2018-2019 Yearbook

STUDENT LIFE I INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL CLUBS I ACADEMICS I PEOPLE I LEADERSHIP I ATHLETICS I ORGANIZATIONS LEAVING A Women's social club Zeta Rho developed a scholarship in memory of former member Micah Rine. Zeta Rho was the first women's social club on campus to provide a need-based scholarship for members of their club. Zeta Rho decided to establish the scholarship in memory offormer member Micah Rine and her legacy, naming it the Micah Rine Zeta Rho Endowed Scholarship Fund of Harding University. Micah Rine, 2006 alumna of the Harding University Carr College of Nursing and former student athlete at Harding Academy, was killed on April 30, 2009. After graduating, Rine moved to Bartlett, Tennessee, with her husband Thomas Pate, where she worked as a labor and delivery nurse. According to the Bison newspaper published on Oct. 6, 2017, after .in college, it's a win for the student, a win for the kingdom and a win for Harding." Micah's mother, Dr. Terri Rine, an adjunct professor in the College of Bible and Ministry, was a Zeta Rho sponsor for more than 20 years. Rine expressed how their family was in disbelief and was honored to have chis scholarship represent Micah and her legacy. "We love the fact that the scholarship is named for our daughter," Rine said. " We pray that her legacy of faithfulness will continue as this batonis passed for years to come. Not only will it help some of the members, [but] by virtue of its existence, it calls attention to serious matters that sometimes are not considered in this being married for three and a half years and undergoing a 30-hour search for her body, Pate released a statement saying chat he had shot her and left her body near the Loosahacchie River in Memphis, Tennessee. "We love the fact that the scholarship is named for our daughter. We pray that her legacy of faithfulness will continue as this social environment. Also, it is structured in a way that some of the leaders each time will have input and will help decide who the recipients will be. That takes leadership to a new level." 'baton' is passed for years to come." - Terri Rine Senior Julie Plunket, To honor Rine's memory, the endowment fund scholarship would be awarded to a member of Zeta Rho once $25,000 was raised. Assistant Vice President of Advancement Steve Lake was one of the key figures in creating the scholarship fund. Lake said sometimes people wanted to not just donate to Harding University, but to a specific aspect of Harding, like a social club, and this was one way they could do char. "My plan is to pick a club every year, the potential chat the scholarship will give every club the opportunity co honor their legacy and make a difference for Harding," Lake said. "Anytime we can supply [a way for students] to stay president of Zeta Rho, mentioned how impactful presenting this scholarship in their meeting was. She expressed that the theme for the fall 2018 semester for Zeta Rho was "legacy," which went along with naming the scholarship in memory of Micah Rine. "Basically, what I want to remind everyone [of] is that Zeta Rho is very meaningful now, but some of the friendships and things you learn will carry into the rest of your life," Plunket said, "It is really impaccful to see how many people care enough about Zeta Rho char they would put their money later in life towards something to help Zeta Rho now. It instills pride in the club and [proves] that clubs really do impact lives long term, not just for four years." story by Dailey Thomas Micah Rine'sparents, Dennis Rine, Bible faculty member and counselor at Harding Academy, and Terri Rine, an adjunctprofessor in the College ofBible and Ministry, stand on the steps of the Benson Auditorium on Sept. 14, 2018, with the support ofwomen's social club Zeta Rho behind them, proud to have a scholarship named in memory oftheir daughter. Zeta Rho was the first women's social club on Harding's campus to create a need-based scholarship far members, and an original goal of$25,000 was setfor the scholarship. I photo by Sterling McMichael 58