey Gal~ Wheeler Vivian Walker Tricia "Pillman Vivian lalver r y Shi rna~ £pikes ~~_;~ ___. _____________________ ~

Ma."'o-aret Spikes Kathy Harshba uer Debbie Almond Tricia Spi~lma Belinda Bledsoe Cindy Myers Martha St others Janie Dockery •

• • Janice Dockery is our representative for May Ony and is escorted by our club beau Ron Wages • The women's social club representatives and their escorts await the Queen .pJ selects Miss Parkinson Our Connie is Petit Jean Queen By Martha Townsend Miss Connie Parkinson, queen of TNT social club, was crowned Petit Jean Queen in the dedi– cation ceremonies T u e s d a y afternoon. She is a senior Elementary Education major from Musko– gee, Okla . Her minors are home economics and English. Miss Parkinson is a member of the Student National Educa– tion Association and has served as vice president of her social club, ~ppa pelt&_ • Janet Richardson, queen Connie Parkjpsgp and Maurine Lewis reign as Petit Jean royalty. - PHOTO BY TOM ESTES

Harding says goodby to 344 Harding's graduating class of 1972 includes 344 students. The Bachelor of Arts degree will be given to 267 and 72 will receive the Bachelor of Science degree with five receiving the Master of Arts in teaching degree. Those receiving the MAT are Phyllis Banks, Phyllis Clark, Robert Everidge, Linda Howard and William Russell. Other graduates are Carol Adams, James Adams, Stanley Addis, James Allison, Stephen Allison, Charles Anderson, Edith Anderson, Gary Anderson, Jerry Anderson, L a r r y Anderson, Richard Anderson, Kay Antley, Rhonda Austin, Peggy Aversa, Edwin Back, A. B. Baggett, Jo Baggett, Carl Baker and Danny Baker. Leonore Baker, Joyce Barnes, Kathy Barton, James Behel, Pat Bell, John Bentley, David Berryhill, Lola Berryhill, Mason Berryhill, Paula Bitting, Linda Bledsoe, Leon Blue and Mar– garet Blue. Also Meredeth RghhiJt, Shar– ron Bomar, Linda Bradburn, Mike Bradburn, Brant Bradford, Janet Bradfor4, Myra Bradley, Connie Briggs, Jim Brock, Mary Brock, Joanna Brockwell, Jesse Brown, Jerry Bullock, Penelope Burch, Brenda Burney, Karly Burress, Gerald Burrow, Laudell Burt and Clifford Byrd. Gary Cage, John Cannon, Frank Carpenter, Steve Carrell, Charlotte Chambers, Melanie Chandler, Doris Cheng, Priscilla Cherry, Rachel Church, Kathy Clay, David Coburn, Pam Coker, Mike Cole, Linda Colvert and Guy Conley. Also, Rosamond Conley, Ada Cook, Jerry Cook, Maryann Cooper, Dana Cowart, Janice Cra in, Barbara Crone, Marka Cross, Damon Cruce, Edmund Currier, Meredith Daniel, Laura Davies, Charles Davis, Virginia Davis, Terry Dempsey, Diana Denha'\ Debbie Dickey, Donald Dixon, uth Doak, Dennie Dot– son and Barton Douglas. J ames Dowdy, Mike Drake, Ginger Drennan, Tom Duncan, Tom E as te r I y, Jacqueline Eaves, Leny Elliott, J erry Eng– lish, Dennis Fant, J erry Fztules, J im Ferguson, David F incher and Beth Fincher. AJso Myra Fletc'her, John Fortne1:, Greg Franz, Jack Frauenthal, Mark Frost, . rc:cry Fugatt, Debbie Ganus, Carolyn! Gardiner, Carol Garrett, Harold' Gates, Mary Geer, Debbie Gibbs, Ruth Gosney, Claudine! Gray, Stevie Green and Connie Griffin. Gary Griffin, Judy Griffith, ~~ GrimGi, Debbie Gross, ey Grotzke, Mitch Grubb, Rick Guyer, Kay Gwinn, Ken Handley, Glenn Hanmer, Carol Hargett, Jim Harris, Mildred Harris, Ronnie Harrison, Gayle Hawley and Wayne Hawley. Also Kathy Henderson, Larry Henderson. Joan Hennessee, Cheryl Herron , Diana Hiatt, Mike Hia tt, Linda Jtiic)serspn, Dale Hill, Sandy lll, Ga ry Hinson, John Hogan, Luther Honey, Margaret Hopkins, Ed– ward Howard, Helen Howard, .John Howlett, Teresa Hudson, Joyce Huffman, Garry Hughes and David Hu.tson. Barbara Hutson ,Hisako Iida, Leola Imhoff, Rhonda Inness, David Jackson, Larry James, Janet Johns , Ricky Johnson , Ruth Johnson, Buddy Jones, Jenny Jones and Melila Kast– ner. Also Robert Kee, Bobby Keeter, Linda Kendrick, Phillip Kight, Susan Kilday, Cynthia King, Anthony Kirk, Fred Knut– son, Ellen Kramar, Debra Krummel, Linda Kuhl, David Lacey, Joy Lacey, Carol La– grone, Danny L a m b and Suzanne Lawrence. Lauren Lawyer, Mike Leather– wood, Delores Lee, Karen Lem– mons, Mary Levins, Maurine Lewis, .Ta"mes uies, Bobbie Lof– tin, Donald Logsdon, Wayne Luallen, Mary Jane Luttrell, William McCauley, Nancy Mc– Cluggage, T e r r y McComick, Myra McCourt and John Mc– Cutchen. Also Will McFarland, Van Mc– Gibney, Joann McGruder, Mari– Lynn Mclnteer, Lorna McKin– ney, Judy McMillien, Tom Mad– dox, Glenda Mahan, M a r i e Massey, Valerie Masey, Sylvia Matthews, Peggy Matthews, ~ f!'en Maxey Dianne Maxwell, ay Meeks, Barba ra Messer and Bonnie Messer. Mark Miller, Mike Miller, Ramona M'lller, Gene Moore, Kay Moore, Reginald Moore, Ray Morris, Ralph Murrhy, Lambert Murray, Jerry Myhan, Diane Myhan Jerry Newman, Ruth Nonnenmacher and Jona· than Nwokeh. Also Nancy Osborn, Garry Pack, Chris Parker, Russ Par– ker, (gnpje Parkjgspn, Kathy 'la ._y in Kaq Parks, Martina Peacock, Rm nie Peacock, Rosalind Peddl1 Edward Pendergrass, J u d Perry, Teresa Pollock, Ral{:: Powell, Chris Pratt and Bill Pyle . Robert Rahrle, June Rawdon Carol Reaves, Luana Reed, Be1 jamin Renegar, Phil Rhoad Janet Richardson, Jack Rif• Gary Roberson , Gary Robert Jack Roberts , Marla Robert Ron Roberts, Larry Rodenbecl Teresa Rushton and Nikki Sa• fer . Also John Sanders, Bu Schwegler, Bob Scott, Dav Seaton, Valerie Seaton, Jani< ~ Mike Shannon, Coy Si dall, Jim Sigmund, Leslie Sim ' son, Becky Singleton, Brian Smith, Randy Smith and Carol Smith. Charles Smith, Kay Smith, Nancy Smith. William Smith, DOng Sohn, Clayton Soleyn, Jefl Spencer, Mark Sperry, Mat– garet Spjke§. Martha Spikes, Mark Stanley, Mehnda Sfaht6ft. Tom Steed, Mary Stephens, Gary Stephenson, Francis Ste– vens and Mona Stevens. Also Jackie Stewart, Larry Stewart, Susan Stewart, Bob Stiger, Jim Stone, Judy Street, Alice Sullivan, Guy Thompson, Linda Thompson, Terry Tramel, Donna Trapp, Clyde Travis, Ronnie Treat, Wendy Trudgen, Mose Turner and Pat Vance. Don Verdell, Leland Vickers,. David Wade, Ron Wages, Bill Wallis, Lindseywarren, Roland Watkins, Bill Watts, Paul Way. land, Kris West, Lloyd West– brook, Pat Wherry, Linda White, Bob White. Sandra Whited, Dwina Whittle and Carol Wil– liams. -- Also Martha Williams, Sandy Williams, David Willis, Rossene Wisham, Tim Wolf, James Wood– ell, Susan Woods, Gary Wood– ward, Cheryl Wooton, Ken Wor– sham, Joan Wright, Kathleen Wright, Pat Wright, Charles Young, Randy Zeps, Alex Zink and Pam Zumwalt. " '.6:~ ,/!-- Miss Karen Lemmons and MikE Mason Lemmons-Mason will marry May 27 in New Egypt, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Lemmons of New Egypt, •N. J., announce the engagement and forthcoming mar– riage of their daughter Karen Lynn to Michael Everett Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. Mason of Atmapolis, Mo. Miss Lemmons is a senior history major and a member of the American Studies program. Mason is a junior elementary education major and a member of TNT social club. The wedding will be May 27 in New Egypt, N.J. ur c lub beau marries •

A visTtto th-e CiiTcago Sun / Times and Chicago Daily News provided a looK into the world of printing and newspapers. (ABOVE:) The America n Stu dies students were greeted by blusterous winter weather wh ich dumped eight inches of snow on Chicago. Mrs. Erma/ Tucker, associate professor of business education, talks with graduates Connie Parkinson and Ron Wages after the May 14 commencement exercises. Three hundred thirty-five candidates were awarded degree:s. Concerned Ron Wages •

Regisfrai names 343 for '72 Dean's List Fully 343 students made the grades for the spring '72 Dean's List, according to Registrar Virgil Beckett. The scholastic requirements for this honor are a 3.25 GPA for freshmen and a 3.5 GPA for upperclassmen. Those on the list are Doris Alexander, Holly Allen, Leonard Allen, Karla Anderson, Larry Anderson, Kay Antley, Denise Archer, Peggy Averso, Ghassan Awad, Jo Baggett, Mary Bailey, Nancy Bailey, Knne Baker, .Ji1f§j ~.Virgil Barnard, Tho 'Brniger, Kathy Barton and Nelda Batten. Carol BeaSley, Robert Beasley, Michael Beatty, Brenda Beck, ~AnnBennett, LolaBerryhill, Richard Betts, Paula Bitting, . thBobbit~ Leslie Bonner, el Brad6urn, Jan Brewer, Con Brimberry, Ron Brimberry, J oanna BrockweU,Gordon Brown, Tim. Bruner, Darrell Bruning and Robin Brunner. Brenda Bryant, Penelope Burch Barbara Burns, Laudell Burt, Steve BW'ton, RobertBusb, Houston Bynum Richard Byrd, David campbell, Linda Carder, John Carr, Roger Castle, Dennis Celsor, Beverly Choate, ~erJntte CJarlt. Marietta CJatk oger Clary, Ron Coleman, Linda Colvett. Annette Cone, CindyCooper, John Cooper, Margie Cooper, and Maryann Cooper, Jamie Cowley Calvin Crim, Linda Cross, George Crowder, He.len Curry, Connie Dabbs, Lester Davidson, Harold Davis, Virginia Davis, Terry Demaree, l)jana Denham Susan Dildine, Janet Dixon": David Dockety, Judy J?.odson. Richard Duke, Barbara Duncan, Larry Dykes, EdEason, Jacqueline Eaves, Steven E~an, Leny Elliott, Susan 'Ellis, Beth Evans, Paul Farrar_, David Fincher, Ted Fish, Sheila Fitzgerald, Myra Fletcher, Aleta Fonville, Mary Fortenberry, Janet Fortner, John Fortner, William Fowler, Barbara Franklin. Linda Fr~nklin, Alan Freeman 'Keith Fant, Deborah Ganus, Carolyn Gardiner, Harold Gates, Tim Geary, Anna Gentry, Mary Gosney, Ruth Gosney, James Graf, Betty Green, Stevie Green, ·James Greene. Nancy Grimes, Patricia Grissom, Mary Grove, Beverly. Guyer, . Cynthia Hackworth, Wayne Hall. Debrah Barris, Mickie Harris, I Ronnie Harrison, Claudia Haseltine, Gayle Hawley, Lynda Hayes, Sarah Hays, Doris Healey, Linda Hecker, Doug Heimburger, Leslie Heinbockel, Kathy Henderson, Larry Henderson, Joan Hennessee, Glenn Hermann, Phil Herrington, Linda .Higgs. Blair Hill, Dale Hill, Mary Hinerman, Marcus Hogins, Bernetta Holder, Sharon Holderby, Karen Holland, J'ack Holt, Margaret Hopkins~ David House, Byron Rowel!, Sue Howell, John Gowlett, Anna Huddleston, Paul Hudson, Gary Hunter, Harry Hutchison, Khalil Jahshan, Larry James, Mike James. Linda Johnson, Rick Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Doug Jones, Mike Justus. Rose Kastner. Sally Keller, Ken Kendallball , Linda Kendrick, John Kennington, Susan Kilday, Guy King Randy Kirby, Tony Kirk, Fredrick Knutson , Ellen Dramar, Cindy Kramar, David Lacey, Joy Lacey, Carol Lagrone. Danny Lamb, Alice Landrum, Marceline Lasater, Sharon Lawrence, ~e ¥*Wfll1Sit Delores Lee~ Levms, Jerry Lewis, Maurine Lewis , Gail Lumpkin, Mary Jane Luttrell, Pat McClafferty , Brian McCleskey, Nancy McCluggage, Brandt McCorkle, David McCown, John McCutchen, Pat McDaniel. Raymond McDaniel, Van McGibney, Marilynn Mclnteer, Kay McKinney, Thomas Maddox, Deborah Mahaffey, Robert Mahaf{ey, Linad Mahan, David Mangum, David Marra, Tony Martin, Beverly Martin, lijiiJ"'Iiif,~~ Valerie Massey, ,r Peggy Matthews, Sherry! Mattingly; -sue Maxey.. Georgia Merritt. Bonnie Messer, Carisse Mickey Mike Miller, Robin Miller,' Ken Mitchell, David Moon Anne Moore, Kay Moore, TerrY Moore Howard Morris, Raymond Monis , Catherine Morrow, Donna Muchmore, Ann Mullins, Randy Mulv~ey , Lambert Murray, D1anne Myhan, Nita Nance~,. Kathy Newcomb, John Nunn8.1Jy. eal Karen Olree, Cynthia On , Louise Pace, RicbardPayne, J~ Parham, James Parker, ~ Pa~an. Kay Ped.igo.--xiY Perlruis, Janet Pierce; ihrbata ~ Priscilla Prw"ir, '""Bill Pyle, Larry Pyle, Linda Py~e, Jim Railey June Rawdon, Rita Reese M~ Reibolt, Lawrence Tendeh, Bob Reynolds, Steve Rhodes. Ira Rice, -Janet Richardson, ·paul Richey, LarrY RictuD<?lld, Dianne Roberson, Patncia Russell Melissa Sample, John Sande~. Emmett Sawyer, Beth Saxton, Jeff Schlender, K.art:D ScobeY Robert Scott, Valene Seaton, David, Shaner, Rosemarie Sbeann, Kathleen Sbeppar, Steve Sherman. . Doug Shields, McKaY Sheilds,_ Marie Shives Laura Shuffett, Richard Simon, Leslie Simpson, Gary Slayton, Danny Smel~r. Brian Smith, Ray SDU.tb, Janabeth Smith,c!ancy Stru~ Rhonda Smith,rge Sliy<ie\ Mark Sperry• Martha S"(e:ir Joyce Stanley, Bar a~a Stephens, Annie Steuart Jackie Stewart. Larry Stewart, Susan Stewart-.~ Ron Stough, Judy S~t Davia Sullins, .Swaid Swatd,. Carl Swartz. Marl!: Swartz., Rich!~ Sztanyo, Radford Tanksley, Perry Taylor, Hu Yan Teo, SUsan Thomas, Larry Tittle, Martha Townsend, Wen9Y Trudgen, Bonnie Tucker, Stephen Tucker, Rebecca Untlerwood, Susan Vance. ul Mark Vanrbe.enen, Pa Vickers, ~ WagQ, William Wallis Cliar otte warren, Barry Watldlls, Paul Wayland, Krlst!Jla West, Janet White, ~bertW!-"te, Sandra Whited, Dwma "!"bittle, Kare,n Widel, Roger Wtecbert, Katrina Wilkinso~J. Karen WllliamS PatriciaWilliams, Ken Willoughby, Mona Wilson, Ruth Winter. Debra Witt, Teresa Wolf, Ruth Woods, Gary Woodward, Cbel}'l Wooten, Charles Wrenn, Alvtn w~t Donna Wright, Sharon WYJie ' ~am teaoer, Charles Yowi, Alex Zink. • •

-- ~ (i) Debbie Almond ~?o Brenda Barny Ann Berryhilln~~ Barbara Bever ~\~.)l;.~r.Vicki Blackwood Charlotte Blair BeH.nda Bledsoe 8. Mered~th Bobbitt Janet Bradford Debbie Broadfoot l ~, o Cindy Cates ~ Debbie Cates ·.>.:.;:.('II ft IJ) t~"';r e 1 ~ (1 ~: 18o ~- Oe Charlotte Clark J'viari-Etta Clark Ida Collins Di1ina Denham Sani.ce Dock,1<iery Glenda Grimes Kathy Harshbarger Linda Hickerson Cindy Holmes -. r\il.t - • CaroJ. Kelley Sandy Kunelmeyer Sue Lawrence ""- T ., ~:5 • . Beth Lev-ins :26. Mike Mason ---~ i Sue Ell en Pv'laxey • Beeg:J.e Murphy Cind~r Nryar-·s i • Nanc~r t/iyers Birthday 11- 11 - 5) 7-12-51 2-6-51 11-2_5-_52 8-10-50 '-+--9- 51 8-1-53 3-22-52 ll-2-50 12-10-50 10-15-48 9-15-51 6-24-50 4-6-51 8-20-50 6-19-53 I0-14-so J-5-52 11-26-53 . KAPPA DEI,TA DIRECTORY (j -;J..,.·; ;.~ ;l i ; - : Home State Ma j or Class Arkansas music Fr . w. Virginia Elem. Ed. LTr". A1<.>,bama Elem~ Ed. ,Jr • 'Texas LTr. 'I'exas Home t;'l" Fr. J., ~. Tennessee Flem. Ed. Sr. Texas S.r. Iowa p T;' T ..... f. J.•J • ur8 Iowa Bus. Ed. "QY" .1• ...L • Calif. unciec.ided Fr. Ark. Home Ec. Scph. Kentucky Elem. Ed. Sr. ... ll .. r~ }\: e Homr1 Ec. ~ .0Y o !Vlissouri Bus. Ed. Sr. w. Virginia Elem. Ed. Jr. Calif. Home,Ec. Sr. Illinois French~English " ' Jr • Ark, Elem. Ed, Sr., Ark. Undecided Fr. Ark . Elem. Ed. S:r, Missouri Elem. Ed. Jr. Tennessee Bus. E;d • Sr. Ark . Elem. Ed. Soph. Alabama Soc. Sci. Fr. • ~ Room No. 't Pattie Cobb 323 Stephens 3'30 Kendall 320 Ca.thcart .. ~(') .L~;! Cathcart 219 Stephens 128 Heritage )10 }!eri tage )OR Cathcart 113 Cathcart 2 ?.li- .. ./' Cathcart 129 Kendall '317 Heritage -::? (i i J'-- -.... ' Stephens 117 Heritage '3 QLj. Kendall i26 Married Students AP Stephens 123 Stephens J40 Cathcart 115 Heritage Ll·l 5 Stephens 2'18 Stephens }.12 Patti.e Cobb ~~) c _,,,: L.. )

SPONSORS Martha Spikes Kathryn Campbell OFFICERS Cindy Gate~······~·····• President Vivian Walker ••.•.••Vice President Vicki Blackwood •• • •••••• Secretary Tricia Spillman········· Treasurer Kay Banta••• • •• Historian-Reporter Sherry Shipman•••••Sports Director Deb ie Almand ••Devotionrl Chairman • BEAUX Ron Hobelman Mike Ha.son


ROUGH INITIATION z c < :: ::: Stay busy,fledge Keep it up, Pledge Horton . That's the way, Pledge M. Harris • •

• Look busy, Pledge McGee • •

C,u'tcl~ (Ca.hs) Hobe\~~ C V\O..( \.o-l"le. B \<A\'<" \.J' t.\<Je, ~ \ C.I.C k VVGDJ.. Mi k~ fv\n~of'\ . 0 "' :: ' Mo.r-\:hv.. Spike::. tJ!J.( ~\JHlJ L)\.)1~· sror\~(){'.

' 1 I l I . \ l I ' l l~ l l [ CllRIS1MAS PARTY . • . '

A{ ter A \) .. By Maekye Simpson The Women's Interclub Council, the women's social club presidents and their sponsors, Sunday instituted a new program of four introduction parties to introduce female freshmen and transfer students to the campus social clubs. According to Vicky Clayborn, chairman of the council, their main goal this year "has been to find some more workable plan to acquaint new girls with the social clubs in order to facilitate their choosing a club." The previous method of in– troducing the clubs to new students consisted of a one– afternoon open house in which the girls were eXPected to meet each of the clubs and decide their favorite. The plan adopted by the ICC to meet their goal this year consists of a month-long program in two parts. The first part, carried out last Sunday afternoon, was an open house for new women students in the American Heritage Auditorium. During the af– ternoon, a skit was presented to -o ~ --, . explam the functions and ad– vantages of a social club followed by a presentation of all 20 clubs. The second phase of the program is a series of in– troduction parties to be held throughout the month of Sep– tember. Five clubs will hold an introductory party each Sunday night of the month. These receptions, which will enable new women to meet each club individually, are to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. each week in the classrooms on the second floor of the American Studies Building. The series of parties was begun Sunday night by Beta Tau Gamma, Delta Chi Omega, Delta Theta Epsilon, Gata and Ju Go Ju. Next Sunday night Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Kappa Phi, Ko Jo Kai and Kirei Na Ai will host their receptions. Scheduled for Sept. 17 are Oege, Omega Phi, Phi Delta, Regina and Sigma Sigma Sigma, to be • followed by Theta Psi, Tofebt, WHC, Zeta Phi Zeta and Zeta Rho on Sept. 24. I

I<:liPPA DELTA CLUB DIREC'l'ORY Almand, Debbie Soph., Ark., Birth date--Nov. 11, ffiajor-– I~'lus&c Education, Stephens 235 Ban±a, Kay LTr. 1 Ark. 1 Birth dato--Sept. 23, i'iajor--· Elementary Education, AH 203 Blacklimod, Vicl{i- Sr. , Alabama, Birth date--Feb. 6, Najor-– Elcmentnry Education, Stephens 128 Blair, Charlotte- Sr., Tex., Birth date--Jan. 15, Najor-– English, Stephens 123 Bledsoe, Be linda- Soph, , Tex,, Birth date--Nov, 25, l'la jor-– Voc~UlomeEcEducgtion, Kendall 207 Bradley, La1:.a Frosh, , Ql{:la. 1 Birth date--Jan. 20, Iia jar– Elementary Education, Cathcart 106 Ce,tes, Cindy Sr., Im.;a, Birth date--April 9, l1lajor-– Physical Education, Cathcart 235 Cates, Dehb1e Soph,, Iowa,, Birth date--Aug, 1, lVlajor-– Business .Education, Cathcart 113 Cates, Denise :F'rosh., Iovm, Birth date--Sept, '7, hajol~-Home Ec., Cathcart 204 Cla rk, lYiarietta-- Sr., Calif,, Birth date--Aug. 8, I'ilajor-– English, Stephens 125. Dockery' Janice--Sr. ' Ill. I Birth do..te--~·.peG::-..16' rviajor-– Ho:~~ e Ec. , Stephens ll'l Fogle, Donna F'rosh,, CArl&, Birth date---July 16, Jl'iajor-– Business Ed., Kendall 119 Freeman, Co.rol l'"Tosh. , Ohio, Birth date--March 2L~, .i\'Iajor– Speech Thera py P.amm, Donna F'rosh., Tex., Birth da t e -- July 14, :t-'lajor-– Elemen:bar~r Ed. , Ca thca rt 104 Hammond, DCt.rleno- Frosh. , Penn ., Birth da t e --Hay 18, ~1ajor-Home Ec., Ca thcart 206 llirris, Blanche-- Frosh.' Oli:la.' Birth date--Aug. 27 I r~·Ta.jorElcmentary Ed. , Cathcart 106 furris, Hicl{ie Jr., Ark., Birth date--Nov. 21, Hajor-– Eleme:ntary Ed, , Kenda ll 124 Holmes, Cindy Sr, , Ill., Birthr!date--April 6 1 l'Iajor-– English & French, Stephens 121 Horton, Pelma Frosh. , Tex. , Birth date--Hay 30, Ha jor-– Und e c ided 1 Co.thcs.rt 111 Kurrelmeyer, Sandy Sr., Ill,, Birth dattJ--Dec, 10, l'lD.jor-– Business Ed., I'tlcCormicl{, Bcverely Frosh. , Nm'r r-1exico, Birth date--Feb.l, Mr:t.jor--Art(Int. Desi gn), Kendall 330 ~1cGee, Valarie Frosh., ~1o,, Birth ciat.e--Sept, 6, l'hjor-- Business Ed., Kenda.ll 210 · IViarlm, Alice Frosh., Calif., Birth date--Feb, 7, lYiajor--Secretarial Science, Patti Cobb 32':~ Hart in, Jill Frosh. , 'I' ex. , Birth date--JVJay 15, 1'la jor-– JVhth, Patti Cobb 322 J.I'Iask, Ann Sr., Alabama, Birth date--Oct. 22, JVIajor-– Home Ec. Voc., AH 423 Nills, Pam Jr. , Ga., Birth date--Oct. 27, Hajor-– Art, AH 223 Hoare, Boclty Soph., Arlc., Birth date--Oct. 29, Major-– Psychology, Kendall 116 (continued) :

PRESIDENT Orvel H. Boyd VICE PRESIDENT Cletus M. Stutzman eJtristiaH Jlome a11d /3ible Scltool "Founded on Faith in God and Youth" THIRTEENTH AVENUE & McDONALD STREET Mount Dora, Florida 32757 Telephone: 383·2155 BOARD CHAIRMAN C. J. Pratt Brown SECRETARY Bert Brown EDUCATION DIRECTOR Vernon Means January 17, 1973 BUSINESS MANAGER Sam Ayers Secretary Kappa Delta Sorority Harding College Searcy, Arkansas 72143 Dear Friends: We are grateful for the lovely gifts which were brought to us as Christmas presents for the boys and girls in the Home. Cathy Newberry and Sybill Hubbs graciously delivered them to this office. You and others have responded in a wonderful way by supplying the needs of those in our care. Please convey our appreciation to each person who had a part in supplying these gifts. Again, we wish to thank you for being helpful at this season of the year. We ask for your continued interest aRd for your prayers in our behalf. May the Lord bless you throughout the year of 1973. BB/dc "WHERE CHILDREN HAVE A HOME BECAUSE'CHRISTIANS HAVE A HEART" Invest In The World's Greatest Asset - Youth. Give To Christian Home & Bible School's Expansion Fund Today ; e •

Shme with us ou~ joy in tf1e mai'liaqe o/ oU'z clauqhte'l Cynthia ellen to !Ronalcl G. !Nobelman on Sunclay, the seventeenth of !lJecembe'l at th~zee o'clock at the Cent~zal Cfw·~ch o/ Ch'list 3526 9J'lady Sheet !lJavenpo'lf, !foma CUJe invite you to attend the ce~emony and be oU'z quest at the ~eception mhich follows. 511~z. and 5f1~s. Chestle e. Cates

Alpha Chi inducts 28 in candelight ritual By Deb Betts The Arkansas Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi, a national honor scholarship society, inducted 28 new members at Wednesday's ceremonies. Membetship for the society is limited to the top ten per cent of the junior and senior classes. It requires a junior to have a cumulative average of 3.70 on at least 80 hours and a senior must have a cumulative average of 3.50 on 104 hours. The object of Alpha Chi is to promote high scholarship and those elements of character that help make scholarship effective for good. Dr. Joe Pryor, secretary– treasurer of the National Council of Alpha Chi, welcomed the new members into the society. These include Leonard Aneta, Vll'gi.l Barnard, Bobby Beasley Jan Brewer, Mary Broom, Kathy Burton, Roger Castle, ~_tm_ Clark~ Ron Coleman, Barbara 1.'5Uilcan and Steve Eckman. Also inducted were Paul Farrar, Linda Franklin, Doug Heimburger, Jack Holt, Virginia Johnson, Joe Jones, Marceline Lasater and Gail Lumpkin. Janice McJunkins, Joe Marrs, Beverly Martin, Patty Schiro, Emmett Smith and Donna Stanfill also lit Alploa Chi can– dles. Graduates who made the grades last spring are David Jackson, Sally Keller, Melita Kastner and Gwen Pedigo. Alpha Chi inducts 26 scholars, Kappa Pi takes in six artists By Jeanne Preslar initial letters of the Greek words A total of 26 students were meaning t~th an~ character. · d ted · to Alpha Chi the The soc1ety mcludes 119 m t~c al ~onor scholarship universities and colleges. Dr. Joe na .lon b 7 wbile six others Pryor is the Secretary~Treasurer sOCiety_. ~~~ ' into Kappa Pi, of the National Counc1l. . werer ~ or ani.zation on Feb. 2. It iS a general bonor society ho~e AlpJ Chi initiation 'took admittiJ?g students from all place in the American Heritage aca~effilc areas. b~e Center with Dr. John Carr reqwrements for mem . ~~ spe~g The inductees were: are a 3.70 on 80 hoursf of .~~ttOfo C · All Nancy L 3 50 on 104 hours o crll\JJ . - Ho~y a~: ~clnks K~y ricers are Tom Estes, president, =· T:omC:: Barry ' Nona Ron Stough, vice pres1dent and Beason. Mary Lynn Fort~nberry, McKay .shields, secretary. Pi · L" Hall L·....ila The mductees to .Kappa Keith G~t, taJ)e • R''be'"" t . Mark Fitzaerald Hilda Ha es Linda Becker o r were. ~ ' ella y I Jd Anna LaVan Arnie Anderson, cec . g~d~~:,G~ N~t!,'David Osbir~ , Mary Gosney and L Johnson Ken Kendall-Ball, LaJuana ~s~. . tional Aiice Newberry, James P. f ~P~ P~::'os:O g~are to Parker, .Barbara Po:e:~· ~~:J.fellowship and promote· Stephen r:~:"· Pa~ Veneble: aeademic achievement as weD; as ~n ~ Wil~on and Charles c. art exc~Uenc~. The Bardtng W m chapter 1s Eps1lon Iota. ~~enpurposeof the organization There are 16 members a~~ th; is to romote academic ex- officers are J?ee Bos~ pres1 e_n • cellenc~ and exemplary Don Blake, vtce pres1de~\!li~0 character among c<>llege and Newhe~ , ~ecretary an w university students and to honor Carr' bJ~torlanh. TMahe s~~rsS~~ those achieving such distinction. Mrs. Elizabet so Its name iS derived from the Green. Dean's List p~enomenal; 326 nam:ea·- 'lbe 326-name Dean's List and Aly, Bob Argo, Timothy Ashley, La~lle, Na~cy ~vender,. J~l the names of all students Paul Atkins, Bruce Augsburger, Lewis, Curtis Lmge, . Christme achieving a 4.0 grade point Laura Ayers, Genevieve Bailey. Long. average for the fall semester Ka;v Bao.ta... Nona Beason, .Julie Long, Gail Lumpkin, were released this Saturday by David Bell, Peggy Bennett, Linda McClurg, Randall McCord, Vice President Joe Pryor. Cindy Betts Richard Betts, Brandt Mc~orkle, R:uth The 52 students with 4 points Ernestine Bibee, John Bibee, McHaney, Jaz:nce McJunkms, are as follows: Holly Allen, Charlotte Biggs, Allen Black, Barbara McKinney, Tom Me– Stephen Baber, Wendy Baddeley, Star Black, Leslie Bonner, Steve Lure, Danny Maddox, Gloria Emily Bahler, Rebecca Banks, Bowers, Steve Bowie, Edward Maddox, Robert Mahafft;Y , Del5orah Baten, Nelda Batten, Bray. Kathy Malon~, An~ony Martin, Janice Baur Jan Brewer William Brewer Rhonda Pamela Martin, JWcl;la.el Masou. Houston Bynwit. ' Bridges, Don Brimberry, O'Neal Masters, Edna Maxey, David Campbell, Glenora Timothy Bruner, Deporah Charles Maxw~ll. SandJ:a Cook, Jamie Cowley, Calvin Bruning, John Brunner, Robin Melson, Stuart Mitchell, Dav1d Crim, Carol Dillard, Steven Eck- Brunner, Brenda Bryant, King MooD; Te:resa Mooneyham, ~ man, .Barbara Franklin, Keith Buchanan, Carol Bucy, Suzanne Moore, V1ct_or Moran, ~athe.n:ne Gant, Carl Guthrie, Lynda Burcham, Jeffrey Burton, Morrow, M1cbael Murr1e, Anita Hayes, Sarah trays, Bernetta Robert Bush, William Gannon. Nance, Donn~ Norwood, Karen Holder, Jack Holt, Anna Hud· Tanya Cantrell, Linda Carder, Olr~e, Cynthia 0 Neal, Cecilia dleston. Donna Case-, Roger Castle, .Osbll'n. Sandra Kurre1meyer, Brenda Dennis Celsor , Patricia Ann Pace, Carol Palm~r Lott, Nelda McMennamy Christensen, Terry Christlieb, Jam~s Park.er lV, Nadme Valerie Markley, Joe Marrs, Connie Clark, Marl Etta Clark, Parnsh, DaVId P~tJ:ick, Kay Beverly Martin Carisse Mickey Deborah Clay Marilee Coker Patton, Stephen Phillips, Janet Kenneth Neller, Cathy Ron Colemar{. Annette Cone: Pierce, Phyllis Pigg, Pamela Newberry, Danny Newsom, John Tom Cook, Joe Corum. Plunk, Deborah Powell, ar ra. Nunnally, Richard Paine, Donna Carol Cross, Mary Curtis, Powers. Gayle Pr~cott, ue Perkey , John Petty, Sherry! Connie Dabbs, Dan Daniel, Pr~scott, Steve Prestidge, Janet Randall. Daniel Davidson, Deborah Prmce. Doug ShieldS, McKay Shields, Deidiker, Randy Denham, Paul Pucke~t, Barbara Pyle, John Simmons, Janet Smith, Martha Denham, Pamela Larry Pyle, Linda .Pyle, Sharon James Stough, Swaid SWaid, Dethrow, David Dockery, Reeder, Max Reibol~~ Mary Richard Sztanyo Radford Brenda Dyer Mary Easterling Reynolds , James R1ckaway, Tanksley, Pam veitable, Ruth Greg Elliott. ' ' Sherilyn Rigdon, Car~l R,oberts, West, Karen Williams, Johnny Steven Elliott, Susan Ellis, Bill Robertson, Conme Rj)elller, Wilson and Steven Younger. Mary Evans, Sherry Farmer, Lary. Sanderson, Nancy The grade point necessary to Paul Farrar Laurie Fincher SchreJber, Sarah Sears. make the Dean's List is 3.25 for Ted Fish W~lt.er Fornea, Macy Kenneth Sewell, Rosemarie freshmen and 3.6 for up· Fortenberry, Charles Fowler, Shearin, David Shephe~d, perclassmen. These averages William Fowler, Virginia K~thleen Sheppard, Sh~t!a must be attained on at least a 12 Francisco, Carthel Fuller Jr., Shives, Donald S~ores, .Phil1p hour schedule with no incomplete Franklin Gable, Jerry Gaii.man, S~unk, Stephen ~ikes, Richard or below-C grades. • . Je~ Galloway. ~mon, Doro~y Srm~n, JaneU The students recelvmg this Charles Ganus, Linda Garner, Sinn, Gra~t Stsson, Tom S~ellett, honor are Becky Acker, Kathleen Sandra Gifford, Mary Gosney, Ryan Smith, D~borah Srruth.. Adams, Lydene Aldrich, Leonard Betty Green, James Greene, Janabeth Smtth, Ro~n Srruth, Allen, John Alston. Jr., Janet Glenn Greenville, Liane Hall, Deborah .Sn.o:ok, ~aVld Stagg's, Wayne Hall, Jr., Linda Donn~ Staniill, Joyc~ Stanley, Halteman, Micliael Hanks Joan Bonme ~tanton, Anrue. Stuart, Harmon, Alan Harris, bebra Susan Ste.ve~s, Carla :Stig~. . Harris Marilyn Barris Mickie Sharon Stite~, DaVId Sullins, . • ' Teresa Sutherlin, Mark Swartz, ...I.AI!D~aw.vil:Lid Hatfield, Doris Healy, Dennis SWayne, Richard Taylor, Linda Hecker, Doug Heim- Jr.~ Alan Teffe~~tiller, Stephen burger, Campbell Henderson, Tellep, Crystal Thomas, Diane Elizabeth Higgs, Carol Hinds, Thomas, Philip Thompson , Mary Jo Hinerman, Ronald Hix, Denise Tippins. Sharon Holderby, Karen Holland, Martha Townsend Brenda Randa Holloway , MarilY-n Trotter, Ann Ulrey, Daniel Horsman, David D. House, David Umphress, Tina Underwood , w. House, Alton Howard. Jams Taylor, Susan Vance, Byron Howell, Paul Hudson, Thomas Wadsworth, Richard Carol Huey, Arlene Hughes, Walker, Pamela Warfield, Barry Gary Hunter, Joan Inman, Watkins, Debra Webster, Denise Jeffrey Jackson, Beth James, Webster. Phil Jameson, David Johnson, Molly Weddle, Larry Welborn, Patricia Johnson, Virginia Michael Westerfield, ·Rebecca Johnson, Melba Johnson, Westerman, Frank Wheeler, Beverly Jones, James D. Jones, Larry Wheeler, Pamela James o. Jones. Williams, Patricia Williams, Windle Kee, Ken Kendall-Ball 1 Rosemary Williams, Susan ~hn T. Kennington, Kathryn Wilson, Paula Woods, Miriam Kidd, Rebecca King, Paul Kitz- Word, Charles Wrenn, Janine miller, Steven Klemm, Linda Young and Robert Younger.

·' 'Outstanding Athletes o mertca' selects 21 I-I.C. students for 1973 By Evelyn Jones the Bison basketball team, led transfer, joined the bowlers and Harding's athletes wffl num-ber the team in scoring this year with played a vital role in the banner 21 , 14 men and 7 women, in the 421 points, an average of 17.6 a year. A native of Parkerburg, 1973 volume of Outstanding game. From Valdosta, Ga., he West Va., Kress finished fifth in CGllege Athletes of America, was chosen for Honorable national champion with a according to Intercollegiate mention All-AIC. average of 191. Athletie Director Hugh Groover. Freddie Dixon, junior center, Tim Geary, a senior distant Atllletic directors and coaches scored 408 points for the season. specialist, captained the '72 track from individual colleges and He also ranked in the top six in and cross country unit. Last universities across the nation AIC rebounding with a 10.4 spring the Merced, Cal., runner nominated the winning athletes average per game. The Mineral swept first in the mile and 880on the basis of their abilities not Springs product recorded the yard event in AIC. He finished only in athletics but in com- school's highest rebound mark in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in tb.e munity services and campus a single game during the '73 AIC cross country for four years. activities. season with 24. Named all con- David Cunningham came to Bisons honored include Edd ference and all district . Harding as a sophomere. Most Eason, senior biology major Honorable Mention. outstanding in the backstroke he from Ft. Worth, Tex. Eason was Joe Mathias, a four year let- was broken and rebroken 20 an NAIA All-American second- terman in both basketball and school records on the swim team. team tackle in football. In '72 he baseball, earned all American th h ' Wh A This is the first year at was listed in W o s o mong status as a sophomore pitcher. women athletes have been inAmerican Colleges and He has compiled a three year Universities, and has earned four total record of lS-6 and has batted eluded. The Harding women are b lll d t ted Becky Acker, Marsha Griffith, foot a etters an s ar every '9 respectable 2.54 as a part time d f h' II · te Beverly Jo Pryor, Cin y game o Is co eg.a cweer. out during his ·first three years. man. Louise Pace, Sherry Snake Dixon, NAIA All- As a basketball started the Kirk- Shi and Karen Knop 1 t. American honorable mention wood, Mo., native scored 837 1~===========~ tailback, led the AIC in rushing, points in his four-year career. scoring and total offense this Joe Mathias, a four year letyear. terman in both basketball and Tom Ed Gooden, triple threat baseball, earned all American quarterback is the junior who sUitus as a sophomore pitcher. directed the Bisons to their first He has compiled a three year AIC championship and sixth total record of lf>~ and has batted place in the National NAIA a respectable 2.54 as a part time ranking. out duri[)g his first three years. A sophomore, Barney As a basketball starter the KirkCrawford earned his second wood, Mo., native Scbred 837 letter last fall on the Harding points in his four-year career. defensive line. He was honored as Marvin Francisco, mound ace, the "Outstanding Defensive earned all American honorable Player" in the '72 Cowboy Bowl. mention as a freshman when he Cowboy Bowl. compiled a 5-1 record. He then Bubba Hopkins, a freshman transferred to. Iowa Junior letter winner from Fitgerald, College. Upon returning to Ga., quarterbacked the Bison Harding he led the pitching defense. He was selected for the average with· a 7-4 record All-AIC and All-NAIA district, receiving all-conference and _all– and was chosen by his team- district both years. mates to serve as a captain for Senior bowler, David Hudson the '73 team. led Harding's bowling team to Harry Starnes, a McGehee the NAIA championship in the native, was an unanimious choice last three years, recording a 210 for all-conference and all-district average in the national meellast team after leadin.IL( the AIC in year. Hudson was the '72 passes. He finished with a career champion in 17 singles ·and a co– total or 91 receptions for 1,121 owner of the '71 NAIA doubles yards and eig!lt toueh downs. . trophy. Tim Vick. sophomore guard on r.. ~ Keith Kress, Ohio Valley

The. anim.als of "The Animal Farm" assume beastly ex– pression_s In preparation for next week's production. They are Nancie Garne-r, Charles Martin, ~~~~Y Morris, David Camp" beD, Richard Paine. and Mike Murrie. -Bison photo by Estes our !)l:S \ o{ .-11.W'.bu ·,(,r.\ hnx w,v.,. . \biF/, -,. AJta J bt. v'Vlix.J ·hma. ~lf CUYI.r,\ --:)\'\t L'\J l \\ 0k_. ·~ u:.l' (\(,h \1 rJ.tt- ux . Seven selected for 'Animal Farm' By H. K. Stewart The seven-member cast was chosen last week for George Orwell's "Animal Farm" this semester's first reader's theatre production. The cast includes Tom Estes, David Campbell, Richard Paine, Nanci Garner, Charles Martin, Mike Murrie and Becky • John H. Ryan or-me- speeai department il tbe director. "Animal Farm" is a play in two acts adopted fro~1 Orwell's book. The story is a political satire in which a group of animals led by two ·pigs revolt against a farme-r and take over his farm for themselves. . e

\ t I . . ~c\' do.\ I.V\ ~\ ~6.~¥..~0\'\\l\\\Q. ) t\x-\...fu\~(i.'S ».a:H.h 2.'5 > \9\~

I . e

! / THE HARDING BISON, Searcy, Ark. May4,1973 ( Representatives from each women's social club weave in and out, winding the pole in honor of the Queen of May.

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