Sigma Phi Mu, 1997-2001

RULES ANDREGULATIONS 1. Always greet your fellow Sig Phi member with the proper title followed by her last name. Shipmate: new inductees Captain: Class I members Admiral: President, Vice-President, Beaux, Sponsors, and any former presidents and VP's 2. All inductees are to attend ALL activities planned throughout the entire week of induction. Ifan absence is unavoidable, you must speak to your sweet sister beforehand. 3. Induction books are to be filled out in red ink only. 4. Make sure that all daily assignments are fulfilled on the day they are assigned. 5. Inductees must get their paddles signed by every Admiral, Captain, & Shipmate. Make sure your paddle is signed with a red marker. 6. Every shipmate must wear her name tag every day. Wear them proudly! 7. Sig Phi members love to see their club colors. Wear red, navy, and/or gray each day of the commitment phase. 8. Shipmates should become familiar with the club's constitution which will be given to you at our first meeting. Be sure to become familiar with the club song, verse, flower, etc. 5

SIG PHI SYMBOLS We believe it is important that all members of Sigma Phi Mu know the sayings and symbols associated with our club. We have included a list of these for you to become familiar with. 1. The club emblem is the sailboat. 2. The club colors are navy, red, and gray. 3. The club flower is the white rose. 4. The club motto is "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. 11 Phil. 4:13 ' 5. The club scripture is Proverbs 22:1. 6. The club song is "The Steadfast Love of the Lord." 6

THE SAILBOAT The symbol for Sigma Phi Mu is the sailboat. I want to take a few minutes to share with you why this symbol was chosen to represent our club. The bible refers to the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 as a rushing mighty wind . The Holy Spirit was sent to the Apostles to be their guide. Likewise, the Holy Spirit is our guide today as we strive daily to live as Christians. A sailboat remains still in the water without the wi nd in its sails. It needs the wind to guide it. We are like the sailboat and the Spirit of God is like the wind.

THE ANCHOR Like all boats, our lives must have an anchor. We, as a club, hope to always maintain a life that is based on Jesus Christ as the anchor of our life. Through Him, we have hope and we have peace . Without Him, our lives will be like a boat on the water, hopelessly floating along with no direction.


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