Regina 1983-85

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NEw 'POL rc1 E.S ? • • No P~OOLE~ ~ ~ '/?CcSOVJeCCFU'-. I • I NDUC.TION --CIAiEAIOA~--- 1 I Wednesday Thursday Frid~ I Satura . I I I I I I I I I I I -----.J-----------·-'------------.J-------------..1-------·------'-- ---------- - I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I "REC;INA QUEENS l ACTIVITY I I I • - ..~ . ...... 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CALENDER" \> · OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER I I I I GE"r ACQUAI NTRD I WEEK I AND I SOCIAL DAYS • , • · --------+--·,---------of.:. ---~--------c------------of-------------i---~---------""f-------------t------------ 21 31 4 5 61 7 8 I I Orientationf Prayer l dinner. I breakfast. I Pryor home l Recording l 5z30 p.m. I studio l I 9z30 a,m. I I I I I I I . One on one--~----7th- 15t~••• -------+ ..... -----------~_ ..._________.... ......." .. ...... ~~-------------...--------·-----..------------· : 9 : 10 11 l i?. I 1) : 14• i 1.5 I r : Regina and Regina's : Spring-sing : .. dress daY I Day of ~ : XEA attend a I dress up dayf:(~!!~~..:.~!r.) L Rest ! : l : I Cookout. lecture ~ ( canables) I Queen for r I I Wyldewood together. I during class: a day. I Relax. • • f I 6: 00 p, m, Benson r-------------f Lillypool f I f 7z30 p.m. 1 Mass movie I 4100 p.m. I I r . : with Re~1na : : _______ 1 ____________J__~c-~~~~c___.,____ wy~~._._.__.., ___________~_..Bansn.n_ ._?_? __~-------------+-------------· r 16 1.1 : 18 : 19 20 : t!t : 22 I Study hall. l Study bre~ f Mexican I ALL I I • I I I I Heritage : Jazzersize,l 1 dinner. : CLUB snack room 1 cokes, 1 I Tom's Placel ACTIVITY J7a)O p.m. I stephens l l 5a00 p.m. 1 1 1 dorm- 2nd. 1 1 1 I I fl dy' I I 1 1 oor stu 1 1 1 1 Study sheetl3 16th-21st.: lounge l Study, ........ sheets 1 16th-21st.: -------t----------i3J_________2l;i-3-~-~51__________26i----~~t~~;;ii---~I[t~-zal--~~~;;- l l Mass sign Candlelight l Quiet time ! Potatoe and l Send joy 1Black and IHomecoming 1and poster devotional. 1to memorize topping 1notes to LGold day_l gamea float_, 1production Cathcart 1the fru1ts party 1football 1colors .. 1Regina : Sears sunroof wi thl of the Wendey 's I players l crowns: s ongsI block in 1conference another girlJ spirit 4:30 p.m. :anytime r- 1stadium 1room club 1anywhere l 1~1 ~hool 12s00 p.m. 1 9a30 p.m. 1anytime 1 : peprally 1 ______t ____________ j ____________ j _____~~q_----~--F-~lft ____J__JL~~~~~---J_. .... ... ________4------------ I I I I 30 I 31 : . 1 I 2 3 4 I 5 Write your l Halloween INOVEMBER I ~1orning Devotional VISit- !Formal 1 t.ter s and l cos tume 1 • •• 1devotional i~I~~~ion 14, . I initiation \" slt t he : 1'arty lNOVERBER.. • I and break- rs, I Pryor 0 s ~~ ( l .·-- : nyrd Haven l .1·., '-r ""rS I fast. Pryor's Shoer,~ lhome 7•r'V• p- "'' 1' t i m 11 1 1 VI .,, ,., ' 1 S .J..,. home 9•30p rn 1 • .,.u ·· " J c . • U l': n • Sh • +~r .-=.1\S' •. • I CCt ~'0 ·AL . • ' t~NJ:J<loh I Ho~~~ I Derflbe:5_~ Doron,. -:1. "d r . ..;}• -·w5. I I vvc..c.K" I blOt' P./l\. i Qc.t. ~- i ~·-/.~1'r,._~~.udy l. 1 _ I . : ,

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r· r , / ,I { I THE E\JS HUFstudent~· ·11 1 Twenty-nine students . WI eave ~or Italyw .d the eighth sem P4l1ielpatiJ:ag in ta e nesd UniversityinFJor:Cter of the H~ ru::~wpshi.'ch included Italian classes and "'~rn . ay 00 w~ ePI'OgramwiJl Jeave «U ..,.. paj Don shactelf~:]'eb. 8, according to Dr ThegroupWiU le . gns, Shackelford said director Of HUF .... u, Professor d Bible and Atnericanaenta eabe.~m Ill front of tbe The students ar - . Two faCUlty rn~mbe 8 · A bus Will .tafe =gat~a.m. Feb. are: Melody ~cJ.d~:Jf8 this semester m, Pl'Ofes&or of rs! Dr. Clifton Ganus ~~~-theywill fly to Atlan~LIUlde Rock, Bo~t.ead, Kareneam,th S~an, Mike Mitchen, ProfessorlllUsic !lDd Dr. Car! "'Wliterdam Tbe will an then on Claud· • n Clanton COIIlpany the-.... of B1ble, will ac- from Arns~ tJFl travel by train . rrssorn, 'arn ll ;; Gainey, Stev~ The students-""~ as teachers. nur· ""- oreoce. Holtc:in, Alana Isom ~hili~~gton, Jennifer M Will be 00 ta mg wR: sernester th Jewell ~~... Jl ' P Jackson T~ tati onday, Feb. 6 for rlllai trac.&lnpus by kea Broup tour ofA•"--e students wiU , ._....,3 ouett, Angela Kays' hl on and classes ·-e-os tion, orien- have a Eurail un:r~. EachWill also Scott LaFerney T · 'Le !,.~~on f~ these.m-•-- 8 ..__d traver on week= and Wil1 be able to JMerr,iU Maxweu' Jaeresa MatlterJey, <o .... """f" _ ""''CC .,.,-w · ac1ne Myatt ' mes McCrear BeVeral times for orten- The students are scheduled Robinson Brian Ronald Rich, Pauia May 9, but several Will ·stay ~~turnton T~~e.David T::::mDaniel ~tovan, Jell • . . . . • Y or Kriiiti Tboraon and D er, Chris Thorn1«Jn •. •• •. .. . . . . .. . . onna Warre~ I . . - .... . .. .........·. ' -- b .cans oOtOconvention Go\\eaeRepu ' o . . to increase the 0 ded the for the comlng Y~ 'ubUcan clubs from . ·ty students atten . number of College P th embel'SbiP Elligbl ~~~~~ans stll~wj~e coRnve:= 17 to 2.2, and t.osoo~c:ta:. ~he national Co ege.ttl RockHilton mLittle· oe from 800 to 2, 10 million memberS· attheLl e . . goal bas been set at one weekend. . th University were Eddie hosen as one Represent,in~ Hn£fm n•.Vi~ki Hansen, The University's club was ~ the nati~ Madd.en,..l&S~ Da~ swanson, _Bob of the outsfan!li~g lS c~~ have thegoal Debbie Bow ' neHanas. Mike ~unp- last year, and this year · on campus in Stewart and8~~~ity student who 15 tbe of increasing ~~mb:::~t delegation ~t Tale.ntea:·Th= ~····- · H~- e~-~o··s:Hare · l \ SP'flriQ''SihQ HOStiriQ"DUt'i8s. Veronica ·williams ofFt. Worth, Texas. David Slater of Dallas. Texas and Sharon Healy of Beebe will host the annual Spring Sing musical extravaganza. Williams was a hostess for last's show and is a senior music education major. Slater, aformer Time ofDay member, is a junior business major. Hea}y is a member of the Belles and Beaux and is a senior office !itr?ms- mq;or. ' fenderler, a b.1.cans national secret.arY• order to have .,...e. cording to Eddie College Repu l . t ear's conventi,on, ac ..,.--- also atteJ? theme of ''Vision o£ ~!aaen president of the club. Followmg e . tion set several goals ~ VictorY," the conven National honor society inducts record number of members The University Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi held induction ceremonies last Wednesday in American Heritage Auditorium, in– ducting the largest number of new members in the chapter's history, ac– cording to Dr. Joseph Pryor, sponsor for the organization. · The new inembe.~ are Joyce A. Aebi, Mark Aebi, Lynn Alley, ·urszula Bielecka, Sue Bolding, · Anna Brenton, Chet Brown, Dennis Brown, Gretchen Bukowich, Kimberly Capps, Brian Casey, . Kent Clay, Cheryl Conder, Cindia Cook, Annette Cooper, Scarlett Davis, Jaime Deeter, Rebecca Dockery1 Barbara Dorrough, John· Douglas, .Michele Ellis, Kenneth England, Rebecha Evans, · Terry EwachiW, Dave Favre, D. Mat– thew Flanigan:, Tammy Graham, KeeVin Gray, Bruce Grice,' Caron Guillo, Linda Gurganus, · Paula Hardesty, Edward Heaton, Carla Hecker, J.odee HobJ>s, Lena Humphrey, J. Robert Jarret nKehl Deruse Kinney, Lisa Kratzer, Dere 4tL<>nde, Jolayne Loden, Etta Mad~en, Eddie Madden, Gregory Mangrum, Rebecca Maupin, Steve MdKinzle, Amy Miller, Bryan Miller, Tonya Mitchen, J anet Morthole, William Newton, Jo Elleq Notd,David Owens, Rebecca Plumlee, Ca Poe, Robbie Powell, Gail Reaves, Tonita Regier, Cynthia Showen, Casandra Smith, Kathryn Stark, Olin A Scott Stovall, W" Donna Summerbayes, Dennis Th.omp– son Lonnie Usery, Kimberly Vinson, John Ward, .Mark Weeks, Kimberly Wells, Cheryl Wilburn, Cynthia Wills, Debi Wilson and Tvrren Yates. New officers for Alpha Chi are Jena Conrad, president; t efP Ya~ vice– ,President; Lizabet ell se.cretar_y ; Wade Huffman, treasurer; and Trey Reely, representative to the 1984 regional council meeting. In order to be inducted into Alpha Chi, a student must be a junior or senior and have earned a 3.75 grade point average on 80 or,. li).Ore hours or a 3.5 grade point average on more than 104 hours. To be eligible, a student must earn at least 24 hours at the University.

• 10 THE BISON, Searcy, Ark. 72"143, Oct. 7, 1983 sports Coach pleasedwithcross country teams' progress The cross country teams have proven the idea that inexperience and other un– controllable factors do not always keep a team from becoming a viable contender. no Bison runner placed lower than twenty– second. Wayne and is pleased by the team's willingness to work, he said. .The mens' team in the early part of the season has proven to be one of the top contenders in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference. In the opening Bison Booster Invitational meet, the Bisons, running against a field of eight teams and about sixty-two athletes, finished second to Arkansas Tech. In the Ouachita Invitational meet the following week, the Bisons were once agaip runner-up to Arkansas Tech, with LarryWayne finishing third with a time of 25:26. The women's teani has also demon– strated itself a definite contender. After placing second in the Bison Booster In– vitational, the Lady Bisons, haying two teams entered, encountered some dif– ficulty, as the 'A' team finished third behind Southwestern and Arkansas College while the "B" team placed a weak fourth with 91 points. Eddie Neal, the overall fifth-place fmisher, was the top Bison runner, while Coach Ted Lloyd has been rather sur– prised at the tt>.am's progress, he · said, although he thinks the team has been hampered a bit by injuries, poor playing conditions and a lack of experience and depth. Lloyd is impressed with all– conference runners AI Bates and Larry However, not all was lost that day, as Marci Crump placed first twenty-one secondS atiead of the nearest competitor. Marci Crump ofHarding takes the lead briefly in the Bison B003terInvitatiotuJIMeet. Women's cross country champ n~medAcademicAll-American Senior Marci Crum ~· - m ·ca Cross Coun -nilsyear Crump was the individual AIC ch~pionwi~a time of 18:43, making her the first Harding woman to ever go under the 19 minute mark. This vic~ry allowed her to go on to the NAIA National Meet in Kenosha, WiSe., where she placed in a field of 250 , wi~a time of 19:51 for the 3.1mile course: Thisperformance distinguished her as the fu:st Harding woman to break the 20 mmute mark at Nationals. For her accomplishments, Crump was ebosen by the Lady Bisons as the most . valuable metnber of the team. Prior to this season, Crump lettered two Y~ under AIC Coach of the Year Ted Lloyd. During the 1982 and '83 seasons Crump was named All-AIC and All-:NAIA D~trict 17, and helped le,ad the Lady BJSOns to Ute runnerup berth in the.district meet both years. A. physical education major, Crump is a native of .Salado, Texas. She has a 3.70 grade pomt average for 100 semester hours and plans to graduate in August. Inaddition tocross-(l()untry, Crump was a two year member of Belles and Beauxes and the Chorale. She is in Regina social club and was named to the 1984Who's Who ~ong ~t_udents in AmericanColleges and Uruverstties. Accor~~ to Dr. Joe Pryor, Crum will also be eh~ible to_ioin Alpha Chi Na~enaJ Honor Soctetydurmg the spring semester "Marci is. an excellent competitor and an. ~~tan.ding individual," Coach Lloyd srud. She ~s the first cross country athlete from ~ding to make the Academic All– Amenca Team. " Lloyd appeared to be equally impressed by the Lady Bisons, although he is con– cerned that many of the team members have little or no competitive experience. At 4 p.m. today, the Bisons will host Arkansas College in a dual meet, and Lloyd expects the teams to have their hands full. In looking ahead to the district tour– nament next month, Lloyd said that both squads must work on "the little things" and concentrate less on the win-loss column. If the team's attitudes and priorities can be correctly fixed, Lloyd feels that "we'll be a very good team."

'Talented' 72-member cast selected for Homecoming show by Kay Goree Bison staff writer The cast of Fiddler on the Roof, this year's Homecoming play, will be one of the largest ever on stage for a campus musical, according to Robin Miller, director of the production. The 72-member cast was selected after auditions early last week. Callbacks, to see how various performers worked together, were on Friday before the final cast decisions were made, Miller said. "This cast list has been extremely difficult to put together," Miller said. "We had too many talented people. Often we were forced to pass over extremely talen~d people simply because of not having enough roles. " The storyline of the play revolves around the town of Anatevka and the struggles of a Jewish family in their quest to keep traditions. Tevye, a poor milkman, must cope with the changing times and the newer ideas of his daughters. Playing the lead role of Tevye will ·be Bob Ritchie, a senior public relations major from Canterbury, N.H. Ritchie, a member of A Cappella chorus, Troubadours, Chamber Singers, Chorale and the Bison band, was a cast member of the University's 1980 Homecoming production.A Midsummel' Night's Dream. The role of Tevye's wife Golde will be Winners announced . in writing contest "Jungle Drums" and "A Farmer's Hands," bothwritten by junior English and French major Eddie Madden, were awarded first place inpoetry and essay respectively in the Jo Cleveland Creative Writing Contest as announced at an awards banquet March 27 in thef'' , Heritage Room. \ · Sophomore English major Sherry DanieJ won first place in fiction with her entry, 1The Leavetaking." "Why Darkness Falls Always" by Daniel won second place in poetry and was Iollowed by Lisa Cox's "Haiku for a Rainy Day" in third place. "Capitalism" captured second place in essay for senior ps cbology major 1 Neil DeCarlo, and a , s ophomore public a ms ra on major, was awarded third place for her , essay "The Hateful Slaughter." There was no second or third place awarded in fiction. EdwardWhite, associate professor of English; was chairman of the contest, which was named last fall for Dr. Cleveland. She retired last summer as professor of English. The contest was judged by members of the English department faculty. Dr. Larry Long, Dr. Eugene Underwood and Betty Ulrey judged the poetry entries; Dr. Dennis Organ and Bill Lambert judged the fiction entries· and oo .Brewer and Alice Jewell judg ~ essay entries. played by Becky Maupin, a senior ac– counting major. A member of the A Cappella chorus, Maupin has no ex– perience with any University productions. Belles and Beaux. Noland is from Tinton Falls, N.J. anc;l has appeared in several productions, including Oklahoma and The Runner Stumbles. on many school productions. Tevye's three daughters are being played by Marcia Matlock, Lorie Bailey and Jo.Ellen Noland. Matlock, agradua te student, is a former Belles and Beaux member, Spring Sing hostess and was in the A C::appella chorus. A sophomore from Searcy, Bailey is a]so a member of the A Cappella chorus and The daughter's suitors are played by Todd Thompson, Kevin Bay and Kevin Kline. Thompson is a sophomore from Hamonton, N.J ., who performed last year in The Pride of the Britt~ns. Also a sophomore, Bay played the part of Jud in the Homecoming play Oklahoma,. Kline, a junior and member of Chorale, has been involved with the technical crew Playing the part of Yente the mat– chmaker, is one of last ~ear's Spring Sing hostesses y eropica W1lliams, who is a music education 'major. Assisting as technical director for the show will be Morris Ellis, assistant professor of speech. Jan Miller will be working as music director and Lynn Dupaul will assist witb choreography. Miller said the cast is large ~Vtd talented, but the choruses and dance numbe1·s will make the show a difficult one to present. '- ''l • 'Jn._ fee] as _ .. mAIIksgj · rf an ~eneficiaJ1;g bl'eak wo extended ~me a laraecause ot thUld be very uave to be-l!ie ])ercent e lengtb of J:om the a~ay from ~tudents I ovember s rt of scb bollles lllean a j A longer b Ool until falllilies, siness l"llsbe<t r~~ WOUJd SPent on thceso llluc]J of VISlt With longer T'l. e road 1 , the t'ttne . uallks . . . .rn an lS :g;vlll~ br~_ " for a Choral groups add new members, plan tours New members were added last week to this year's A Cappella Chorus, Chorale and Belles and Beaux . Selected for the A Cappella, directed by Dr. Ken Davis, were Denise Alexander, Lisa Brown and Liz Cottrell, first soprano ; Regina Rasnick, Mary Helen immons, I Tara SuiJins and C.W~ Th~nsoR. second !Of)rano ; Ramona a as · t a to; Julie ~- . .. Campbell, Kari Folkerts, Michelle For– sythe, Sharon Johnson. Karen Keeth, Kathy McKinnon, ,Michelle Means and Michelle Sutherlagd, second alto · Tim Eddings, Colin Geiger, St.eve Powers and Daniel Rogers, fi.rst tenor· James Baird Michael Henkel and Allen Sheldon, second tenor; J:immy Berkley Brent Craft, PauJ Maynard, Jef( McGee and Academic honor society asks 55 to bec.ome·new members Fifty-five students have been selected for membership in Alpha Chi, the national academic honor society. A student must have earned a minimum of 24 semester hours at the University, and have either a 3.75 GPA on 80 to 103 hours or a 3.50 GPA on 104 or more hours to be eligible for membership in the Arkansas Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi. The purpose 1>f Alpha Chi is to promote and recognize scholarship and those qualities of character that make scholarship effective for good, according to Dr. Joseph Pryor, chapter director. The followin_.g were invited to join: Billie Gay Albany, Stanley R. Allen, Robert Sidney Bain, Rebecca C. Ball Yua£u Paul Bao, Kimberly E, Barker, Jack D. Billingsley, Michael A. Brumley, Susan Bryan, Cynthia H. Burns, Kim C. Clark. . Tamara G. Combs, Iona Lucille Console, Marci J. Crump, Shannon V. Davidson, Mark Wayne Davis, Neil John DeCarlo, Sarah Leigh Fel~, J~yn S. Frandolig, KarenJ. Garrett, Linda.Jean Gibson, Rita Elizabeth G~. KennethL. Graves Clinton G. Helmuth, Ramona S. Hintze, MaryK. Hudson, Susan Elizabeth Kemp, Sharon Lee Layne, Anne Michelle Leech, Tanna J o Lentz, Susan Kay Mattox, Dawn Lynett.e MCKamey, Anne M8Jiie McPike. DWight A. Melson, Edmund C. Metcalfe, Jerry Alan Neill, Venita Lynn Ninemire, Cary AnnRandle, Kimberly A. Reynolds, Jolul M. Sansom, Eddie Wayne Shields, Nancy B. Smith, Steve G. Stack,, Jeffrey Stevenson. Rachel Lynn Sullins, Richard 0 SUp– plee, Anne Elizabeth Taylor, Jeffrey G. Tennyson, Gail Elizabeth Tillery, Carla Jo Treat, Kimberlee Van Tassel, Philip Lloyd Wade, William K. Webb, Debra Young Wilkins and Teresa Woodroof. ·I Stuart Peacock, first bass; Kirk Bradford, Dennis Brown, Greg Maupin, Alan Pryor, Jonathan White and Rich White, second bass. Last May the A Cappella visited Ann Arbor, Mich., where it placed third in the Great American Choral Festival and received a $2,500 award. Plans for the fall include several weekend trips. The group will make two tours in tl\e spring, one in January and the other during spring break. The Chorale's new members are Judy Chandler, Kristl Cottrill, Tina Hawk, Jennifer Loftin, Terry McClure, ....I2illw McKame~ and Lisa Thompso~ soprano; Laura Addison, Suzanne Frandolig, Susan Gray, Leslie Hooper, J2sanna Howe Connie Manley, Janet RichardS, Lane~ Roby and Geannetta Walker alto ; Michael Boustead, Tony Davis, Roger ffi>lroyd Ste've Jones, Ronald Miller and Scott Tubbs, tenor; Parker Allen Douglas I DeHanas, Jim Doederlein, Matt Flanigan, James Gentry, James Kis ner , Jeff Robinson Mark Rowland, Scott Smith and Toby Tay lor, bass. Both choruses will participate in the Christian College Choral Festival hosted in mid-January by Abilene Christian . 'Universi ty in Abilene, Texas. They will both give chapel programs and local concerts throughout the year. New Belles and Beaux entertainers laclude Lori Bailey, Ramona Dallas, Michelle F orsythe, ~eanna Howe, Dawg McJ{ame¥, P aul LOCkllii't, Steve Pearce and Tony Davis. _

• Volunteer group formed tohelp stucfent recfuihnent by Carol Landerfelt Bison staff writer ''Students recruit their peers for a possible future at Harding better than Dr: Ganus or anyone else," Durwood M.cGaha, director of admissions, recently said. At the beginning of the semester, the admissions office formed "VISA" or Volunteers In Support of Admissions, to involve students in the recruiting process. The 20-person committee was " hand– picked" by the admissions office, and is mostly composed of juniors and seniors. According to McGaha, formation of the committee w~ due to the decline of 18 year-old graduates available to come to college and the decreasing number of students at the University. ''VISA is a new concept, but so far it has been effective," McGaha said. "It gives the students involved an opportunity to travel, earn money and learn more about Harding." The duties of VISA include talk,ing to prospective University students at High School Day, Colleg~ Days, Spring Sing Vouth Forum and youth rallies. The group will usually set up a booth complete with Uni ersity brochures and the Petit Jean yearbook. "We t~ll them why Harding is such ·a good school," VISA committee member Cary Daniel said. At Christian schools, the group will often lead devotionals in an effort to portray the spiritual atmosphere of the University. "A positive attitude makes them more interested,'' VISA member Jaime Deeter said. "A.Iid, young people tend to listen to other young people wit'hout feeling inhibited. For this reaso~ VISA js a good program." "Young people tend to listen to other young people without I feeling·. inhibited. For this 1 reason, VISA is agood program." Jaime Deeter, VISA volunteer "Students on most campuses are un– derutilized, ' .McGaha said. "We hope to improve the VISA program from year Lo year so as to involve the committee members as much as possjb]e." One way of doing this is by keeping the number ofVISAmembers a't 20 or fewer. A larger group would make it difficult to • spread: -the- work around ·and keep the members interested. Comprising the 1983-84 VISA committee are Blair Bryan, Jill Bohan, Byron Carlock , John Cherry , Cary Daniel Mitchell Davis, Jaime Deeter, Tim Dill, Charles Dupre, Darren Findley, Stan Manning; Susan Metz ~san Perkins, Anne-Marie Petree, Robyn Ranson, Kim Reynolds, Jeff Smith, Kelly Van Patter, Shannon Walker and Mike Woods. " I am very happy with theperformance of the VISA students,' said McGaha. " If anyone is interested in being on next year's committee, they should contact Dawn Zoller, wbo is in charge of the program." -- Education honor society inducts newmembers New members were recently inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, the national educapon honor society. New members are Stephanie Bird, Melissa Blume, Bruce Caldwell, Kim Clark, Pat Cleveland, Alice Coburn, Terri Davis, $(lela De<W. Sharon Deason, Susan . e, Mary Eudaly, Rebekah Fields, Michael Hawley, Lori Kenney, Brenda McDonald, Judy McDowell, Tim McElroy, Paige Merritt, Lorraine Pitt– man, Rnbyp Rapsom. Sheryl Scott, .:!9. J ean Smith, Angie Stalans, James Sutton, Sandra TOdd, John Ward and Brenda Wheaton. In order tobeeligible for Kappa DeltaPi a student must be arr undergraduate planning a career in education. He or she must also have a 3.0 or higher cumulative average on 60 or more hours. A graduate student with a 3.25 or higher GPA on 12 or ·more graduate hours with a minimum of 12 hours of professional educatjon as a graduate or undergraduate is also eligible, Preparing for Gospel Explosion In preparation for Saturday's Gospel Explosion, a group of students practice under the direction of Angela Dean. T students will perform with other choral groups in the area Saturday evening at 7:30 in Benson Auditorium. Admi cost will be $2. University voice students to compe in regional contest next weeken~ Seven voice students from the University will compete in the regional contest of the National Association of Teachers of Singing <NATS) next weekend in Little Rock. Dr. Kenneth Davi , chairman of the music department, and Dr. Arthur Shearin, associate professor of music, have choSen Chris Bally, Laura Davidson, Jennifer Falkner, Trey Reely, Paige Staggs, J ay Waifsand Veronica Williams to represent the school in the auditions. Only students whose schools are members of the NATS organization are allowed to participate in the contest. • Each student will be placed into a category based on how long be has been taking college voice lessons. The four categories include upper college men, upper college women lower college men and lower coiJege women. Upper college contestants compete for a $40 first prize $25 second and $15 third_. Lower college awards are $30, $20 and $10. For the audi tions, each studenl will sing an aria , anEnglishsong and an ar t song in a foreign language. Those who progress to the finals will be judged by one representative from each school in the region and will have opportunity to move on to the state auditions in February. The featured guest artist at the com– petilion will be Charles Nelson a bass– baritone who teaches a t East Texas State University. Nelson formerly chaired the music department at David Lipscomb College in Nashville. A guest clinician also will present a lecture to the members o[ the NATS, demonstrating new teaching methods. ,

/ft. ru:d /t .. ~~ b Acna.t.:t ~ }'<'~.t-'1: jl "Jenr. ct tu ma.M.<'a ',( 'l fA,.ct t. ck_,t. A.fc.t. (/.1 'f /4. unu:l !ltJ. fii ::£. ,. ~ d ~n ~.t.a0 1 IA..u.Jec?m;/ ~ ~nzd'l 1-v, .... { l muuh/d unr/. ftr.h1f-'-IA.t~r. I £'1 # a/.4 1' N/ e:-ct".cch tn~ !h ~t ~;.,tjl ,.. ":d; "' ral~/u;/! r Yh~· ~~ ~W:~nJaJ Jlt,.. anJ Jlt,.a. 7J. !lt.a'l 9enlr'l r-eyueal l~e lwnour of rour presence al l~e marria9e ofl~eir Jau9~ler !Jlenei :lJel~ lo Jlt,.. !Jloterl 9/enn 1Jin9/er l~e son of Jl{,.. anJ Jl{,.s. 9/enn J!. r:IJin9/er on cfalurJa'f• l~e f;jleenl~ o/ Ocloter .hineleen ~unJreJ anJ ei'/~1'1-l~ree al e/ecen o ~/ocJ in lfae mornin9 1flaile cflalion C~urc~ of C~risl C~ape/ Jlfemp~ia, Xnne811ee

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• . Robyn Ransom qfCoshocton, ohio i&escorted byAlan Pryor ofSearcy a.s she reigns overMay Fete activities on the Harding campus. Robyn was also the q,cipient of the Regina Spirit ~ this spring. (Photo by Yo Kurabayashi) ROBYN'S got fhat f f!/l~rJ9~A SPIRIT

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Singular Elegance'

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• j} C _[Cox d jl{'Ls. . . f 'L p~tesence the honou'L or you 'Lequest f h . dauqhte'l. . e or t et'L t the ma't'Ltag a J co . n !B~ten a JfUZ'Ltan to /D . Lee Casey ~'!.tan ld CW. Casey d j\{'Z.s. Qe'La f j}t'Z.. an 1 sonor h Jfi)ecemoe'L d the eighteen.t o 9:ues ay, f on d d . hty-rou'l. h 'Le etg · teen un nme . ' l k . the evenmg . c oc m at StX 0 h f Ch~tist C ll Chu'Z.C or o ege Jl~tkansas Sea~tcy, . f0 [l 0 wing 5Receptwn r FACESOFROM

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Nov. 30, 1984, THE BISON, Searcy, Ark. Ti143 5 Queen foraday Regina club ·sponsor honored for years ·of service by Lisa Pigg Bison stalf writer than I for just sponsoring a club." Pryor "Queen for a Day" and gave her a sponsor presented her with gifts, including "Regina is my life. I have never con- crown, the club's emblem. Represen- roses, a scrapbook, pearl earrings with a Do you have a day other than your birth- sidered anything else," said Pryor. "It has tatives from each decade she has been (See PRYOR, page 7) day that you can call your very own? helped my family become more interested Bessie Mae Pryor does. inserving others. It bas helped me in that Nov. 3 was designated as "Bessie Mae it bas made me be patient, understanding Pryor Day" by the Regina social club in and sympathetic. Also understanding honor of ber 37 years of service as ciub their problems has helped me keep up with sponsor. the changing times." "Oh my, I have never been so floored in A breakfast celebration marking her all my life!" exclaimed Pryor. "There special day was held at Homecoming. The are so ma~y I_Jeople who deserve it more 78 guests held a ceremony proclaiming Bessie Mae Pryor waters her flowers, one of her many interests . ' by TAMI KERR THE BISON, Searcy, Ark. 72143, Nov. 30, 1984 .· 7 Pryor----------------------------- (continued from page 5) matching necklace, and a five-piece luggage set. Pryor, the wife of Dr. -!o~eph Pryor, professor of physical science, has been with Regina through most of its existence. · She became affiliated with the club in the second quarter following the charter in 1947. She was the only sponsor for many years, and currently shares the respon– sibility with Claudette Alexander who works in the Music department. "When the club was first chartered, Harding was still on the quarter system. The first two sponsors were really not terribly interested, so during the second quarter the girls asked me," said Pryor. "I have been a sponsor since then." Senior Sharon Healy, Regina club member, said, "Bessie Mae is ex– ceptional. She is more dedicated to us than we are to our own families." She added, "It is really a nice feeling to know that if you need something, Bessie Mae's door is always open." According to Pryor, her favorite part of being a club sponsor is "getting to know each girl personally, because when you get to know them you just love them." She believes that her duties as a club sponsor are "to be a listener, to be an example, to be patient, and to be in– terested enough to be available." Only once in her history as club sponsor has Pryor regretted her position. In the 60's she had some difficult girls who caused her to contemplate resigning, but the dean of women at that time persuaded her to stay. "Regina is my life. I have never considered anything else Understanding their problems has helped me keep up with the chang– ing times." - Bessie Mae Pryor "I could not believe that they were so bad," said Pryor. "I went to the dean of women and told her I wanted to quit because I couldn't stand it. She told me not to give up because the girls who were the problems would graduate." In spite of that, Pryor's memories of the club will be of the good. "The sweet girls that I have enjoyed getting to know make Regina," she said. ''They are just lovely!" Pryor is not only involved with Regina, but with the community, too. She is especially active in the Garden Club, having serving as president, the northeast district director, state chairman, and as chairman of both the Northeast District Convention and the South Central Regional Convention. In her spare time Pryor enjoys coor– dinating weddings, sewing, teaching a Bible class, and working in College Church's Thursday School. In spite of her busy schedule, Pryor still manages to have time for her Regina girls. "Even when she has something planned, if you let her know when you need her, she will try t~ work it out so that she can help you, too,"said Debbi Richards) a graduate s~dent and member of Regina. Richards added, "She reminds me of the scripture in the Bible that tells the older women to teach the younger women how to love their husbands, because she knows so much about it." "She is the best example of the 'virtuous woman' found in Proverbs 31 - Regina's scripture. She should write a book about how to be a good woman," she said.

AIphi Chi induct;-new b ~he University Eta chapter of AI · mem e rs Chl, a national honor society h P~ Kays, Jayn Knapp, .M'errlll M A ducti~n. ceremonies Wednesday 'oc~l~7 ~- ~ebkorah McAfee, DaVid McFadde:x;~ mer1can ijeri ~g~4udit . . · , 1n ar o 48 new members., , onum mducting Brent Pickens, Charles Pittm . dm~t~nn~~r~emB~rls are: ~ances Ad- ::~~d,T~rles~~~th, Donna ~o;~l m a a nes, CY!lthia Brazzel Sb .c.uwm Van der K . ·· ' :hebeccBa Brenneman, Sharon Brown ' ~~on ]Waldrop, GJoria West Step~:~ aron . urgess, • ese , Debra Woodell J' Debora Burkett Brad Burt Sb 11 brough. • ames YarCagle~ Curtis Cl~ents Fra '. J ey New officers for AJpba Chi ar Ed . ~~~~aon,c~tri!n~~~~~:?naniel , KO:t :r~~~~trr~~~:t~~':%J:u:~n, v~; Robyn Edwards, ~aren Fiippin, Linda and Kent We~b~ treasurer. ' eetetary, Ford, San~a f razier, Joseph Gilpin In order to bemducted into AJpba Chi ~sga ~OOdson, Debbie Grant Brencta ~~dent must be a junior or senior ~~ H Jl. odnrue Hill, Pamela Holladay Roger 80 e earned a 3.75 grade point average on o oy , or more hours or a 3 5 gr d · . Tania Houk:, Ten:i Jewell Brenda a~e~age on more than lo4 hoU:S e .f:mt Johnson, Ra)lmond Johnson , Gregory ~Jble, a stud~nt must~ at ieast ~ ~5T --- I . ours at the Uwversity. :rYe\< 7' aR ~\): ' l II Gea1. . • U 1HE BISON, Searcy, Ark. 72143, Oct. 12, 1984 Weeklyidorm prayer meetings begun ~~o~u,~~~~ ~~~el,ey • lobbies of all the dormitories. They last an Pattie Cobb, Lynn Dowdy, LeAnn Penaverage of 15 minutes. dergrass and Fran Schmittle; in Cathcart, In response to student requests , the campus ministry has instituted weekly dormitory prayer meetings. Every dorm has a p~ay~r request_ box Holly Hladky, Jana Thompson, LeeAnn and a r_eq~est sheet which IS turned 10 to Baker and Juanine McNally; and in the the Sm1th s weekly to keep them ~pdated New Married Students' Apartments, on campus needs. Also, there w1ll be a Rhonda Seay and Mary Beth Hill. prayer request sheet posted in the student The Smiths mainly want the meetings to center. _ . . center around their "six prayer method": News.~ Every year around Ghristmas time, Dwight and Barby Smith, the campus minister and his wife, send out letters to the student body asking for suggestions. And every year says Barby Smith, one of the main requests is,' 'When are we going to start having campus prayer meetings? '' This year 1 she adds, something is being done about it. In A.mencan Rentage Dormitory the sr-L'- -' ...... ~..h;,,t short nravers simnlP prayer m·eeting lead~ are Cary Daniel, p H • . d- b Todd ~try and Jon Wood; in Ketler, 8 onor SOCiety In ucts mem ers At the beginning of this semester, three students were chosen from each dormitory on campus to be leaders of individual prayer meetings within their dorms. Others were chosen to assist them. And together lh'ey share the .responsibilit,ies Qf fmdi~g oul exactly who does need prayer, makmg these needs known to others in thei'r group and getting the group together to pray. The prayer meetings are held every Tuesday night at curfew in the main Greg Sublett, Gregg Lawrence and Todd Thompson ; in Harbin, Jim Ma1:1tin, Brett Curtis·and Mark Adkinson ; i-n Grad, Farin Crone, Kevin Fuchs and Lonnie Jones : and in Armstrong, Tom Martin and Jeff I Slater. ' In Stephens Dorm the prayer leaders are Alice Mankin, Terr): Leddy and Sani George; in S~ars, Karen McLarty and Glenda Collier; in Kendall Lee Ann Exum, Lisa Lilly and Vickie Cutts; in Twenty-one new members were in– ducted 'into Kappa Delta Pi, the national educat!on honor .sQciety, Sunday night, ~ccoramg to Angte Stalans, president. !he new members are Dorothy Bell, Michael Boustead, Mark Brown, Billie Diles, Colleen Daugherty, Sarah Lei~ Felps, MelodyHarrell, Lori Hockenberry Julie Holder, RGy Holland, Denise Huff– man, Kenneth P. Martin Jr., Wendy Lee Massey, KarenMcLarty, Lea Ann Morr~. Shari Nelson, Lore_ne Pagcaliwagan, Tnena Ranae Snider, Angela Spoto, Gary Lee Stapleton and Deborah L . Weatherington. ~e U~ver~ty s Nu Lambda chapter ex:u;ts prunarily to promote leadership in education for thos.e who seek careers as teachers. Members are exclusively from the teacher education prog,r~ and must have_a minimum grade point ave_rage of 3.0on&a or more hours. The society is open to both graduates and undergraduates. Tb~s year's officers are Sta)ans, pres1dent ; Moll~ Daniel , secretary ; Brenda Wheaton, treasurer· Terri Davis vice president; and nebbi .Richards' historian-public relations. The club'~ sponso~ is Dr. Wyatt Jones., professor of education.

~- h' Who h- senforw 0 s HumPhrey /43C 0 . Uill £rom Tupelo, ~1~~:'nson of Jef· t f rom Harding r Glen Rock. pa.' · Jones of Oxford, studen s tional o~ . Mo · Loruile 1U . Forty:thrbaee e been selected ~ natb 1985 ferson C1ty • ~t.z of Dongola, ·! ,...00 Univers•ty v to appear tn e . A}a. ; Tanna . from Bl()OlDlD&• ~ outstanding le!!;de~ho Among studeJtts m easandra ~a!~~ of Vince~es, ...~~ editi n of W\10 s . d eoneges. . Mi . Tom 1U<U . MemphiS; m3H.J Am;ican1Jniversltie~:en were E~e Bo~\:nchols o! Wleli~ Lori Pittm_an ~ Those students c b · Mark AdkiSOn Nineroire of Sa~.' David S:anth o Addington of Ji:ld ~~a, Okla.; Che~ proctorville, ~:~dNancy Smith of~ and Cheryl ~a~each, Fla.; ~a~of Clarion, P!;\t~tovall of D~art,~:X:~d Brown from d Dale and Ang . a ch . oorado;_..,..o . el otRidgeville, · noug ~~~v~nsurton of Liv1o~~e:-ca~ Step~,;:;n of QuinCYt'hlll. student Dallas, · f Mabelva e , '"'"'~\ . Chen'' d and e lty l(inseY Butler !0m e of Newark, .1.1" • ~ After lea ers mroations, tbefa~ onlouston· BdrtanEd~:s~ddenof NewPOPi~~- AsSociationroade~~ents on the ba~ts ~~ KimClarkan ood Ga · GarY elected these s . e.roent serVlce Jan Coker ~,!f~hal'i~ sntitb andKent ~eir acaderoi~ tyachi~:adershlP inti. 1 ~~; man carla u--' the communt .' "ti and J>Olen a Webh ~f s~cy,; M mpbis, Tenn.; Sar~ tracurricular actiVl ~ey join stu~ents cary Camel of rtbe Texas· .MarY~ continued success· than 1500 rogber fr Ft Wo , . ' . Debb1e d from more tates the :~er 0~ &,u~a;~d.~:d·~try of ~~ng instltutio~~n~lls~e~ fo;eign GarrettofBr<>?~ 0 GibsOn of Ptca~e~ District of ColUJll Troy Ul.; LGm ~ of Musltegon, Min th nations. .,...,.ss . 1{en rav KY . Man' .,e llU • I of Lexington · ' I lial Jtess ~ . ' 4 THE BISON, Searcy, Ark. 72143, Oct. 12, 1984 :ICCseleCts - ·. . ~!:!rr!J~..... executive board ~ · · ~~~~ . •lec~~~O~ I,nterclub Council (ICC) :~J-lorm~ ~~O~';b,goals Of fhe ~~tsthe ex~e ~%r3f TSJJChi .. oificers We're~~~~~~prove i~ re~"u~~~ve IS ,of three men . s board a student o . ~e tt (tbe ICC) n. ~:S~ctatives who are~r:!.~ee women alricc is taldr;;~~~tiYOll~ .. :e(jpJ~ feel ;:r~~ 1 , and whose members eady hav Wuat ·pnviJeg ~~ftogether the ag~=tbis to chair fightillg for~~~~~~cttually the co::Jl~ . gs and to make if . eCOUncil Burt Who . Ul erest. , tate decisions fo tb' necessary, irn- semester IS now serving his _eexecutlve b r e council. feelin on the lee, ex second :eese df Sub-T 16~~~a~e:bers are Jay benefif: o:O~:~ictile ICC: ~:~ed his ~gs, Todd Gentry .urt of Kappa theamount . may not aJw e the ~a~ of Shantili, -J~ ~· Alice 1 feel it is 11~~- and effort tha:t~~uaJ egma and Jan Coker o( Ko Jo ola~ of body It!~deup ofst.!a':tshave a governm~ KaJ. r~:hng club acti'Vitiest~tbasa l'al"t ill · . ny lleOple feel ·... llllnts~tion has too mu the ad- ~~n/n the lives of stud~ts~11 ln What way toe 6~n1c!~that the Ic'c ise:~~ Burt also expJ . t power. , b:ar7e any dec~%~ t:!:tththe ICC ~n boar makes. He 1 . e executive dmember Will 1 exp amed that· each and chairing a terna te in orga · · as well as th~~~~ecutiv~ board mee':;! Before the crea !fleetings. board to control andtion of an executive rn~ti.Qgs w . ~overn the meetiiJ Dr. BobM~~~amzea ~Y ICC spons!~ psy~_ology, CUld Pattassociateprofessor of a~tivtties coordj YBarrett, sOCial club director of housingr:ator and assistant 'VI·SA volunteers hel admissions recruit students Members of VISA are (left to right, front row) Fran. Coon, Lori Pryor, Shannon Walker, Kinsey Butler, Jill Bohan, Debi Wilson, Dawn Zoller (coordinator), Jeff Smith, (middle row) Jeannie Shipp, Karen Thompson, Paul Maynard, Karen Mclar– ty, Jayne Knapp, Cathy Machen.Jli[ren Findley, (back row) Bron Fore, Paul Lockhart, Wes Henderson, Cary Daniel, John Cherry, Tom Kyllo, Cary Gilbert and Tim Dill. -PUBLICITY OFFICE

' A TV 12 cameraman focuses in on newscasters )oEIIen Noland and john Tom Thompson. by TAM/~

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you is the best thing of all! f 1 Love_!jvLL . J-efJalikY l'v [ ~v .1 J(~vv1sd-c:t ~j /ltoST nr.nTtP&L- ~~f(: \,-S: {~tH~i {ud~CrsrYIILt bitL"'x) fr-.J& t)fi'( l-IF-Ti:r\' 70,Vl0r~f'<Ovv hE'LL rROC3ll(jL'( {5[ ;¥)£ETtlv(:. Ti-l~ fVE~" RCG!:v .. ~"i'5. L!:r:<:; nJft!,' t: /i GC\CO Flft5T f,~IPNFS'>iO(v l3Y-- IT''S ~ 1-f/Wi;v(;- 1-l Gf{r,__.J.T TliNNL'U ;t {9:30c~;ll - I /.' v0dut) J{ Rt~,.~lbYJ/3(,1-( flvi~ l() DO vvt·lAr ~r VOl l- ·~VtE;'~teED Yo o() rrv t-'I(L/ -j-Hl;·i iiOtV V h·[r·lt"( ,J(NSt L( .-; --7 r"VJ) &·1·;'-ffi-F -¥ IJ5r( C'l?.Ft~ 7 tll£ r;t![STJOrv<; Lit({; "so/HO~\J 'S; YOUt~ f_OL E LitE?" h '' DO YOU ttvJOY TOR.f\f.~';)/)0-- !10NTIN6· ?" tYl 111 1;t~- k u Til 1\'[/v A tv 'f c;,.cc D EYAM0 Lrrra y ·? '' i'vvtfy~ tt r,. . (;.C!./t\A.L-

• Going Out with aFl . our1sh

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' J ) I , ~Q1t i nte NevJ 1v __/ ~o::D\0 o..o -- ~ ~~ Jll' /--n\0~· 0 iL C):\01tD • ®&--- ~ . & '{6J cJ<N • ~ \\Jb'QlB ~ ~t\0 ~ tiS~ iff • ~D ~L; ~ k-D~ . ~~tt Q>i'\ . . . We were created by a God of close relationships, a God who ... built into us the need to have an intimate, sharing relationship with others."

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