... • Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth a stranger, and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:1,2 •

,. ~ ................................................................ ._. ~ Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, o~ ye gates; even I ift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shal I come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord of Hosts, he is the King of Glory" (Psa. 24:8-10) King's Men Social Club derives its name from Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev. 19:16), whose men- His subjects- we endeavor to truly be. Royal Blue and Gold were chosen by the charter members to be the official club colors; the majesty of the reign of Jesus Christ, Lord of all (Rom. 10:12), "far above all principality, and power and might and dominion and every name that is named not only in this world but also in that which is to come" (Eph. 1:21), represented by the Royal Blue; the precious stones which are bui It up as a spirit– ual house (I Pet. 2:5), the temple of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 6: 19), the tabernacle of God (Rev. 21:3), whose house we are if we ho ld fasT the conf i dence and The rejoic in g of the hope f i rm unto the end (Heb . 3:o , represented by the Go ld .

BRADEN MONROE. Cutteberry, Al. Bible and Psychology. Transfer from Alabama Christian College. King' s Men4, Pres. 4; Timothy Club 3,4; lntramurals 3,4 ; Youth Forum Council 3,4. l Adam1, Allen ......... . ...leesburg, Fl.,. HEATON, CHARLIS E. Tulsa, 01. Bible Transfer from Nor- ntheostem State College. King' s Men 4; lntromurals 3,4; r.vmnnc:+ir Assistant 4. c.baugh, Richard .........Marathon, F~ Ron Lamar - Pic. no_t _avail. .$fftlt0fl -- . - · ----- .,._ - -i-.-----~- _.......,I Whisenant, l.-ry ...........Cullman. Al MCDANIEl, HENRY IlNNEY. Pint BlvH, AI. Psychology. Transfer from University of Aricansos at Monticello. King's Men 4; Behavioral Science Club 4. Femandet, Floy~ ........ .....Groves, TX Larry Poston - Pic. not avail. lfRESHM~N STARLING, lOIS RUTH. Winter Garden, Fl. Vocational Home Economics. Tofebt 1,2; AHEA 2,4; Big Sisters 2; Bison Boosters 1; Bisonettes 1; SNEA 2,3,4; European Campaigns 1,2. nRS. BEN F. VtCK-Ia.. ~.73. Ted M. Altman, EdD Dean of Students Associate Professor, Physical Education COX, PAMElA GAE. little Rodr, AI. Art. Ju Go Ju 1,2,3,4; Recording Chorus 1,2; Chorale 1; A Cappello Chorus 1,2,3,4; Belles and Beoux 3,4; Art. Guild 2,3,4; Campaigns Northeast 2. MRs: ~-TAi1E.S ~wo~~tK ~1·11-7'1 James R. Allen, MRE, DHum Associate Professor-Bible I GOMER, ROBERT WAYNE. Kansas City, KS. Psy. chology. Transfer from Kansas City Junior College. King's Men 4, Sec. 4. "iBiand, Dan ...............Bellvue, CO :lVNlOR• ·TReASVi\tR VICK, BEN FRANKLIN, JR. Valdosta, GA. Physical Education. Transfer from Alabomo Christian College. King' s Men 4, Vice Pres. 4; Basketball Manager 2.3: SNEA 3,4; lntromurols 2,3,4. -uncoln, Michael ............ ,Mobile, Al Scot Langham - Pic. not avail. J"UM&OR , Womack, James ....Maryland Heights, MO HOWARD, TONYA H. Clyde, TX. Bible. Phi Delta 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; King's Men Queen4: Who' s Who 4; Petit Jtcan Queen 4; Big Sisters 4; Bison Boosters 1; Dactylology 2,3; German Campaigns 3: JOY Chairman 4; lntramurals 3,4. Stewart, James ........... ·. Harrison~ AR SPo·Nso~ .f Cf4ARTE~ ~~8f~ c JH A R T E R Fred J. Alexander, MEd. Director of Admissions who gave us the name - King's Men SPoN~O. ;f\ ~·~ <HAR11 M E .M H E R

newest mens dub on ~campus took a definite religious tone in their social in an attempt to revive the spiritual aspect ·of Harding clubs. Their motto "In signo vinces" means by the sign (of the cross) we shall win. The shield .in the represents the battle against sin, the cross stands for Christ and the crown is 1syrnbo'l of our ·eternal hope. 1. Fernandez 2. Heaton 3. Adams 4. :Bland, Treas. 5. Gomer, Sec. 6. Womack 7. Lincoln 8. Lamar 9. Poston 10. Walker 11. Stewan 12. Allen, Sponsor 13. Altman, Sponsor 14. Howard, .Queen 15. Carbaugh 16. MacDaniel 17. Wissenant 18. West 19. Vi ck, Vice-Pres 20. Blair, Pres. 21 . Langham f23:-8~-Wa lker,

TONYA HOWARD King's Men ·' , ' . '}· f! 6. TONYA HOWARD...Phi Delta; Bible and Pre-Nursing major; Big Sisters; Bison Boosters; Dactylology; German Campaign· JOY: PETIT JEAN Royalty; lntramurals 146 I PETIT JEAN QUEEN 'WHO'S WHO

t I fteQlle~•adb~Ceart are (left &o 197J-74 SpringBanquet ~THE BEGINNif\JG,, reignS as Petit Jean Queen maJor from Clyde, Tex ebairmanof JOY, and a member of Phi Delta social club. Sbe plans to enter nursing school this fall The student body chose Mis Howard from among the queens of all men's social clubs. Run– ners-up were Beverly Choate, queen of TNT. and Beth Rich– mond, queen of Sub-T. This year's Petit Jean was dedicated to Robert Helsten associate professor of Bible. In presenting Helstenwitha copy of the book, editor Ken Kendall-Ball commended him for "a life of service" to Harding students Honor students for 1974 were Emily Bahler. a psychology major from Oregon, Mo., and Barry Blackburn, a Bible major from Florence, Ala Recipient of the Regina Sptn Award was SA. prestdent, M Justus, a senior pre-med ma1o from Little Rock The '74 Petit Jean 1s center around this year's fiftieth niversary celebration Besides its new quality pape one of the most distinct!\' feature; of the Petit J xtensive student life

THE CONSTITUTION OF KING'S MEN SOCIAL CLUB (Revised 1975) Harding College Searcy, Arkansas Article r- The Aims and Purposes of King's Men Social Club IT shall be the chief aim and purpose of King's Men social club to promote Christian ideals and principles. In all activities each member shall p u t God first, others second, himself last. we will function as Christian brothers, working together to present a proper example of t h e Christi a n life in both word and deed, in– volving ourselves i n t h e promo t ion of a better Harding, better nation, better wor ld , tha t we might develop spiritually, mentally, physically and in Chr i st i an love for God and our fellow man. Article II - Member s hip Section I Me mbershi p in King's Men i s open to any male student of Ha r d ing College in good standing who uphold s t he aims and purposes stated in th i5 constitution. Section II Membership shall be effective when s u c h a student has met t h e requirements set forth in this constitution and the offi– c i a l club pledgebook. Section III Active membership shall consist of those who are en– rolled as students at Harding College, who hav e declared themselves activ e and who are in compliance with club regulation~. Art i c l e III - Officers and Queen Sect i on I Officers of King's Men shall consist Vi ce-Pres i dent , Secretary-Historian, Treasurer, and De vot i onal Chairman. Sec t ion II Presid ent and Vice-Presi d ent mus t be juniors in status during their terms of o ff ice. tions a r e p laced upon the othe r off i cers . of the President, Parliamentarian, at least college No such restricSection III The c l ub Queen mu s t be at least a college junior in s~atus while serving a s Queen a n d of such a character as exempli– f7es and upholds the aims and princ i ples stated in this constitu– tlon. S~ction IV Tenure for all officers and queens is one year, begin– nlng June lst after elections and ending May 31st of following year. No person may serve in the same office two consecutive full terms.

Kings Me.n win E.. .fF.ISfT- ...., on the Homecoming parade theme of "A Dream · .. · TNe.~-tcilll'l _,. udOEGE social clubs concoted a giant wedding . •ta tiff w.e.*-m ef m•ny Harding coeds - winning a husband. The idea • !117 tileeyeof tile;......, who awarded the float first prize. (.Photo by Mike VOLUME 50, NUMBER 21 Twenty-six clubs participa Spring Sin Spring Sing curtains will draw for the first performance tonight at 8:30. Dr. Jack Ryan, chairman of theSpringSingcommittee, has "every expectation for the club competition, with the great , variety to have a successful program." Sixteen skits will be staged by 26 social clubs in this second annual show. "Enthusiasm and excitement this year far sur– passes last year's, primarily becaa.e it's now an established "R 'd ..-ogram, yan sat . ·Uege··arid King's Alert wiH lftSeDt ''Songsof theSouth,'' Ju GoJu and Galaxywill stage "Bee " and Tri-8igs' theme will t– velin'." andTNT-·· .,.

t 111EHARDI G BISO , Seare , rk. Kingsmen take - ' 6 mEHARDI G BISON, Searcy, Ark. small club title ...... : for seCOr1(J~ear./ Sub-T 16meets Mohicans for large crown • ~ t l I~ 111EHARDINGBISON, Searcy, Ark. 7 ._. , Kingsmen, Mohawks -...-.--~ ~ NovemberS, 1974 ~ capture club crowns I Kiftg's Melt became the first small elub in ~~~ji r~Jiii3~ finish the season undefeated Since their formation as a club last year, the King's Men have ,~r ~ ,\ not los&a game. (co~«cT•o~: I ~.DIS "/

KINGS MEN I \915 WoMCK'-, Jont • Maryland Ht~hts, Mo REZ. V.P. 4 Tr s Pr ~ 4 HIS AKT, l ARRY Cull n, Al •bl l<tng, M n3 4

BOWERS, JAMES. Conwoy, AI. 81ble. Kings Men 4. DANIU, MICHAU. louisville, KY. Special Education. • 1 ' LANGHAM, SCOn. Bay Minette, Al. Physical Education. King' 5 Men 3. 4 ,f<ING'S Krea Atterberrv I . , . • . "JI N - . ..,. - i!!illl!!!_ • 9 ~ Outstandina Kino 's tlan Hay\•lard, Ca lifor nia Emerson, Gordon , . Femandex, Fiord . .. · Memphis, TN . . Groves, TX GaUaher., Ross . . . . . . . Pensacola. Fl Howard, Zane . . . . . . . . . . . • Baird, TX Hu,ghes, Tim . . . . . . . . . . Houston, TX Jones, Gary . . .. . ...... Roger5,AR linlmel, David . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Albia, lA ....... In its second year. Kings ~len grew and became active in serYing the Harding communitY. Thev held de\'otionals with ~ """ . ~ ... other clubs on campus. conducted worship sen·ices at Rosebud. Letona. and other small congregations. painted Searc,·'s trash cans. and supported Camp Shiloh financially. In spons competition. Kings Men took first place in small club football. Kings Men. along with their newly elected sister club. Oege. presented .a Spring Sing presentation entitled ··songs of the South... '-' '<' 1111 David Ransom– Little Rock, Ark. GilBERT, VAN. Gadsden, Al. Bibl~ LINCOLN, MICHAEL. Mobile, AL. Bible. Transfer from Alaboma Christian College. King' s Men 3, 4; Who' s Who 4: Bison Bond 3; Chorale 31 Student Association 4; Timothy Club 3, 4; Omicron Delta 4: lntromurols 3, 4. Brasher, Michael Brown, Jaek . Buterbaugh, Thomas Carbaugh, Richard Chism, Stanley .. Canard, Roy Di1on, John .... Sulphur , LA Ellenwood , G~ Indiana, PA Marathon, FL . . . . . . . . Houston, TX . . . Hickory Ridge, AR Brenton, AL Lone, Lorry . . . . . . . . Worner Robins. GA Lewis, Jeff . . . . . . . . . St. Louis, MO 1 /1..0_./!_Kevil\ . ...... . .,,~, Fi rCl:larl le Coil} ~lcs . . R1ck Stan t on not Billy Walker avail . Moorer, Conrad . . . . . . . Selma, Al Mums, Randy .......... Vero Beoch.-FL Non, Jerome . . . . . . . . . . Crestview Fl . - .. - . Stewart, James . . . . . . . . Harrison AR . ~ ....__ - -~ Stilwell, Charles Warren Ml . - -_ ..... _, Visollif, William . . . . Jocks_on Heights t.fY ~ ......... - ~- - - - - Woodroof, Tim . . . . . . . . . . . . Searcy, AR rlast thou not known? hast t'"lou not hea rd , that the everlasting God , the Lord , the Creator of the ends of th earth , fainteth not , neithe r i s wea ry? The re is no searching of His understanding . He giveth power to the faint; and to them that ha e no might he i ncreaseth strength . Even the youths shal I faint and be weary, an the young men shal I utter .. fal I : But they that wait upon the Lord shal I renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles ; they sha l 1 run , and not be weary ; and they shal I walk, and not faint. Twelve King ' s f\1en 'retu rned t o we lcome The 1974- 75 schoo l year, ou r second in existance . Shortly before pledge week most of these met to vote bet ween th ·ree poss i b i I it i es "or a sister c I ub . The re– sult w.e:s the union of King ' s 1en '" i th OEGE , a women ' s club cha·rte red in 1948 1 which had never had a bro– ther c I ub prev– i ous .I y . t'-1ay v1e have a long , happy and spir– i tua I ty reward_, i rtg I i fe together . - Isaiah 40:28- 31 1. Reden 2. Hafer 3. Pigg 4. Warren 5. Shock 7. Hannah 8. Foley 9. Roberts 10. Link 11. Frasier 12. Reese 13. Adams 14. Kathey 15. McFarlin 16. Davis 17. Close 18. Langford 19. Sanders 20. Gregory 21. Hue~· .22. Warren 33. Wells 24, Stout 25. Tipps 26. Perktns 27. Hughes 28. Burch 29. Thompson 30. Gibson 31. Kuhn 32. Johns 33. Peterson 34. Hiteman 35. Cline 36. Gardner 37. Mavo 38. DelL Beau 39. Morns

3 I A A

Officers President - Chuck Heaton Vice- President – fat I - Larry Whisenant . Chuck St i I Iwe I I spr1ng - Secretary - Ross Gallaher Treasurer - Kreg Atterberry ~~Par~ i - amentarian - Chrmn . - Sta 1. B. Nall2. . Carrigan 3. M. Brasher 4. R. Storey 5. N. Cochran, queen 6. D. Bland 7 . B. Dixon 8. C. Heaton 9. S. Courson 10. Visalli 11 . F. Fernandez 12. S. Brown 13. L. Lane 14. G. Jones 15. S. Chism 16. K. Monk 17. M. Vyborny 18. V. Gibbs 19. B. McClarty 20. K. Kelley 21 . R. Gallaher 22. J . lindsey 23. B. Weaver 24. J. McDonough 25 B. Garrett 26. D. Babb 7:7. D. Kimmel 28. D. Dixon 29. D. Ransom 30. T . Buter– baugh 31 . K. Atterberry 32. E. Conner 33. C. Moorer 34. G. Studebaker 35. E. White, sponsor . Mears, Ml Rogers, AR un () V4u~ ttO Paragould, AR Joe son Hts., NY Searcy, AR CCP CARBAUGH, ICHAIO. Mar'• from Alabomo Christian Coli e. King's Bas boll 3, 4; Intramural 3, 4. Alpha HIATO , CHA US E. T , • Bible Transf r fr m artheost rn State Coli . King' M n 4; lntr murals 3,4 · Gv tic Assi t nt 4 LA E, lARRY. r r R ins, GA. Accounting. Ktng' s Men 1, 2, 3, OORER, CONRAD. , l . Social Sci nee. Transf r from Alabama Christian Coli . King's M n 3 4. NAU, ENJif. St. Cr stv" w, fl. B1bte and Psychology Transf r from Alabama Christian Coli ge. King's Men 3 4; Bison Band 3 KH– CA Stoff 3, 4; lntramurals 3, 4, Basketball All-Star 3 Baseball 11Star 3, 4. Assistant Prof ssor English GARRfll1 ROURT. Salisburg, Jiode ia. Biology.

coca-Cola can Can, OEGE and K ing' s Men, 1976 --~ - Coca-Cola Can Can Oege & King's Men . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tim Woodroof D., Sue Foley D, Jeannie Cole A ~ Jlt Carla Ada~ Ron Adams .Donnette Alexander Karen Arnold Kreg Atterberry ,Mark Brasher Rick Carbaugh Della Close Eugene Conner Ma~·· C Bra: ~W-iion Flo ~ lt'.-rmande Di .,. Sue Della Close - Cosbiifes 1st runner-up Teresa Craven - Choreography- 1st place JHym Owens :Piltty Parker Sandy Riley Jeraine Root ' Debbie Shock Edy Smart Kim Stacy Debbie Stewart Chuck Stillwell GreQ= IS B ·~!i fi ~ Alllll rij~II/Rilllmh. Am[~tll~. ~~i~w~;~!1! p1 .tl llll(\llll tt•. -· N ~ • !leDI wlt.h aevea other aroupa, gave a rldar Dl&b& for the Development Council -- •••llea&a aad vlaltora who were unable to ...... ._reeeauy .. ,. ~ ~

Ed White as~ustant professor of Engh h. was chosm b\ the semor cia for dt'drcatron of the • '76 Petit .It-an, and ~t·mor ROC\ Cochran \\8!1: ('hOS('O ~ the t;etit Jean Queen for thrs ear w t • spen90I' for Km~ Mensocral club. 1~ on th<' boardof LheSearcyOptJmtst club. andhas w rked rnam times with thE" Red eros bloocf drne on campus Kim Moss. ass1stant ed•t.or, pre ented him \\ itll th~ f1_rst }carbook at ded!catwn ceremonies ) esterday m the main auditorium Mi~s Cochran \\as the nommation of Kmgs Men Socml Club. he is a specwl educ tt ton major from Hobbs. New .Mextco, and served as tud~nt A ociation secretary thi. yc4 r . 1 Queen's court included 1\h~ s Linda McClurg from pringfieJd. Mo., and .MLs Joyce Hichardson of Little Rock Miss McClurg, an elementary education major repre ented Theta Tau I_clta . M1ss Richardson. a busmess management major. was Sub-T's representative . 1\liss .Mona Smelser Honors eciitor. pre~ented Miss Cochran with roo r e . Mter the introductjon of the 1976 Petit Jean staff by Editor Andr a Mannen, tudent Life editor Tom Buterbaugh unveiled th gmnt rephca of the co' r, \\hich th1s year sported national colors in recognition of the Bicentennial celebration. The embossed cover featured a navy blue picture panel surrounded t>y red and blue !inework and the 76 symbol in stars and stri~s. the Petit Jean name appeared in navy below the '76. \ssistant professor of English gd Whitt•, to whom the l'«'tit Jt•an wus dt·dk:•tMl. accepts the first l!l76yt•arbook from t•ditm· Andn·a Mann..n. St·nior Nancy Cochran watt chosen as Petit J• an Quct•n fol' thit; yt•ar.

In their third year of existance. King's Men set as their goal new he.ights of spiritual development and c.loser tello"vship among members and their sisters in OEGE. Various events beginning with a float trip early in the fall. collecting funds for the Retarded Children's Drive. conducting church services, and participating in the S.A. Toy and Dolly Drive fiiJed the vear. Second semester .members began meeting weekly in sma11 ~'life groups :· From the time we are small children, we find those whom we look to as examples. These ohero figures" capture our ·espect, love, admiration, and devotion . We carry these feelings even to adulthood for those strong personalities who effect our lives. One such figure in the lives of many Harding students is Mr. Ed White. Mr. White, in addition to serving the students as English professor, is an active sponsor of Kings Men Social Club. An avid sports fan, he plays intramurals and serves on the athletic committee. In the community, Mr. White ts on the board of the Searcy Optimist Club. He has donated eight gallons ofblood to the Red Cross. He ,and his wife Evelyn have three children. It is the privilege of the Senior Class to dedicate the 1976 Petit an to Mr. Ed Whit~.

l But speaking the Truth in .Love, \\'e are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, heing fitted and held together by that \ every joint suppli.t's. acl"Ol~linr to the proper working of each individual part, causes the Rrowth ")f the body for the building up of itself in Love. Eph<.'~inn~'

PRESIDENT' Kl NG' S M[ N In th f pr my If pr 1n~ of 1 g Kr cg Att rb rt y, B I I I V !5;a I I i 1nd mye If tan for th 0 ff i i d nt of King' M n. Out of th i I ct I on m an opportunity to d v 1op nd om forty o1h r guy pit i 1ua I I y, motiona I I y, phy i ca I I y, nnd ) i 11y. The m n 0 tl i d m w r B r' j 1 N I I (Vic -f r s.), Ken K I I y <fr a . ) , Bruc } ...-.~t-~.n Adams (Devo. Ch r mn. ) , and Ri I I Vi Sa I I i (Par I • ) . <Sec. , Mel 1r 1y Our activities ranqed from th sub I ime to the ridiculou .. We were su e ful in ways and yet w fai 1 d in other . For the first t1me in our c lub' hisiory ::nconducted our rou~h night activities overnight ~t Camp Takodah. It wa) tremen– dously successful because it gav us a chance to r1d ourselve of alI barriers and t unite as a stronq club should. My on ly regret was a hike in which ,orne of our pledges were led blind-folded to the edge ~fa bluff. The dang7r of them fdl1inq wasp rhaps minimized by two escorts but 1t added two gray hatrs to my young scalp. Our sports competition was great in that we had a lot of team unity. We l acked the spiritual emphasis we needed but over alI we competed very successfully. Our greatest honor came with the second title in Spr ing Sing with "Devi I 's and AnQels" under Tim Woodroof direction. One of the greatest challenges our club encountered was the campaign over spring break. We went from a smal I country town with a few Christians to a university city with several hundred Christians. We went to Athens, Ohio and worked with the Blackburn Hi I I Church of Christ. Ed White, our sponsor, conducted the meet– ing and Wirt Cook was the minister. Having over 100 studies, 90 cal I backs and 90 correspondence courses amazed us and we were alI enr i ched by the experience. My only regret is that we worked ourselves to death with I ittle time for rest and reI a at ion. Our banquet was held at the Hoi iday Inn in Jacksonvi I le, Ark. and was considered by alI a success. Our theme was "The Royal Flush" and we enjoyed that program with about 120 people. Of our strengths in the years 76-77 I would place club unity and pride high on the list. Of our weaknesses I would place our lackofspiritual emphasis at the top. Over all a tremendous year with much to be proud about.

,q/Jett:t ,fean~ W'loyal~y


'For the Love of Angels ' The \\eep take trophy and first place prize of $200 each to EGE and King's 'len social clubs wa awar~ed last Saturday ·ght to the clubs for their pring Sing production ••For the Loy( of Ang 1 .' Their performance ~lso "on three of the four m– ·, idual categories; theme, mus1c and choreography. RND Begtnning the year w1th a skating party, Kmg's Men invited the1r Sister club, OEGE, to JOin in the fun. The two clubs also worked on Spring Stng together and gave th ir production the theme, "Dev1ls and Angels " Besides being active in the usual sports, King's Men also took time out for sw1mming and track and field intramurals. Their B team tn football worked hard to captLt re second place whtle their p team took the championship 10. ~olleyball. The club's spring banquet was held at the Holiday 1nn at Jacksonville tn the appropriately named Ktng's Inn. As a special service project , the members visited their "foster parents" each week and presented the couple with a lamp for their home at Christmas. The club took time out to take dates to Camp Tahkodah on an all day excurston in March. The day was ended by the officers serving the guests a formal dinner. During spring break, King's Men went on campatgns to Atben~ Qhio, to help spread the ggspeJ ~---..~.,...._..~~-----~----...,_-- OEGE Helping in blood drives on campus as tne1r service proJect, mefnbers o{ Oegt continued to be bus}' thrcHICJhout the year. A hay ride among members allowed the club to be drawn together in fellowship. W ith brother club, King's Men, t he club members enjoyed a skat ing party and numerous devotionals. They participated in softball , volleyball, speedball, flag football and basketball. ~~Devils and Angels" served as the Spring Sing production. 1. Shock2. Sm~he3. ~4. KuhnS. Alexander G. F~~. Gilberts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Manners 9. M Cox 10 Kellum 11 . Ratliff 12. Deacon 13. Sanders 14 Rvot 15. B. Cox 16. May 17. Stacy 18. Pcsrker 19 Owens 20. Foley 21 S•mmons 22 Mitchell 23. McDougle 24 Lapp 25. Rummell 26. Perkms 27 Flem1ng 28. Platy 29 lovell 30. Brooks 31 Guthrie 32. P•gg 33 G1bson 34 Hutson 35. Smart 36 G1les 37 Dnskell 38. H1teman 39 • Langford.

res . Tr es. Jones, Gary .................. Rogers, AR Mclarty, Bruce ...........•.. Memphis, TN ,Bill Devo • Char. Kelley, Kenneth . . ......... Son Antonio, TX [Adams, Donald ............ Ellwood City, PA . ~\ fDurhom, Mit; hell Of !fl£ YEilR - -- .. Conner, lugene . ~~~bb j 1 \1lltC~ . 1!ing'5 ~en 76-77 'R 0 yA L F\ \IS H ciJ , 1 .,

1. Kelly 2. Atterberry 3. Conner 4. Fish 5. D. Hudson 6. Clay 7. Hicks 8. Mclarty 9. Woodroof 10. Sears 11. Gentry 12. Cloninger 13. Johnson 14. Barnes 15. Sherrill 16. Durham 17. Nail 18. 1). Adams 19. Jensen 20. M. Hudson 21. Nordstrom 22. White, sponsor 23. Visalli 24.Moorer 25. Walker 26. Hurtt 27. Fernandez 28. McDonough 29. Ailey30. Mike Brasher~. 1. Emer.son '32. Winnett 33. Studebaker 34. Solomon 35. Clemen.t 36. Lindsey 37. Markr rasher 38. Gilliam 39. Tankersley 40. Brandon 41. Garrett 42. Symanowitz43. Collje . Lane45. Cochran46. Hunt 47. Kimmel48. Jones 49. Babb 50. Gallah_ev 51. ft Adem.a 62. p..._ --:.:.....~- ~ - -- - ~- - EdwwdWhite, MA Assistant Professor 1 English LANE, LAR~Y. STILWELL, CHARLES. Spon:~ sor:s.

. . •

pi V 1 kenneth kelley, Son Antonio, TX /n ! s I . . ·. ·. t . r ! I I .... ·~ . . I c r . ,. ~·-' e ~- ~~- ' eiiiii!L' ~..... c. -Pres. GARY JONES. Searcy, AR. Bible and Journalism. King' s Men 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3.4 Doug Hud•on, Waynesboro, VA ,– r e. s~ f1 Q r I. lugene Conner, Millington, TN ) (~ \.~) I \ . ' . ..... ROSS GAllAHER. Pensacola, Fl. BRUCE McLARTY. Memphis, TN. I BILL VISALLI. New York , NY D • (hta~

PRES I DENT's H1STORY, K :1 NG' S MEN 1977- 1978 by Gary Jones In the last c lub meeti~ g o f the 1977 _spring semes t er King ' s Men t ook unpre– cedented action in re-el ecting me as pres i dent . The door wa~ opened for any can– didate to run again but ~as done so very.careful ly . Any act1~n foll owing t his dent should be considered very cauti ous ly because a president wie lds a gr t prece . 1 d f h. . ea deal of influence and untess the r e 1s a rea nee or sue act1on it mi ght best be avoided. . . . Fellow officers we re : Ken Ke ll y (VIce- Pres . ) , Mark Brasher (Sec . ) , Doug Hudson (Treas .) , Kr~eg At t e rber ry (Devo . Ch rmn . ) , and Eugene Connor (Par :1 • ) • Queen also for the second consecuti ve year wa s Betty "Twi ggy " Hiteman . Sponsors were Ed White and Chuck Hic ks; Athleti c Direct o r- Benjie Nal I; Sp r ing Sing Director _ Tim Woodrqo f. Of our greatest accomplishments was a good vot i ng system for new members coming in. It is based almost e xclusivel y on the pa rti c i pat ion of t he prospec– t ive members. They are given a I ist of members an d t o ld t hat the more t hey see the more chance they have of getting in. In our voti ng we stood by th is standa~d and each member was given a I ist of the prospecti ve members . We discus sed each one wi th reference to their participation. Each membe r was allowed a ce rtain number of votes and he circled those he voted for and t hey we r e counted. This gave us our basic number and we then considered a few mo r e t o meet our predeter– mined maximum - if any others were wanted. Our votin g lasted only a couple of hours wh ich is the best time ever for elections. I would h i ghly recommend its use in the future. It provides a neutral voting system that p l aces t he burden on the prospective members. Our rationale was this: If we want above al I else to have our members active then why not make that the test fo r new membe rs? Our pledge week was, once again, very successful and was devel oped over about a s ix week period. A committee was composed of radical an d con servat ives that really proposed a well balanced week. The regret that I ha ve is in t he degree of "roughness" on rough night. I think the amount of "roughne ss" shou ld be more c1 ose ly regulated. To bring our club closer the Executive Counci I planned an "a l l night stag out ing". I thin k this really helped and would recommend it highl y as an annual ~v~n t. Other outings we had included a canoe trip, a Chri stman party, and a vis– Iting party with Jack and Maime Watts. . Sports, once again, provided sources of unifi cati on and our spi r i tual emphaSIS was greatly imporved by prayersateve ry pr acti ce and every game . I highly commend Benjie Nal I for this. "' .spring Sing wa s won for a THIRD time by Kin g ' s Men and OEGE wi t h the theme ·.lltu s 1 ca t Notes " under Tim Woodroof's directi on. It i s a cant i nua I source of ctoseness fo r t he two c lub s and should al ways be seen from tha t perspective. Our banque t .got even bette r thi s yea r as we had the theme of "W i Id West Round Up " ·w · · · · ~ · e enJoyed tht s at the An de r son ' s Res t aurant in Beebe . . O~r sp r ing b rea k campai gn proved to be a fab ul ous s'uccess un der the able d t rectt on of Greg St udebake r. It was he l d i n Way nes boro , Virg i nia where Doug an d Ma r k Hudson we re memb e rs . Our st~e ngths in c luded s pir i tua l emphas i s and de legati on of authority. Our weaknesses Inc luded a lack o f c l ub sp i r it and some ap athy among members . r~ (kr :st Our • "

1. OEGE. Front Row: Arnold, King, Embry, Beeson, lovell, Giles, Hutson, Hazel, Moore. Second Row: Root, Platz, Rummell, Smith, Beggs, Willis, L:ee, Gilbert, Bandy, B. Cox, lowe, Hiteman, Woolard, Roberts, Nail, Sanders, Mitchell, Deacon, Estes. Third Row: Warren, BroOks, Fleming. Guthrie, Simmons. Back Row: Foley, Fisher, Erskin, Bender, Driskell, Martin, Caplener, McDougle, Ball. Owens, Holland, Ratliff, M. Co\, Duncan. 2. KING'S MEN QUEEN. Twiggy Hiteman. 3. KING'S MEN. Front Row: R. Adams, Sawyer, M. Hudson. Second Row: White-sponsor, Clay, Riley, Tankersley, Medders, Johnson, Sherrill, Albers, Brandon, Tibbals, Hensley, Coggins, --~=--~ Pettey, VanZant, Conner, D. Adams, Kimmel , D. Hudson. Third Row: Hunt, Jones, Danner, lindsey, Mclarty, Jeffers, Durgin, Nordstrom, Buce. Back Row: Hurt, Cloninger, Cantrell, Symanowitz, Frazier, Nail, Durham, Kelley, Keel, A«erberrv, Jensen, Brasher, McCorkle. OEGE .. 1n1s year tne proJect was d program set up to visit Jack and Marne Watts, the club' s ''foster parents" who live at Letona . King's Men also played most club sports. This enabled each member to contribute his talents to the benefit of the team. Spring Sing champs two years in a row

Although he 1s no n w o th'" stage Ttm IS makrng h1s f1rst app aranc. as a Sprrng Sm' host H s rved as dtrect r of last year's sweepstakes wrnn r Coca-Cola Can Can rn mber of the Ttm of Day for th past t~o \' ars T1m IS n accomplished gUttdrrst and banJO p1d r He IS a ' 1ormg m psycholom and an ac I've mPmber o · M n octal club H IS from S arcy l tt 0 GE andKing' Men

TAKE NOTE- The sweepstakes-winning King's Men . perform "Take Note" at the fifth annual Spring Sin a~: OE~E soc,tal clubs last week. The group was awarded the overall trophgy ~t Harding Saturday night for the third consecutive year and received s!o~~osmg show on 12~ _4Mtt I! : ~ 'I i: m . . James_Timothywoodrool J_ ~~ ~ f f f Ttm ts maktng hts second appearance as S avmg befl' erflo\\ houses at • 1978 host. He directed last year's sweepstak a pnn~ . s • s ITh Lo , es v.mne; ~ evemng an two matmee P.erpring mg . e. ve of Angel~. A fo:mer memberofTime f ances a cast of 700 Ha amg Ttm ts an accomphshed gmtarist and banJ·op' k 'h ~ · ICei stu ents \\-elcomed th~ ne~ .season ~1t : '3 '4 b a se~tor psychology major and a member ofKing's the fifth annual Sprmg Smg mustcal : _!j .I _!j -- He ts the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Woodroon ptdduction. In addition to the judgmg. clubs were evalu separate categories of theme, music choreography and For the third consecutive year OEGE and King's Men social club· W01l sweepstakes awards. Their per formance ''Take Note," featured at electronically-wired backdrop in tht form of a musical staff. Notes on th< backdrop illuminated in time "itb th( mUSIC. The participants dressed ru mustcal notes in black satin tails lined n sequins. As overal winners, the EGE and King's Men perfonn · brother-sister club received $400 and Greta Gilbert and Ron A_d-=-an=l=s--=-o.:....:f ;::;O=.--::==::::-::-::::::::=:= the Spring Sing trophy, presented by President Clifton Ganus Jr. ' 'Take Note' also took first place honors in threecategories including theme and choreography

~ ...... ~ ...... ~ ..... = 0 QJ ~ v:;. ~ ,... 0.0 ~ = ·- ' ~ ~ ' .... .Q .... __._.

-- I• _ _ --.- p r e 5, v I c e - o~~~:~n•wn, Jacob • W. Milwaukee. WI ... - ...... Pres, s e C, 7S~7 Clay, Randy • Conway . AR I r ~ S. Durgin, Albert • Augusto, ME IUGINI CONNER • Millington, TN. - ldward White, MA tu...oflolc Proft·~~or fn!Jlrth f A r 0 ~ u o. c J. One1do TN ~ r, ,'Hudson, Mark E. • Waynesboro, VA ca . /(1;VG~~ fl/}jl) - Harding, Stan • Glenwood, AR 0-F THE YEll!? Xing's Men 2. KING'S MEN. 1. Kelley 2. Phillips 3 . Johnson 4 . Pettey 5. Tibbals 6 Spillman 7. Hunt 8 . Keel 9 . Harding 10. Conolty 11. Can trell 12. Hensley 13. Conner 14. Hudson 15 . Meyer 16 Norwood 17. G1bbs 18. Jensen 19. Jeppers 20. Lott 21. Cloninger 22. Ta,kersley 23. Durgin 24. Clay 25 Harrington 26. Durl~an, 27 Sawyer 28. Duff 30 Kelley :n . Albers 32 McCorkle 33. Adums 34 . llid:s 2 sponsor ::JS.-Lindsey 3 37. Bong 38. Riley 39. Coggins 40. Loftin 41 Williams 42. Buce 43 Jones 44 . Surnmer~ 45. North 46. Mid: 47. Brown 48. Manley 49. Webb 50. Danner 51 . Price 52 Thompson 53. Studebaker 54 , Nail . 3. OF– FICERS AND QUEEN. Euge ne Conner·pre~rdent, Bmbilro f.fattin queen, AI Durg111-treasurer, f<l'lndv Clay -secretary. Sfonso rs . BARBARA MARTIN • Ho,., AI. Qu. ,e.<=-n ·' • l~roohi•. A t

~ J I :.II' 1 OFFICERS AND BEAUX. Front row Tad Danner, Mark Brasher, Daurd Perkins, Benjie Nail-beaux. Back row: Becky Cox:-uice-president. Donna May-secretary, Tammy Ratliff– presrdent, Connie Caplener-treasurer. 2. OEGE. 1. Ball 2. Lori Duncan 3 . Robinson 4: Holland 5. Cox 6. Lan– dry 7. Jackson 8 . McDougle 9. Caplener 10 Martin 11. Lisa Duncan 12 Moody 13 Smith 14. L. Deacon 15 Beggs 16. Hutson 17. Cole 18. Lane 19 Westmoreland 20. Crabb 21 West 22. Dauis 23. Louell 24 Robbins 25 Lapp 26. J. Deacon 27. May 28 Ratliff 29. Dauis 30. Bristow 31 Nail 32. Szczerba 33. Sabo 34. Hazel 35. Beeson 36. Erskin. 3. OEGE beau Tad Danner, none too sympathetically, reads the last rites to a student preparing to donate blood, while Jeannie Istre looks on. \

¢&ug<2nQ <ronnQr Eugene Conner feels that throuyh his activities at Harding, he has gained "a more spirit-filled life, quality education and friends for eternity.'' Eugene, an ac– C<)unting major from Millington, Ten nessee, served on the Spiritual Life Committee and the College Church Worship Committee. He attained academic recognition by being inducted into Alpha Chi honor society . Conner was president of King's Men social club and of Delta Mu Delta business honor organization . He was a member of Pi Gamma Psi, and participated in Spring Break Campaigns and Campus Singers.

)V))llJI to the MIXER "" -- 1 by Ron Nor\\ ood The ' 'Cinderella" Chi Sigs "A" team leaped, dove and finally fell against an experienced Alpha Tau squad last Friday night in the final game of the large club softball tournament. Sparkedby a two-run single by David Isenberg, Chi Sigs climbee on top, 3-o, in the.first. Alpha Tau came storming back to tie the game in the bottom half of the inning on the strength of Tim King's home run blast. WithAlpha Tau ahead4-3 in the third, Chi Sigs' Steve Bible ripped a single to right center field to drive home two rWlS Tom Alexander followed with a triple to up their lead to 6-4. Afw Ralph Rowand's two-out --r--- . ., ---· tom of the third which cut the and the championship. .J lead to one, Don Skinner singled Small Club IV~ iYl 1-0tvv home Brent Taylor in the fourth Matt Johnson shut down ~ )!a to knot the game up at six apiece. Knights• hitting attack as King _d..- • ~ 7Ji.l $, 1 Then, in the fifth inning, the Men rolled to a 1o-o win and th .7/UV men in orange took charge. Jon small club "A" team title las .;.-, Norried's pop-up to left center week. /) Ltf C: l):...fL 1~U A was dropped, allowing Kevin With a 1..() lead in the third, fl·<.r Largent to score from first base. Darrell Webb led off with a _v/, A ..,. ~1 AL'1&1kl Rowand's sacrifice fly brought single. Larry Belt singled, but a 7~ £M.A... /V'r- -~ . Norried in to give them a two-rWl series of throwing allowed ~~ _v1 lead. Webb to score and Belt to go to ~ ~ tift 7 ttR..J./u Chi Sigs failed to score in the third base and then score on V"vfJ. p· sixth, but came back to life in the Johnson's fly out After Al Durgin _jJ •. · ~A , 1 tlt final inning. With Mike Rivas on lashed a triple down tN:r~tbale (;Ll,A/ IV<;;' {,11/ third and Isenberg at second, line, DanCuttsdrove himmwttb u/ {! Tim Spencer sacrificed to pull · g1 to right /1 /i _ the men m blue closer. But after a ~fe~e donunated Wltil tbe VVP Bible was intentionally walked, seventh when themenmblueaad · A IJ / A-1-' ;J Alexander grounded out and gold exploded for six runs U. 1/f<.., ~1l 'vt,;'" tbe ~·ton' -

• • tnas Mar~ ,s,.~shtr -Sp(\;, t .s totJvJ t'he so"l -•f\ ... A" ~..." ~-oot \?41/ e..n K;~·s .~ic.o of-the yrqr .~ k~/fh kel/!y Roo~ I eo+- ·f'he Yectr Robert '/v.l~5 Ateurn- WOI\ Sottba.IJ Won llolky pc.t/ ~nd Fco+ /;qII .)ncJ -A J I S(:or-1S lS i-e4~ - L_)u() Vol~fbtt I( J·rcs . -,; l - ~ ... &, L J \ • -" '- .l r < ~ r ..,..., .,.,, "' . ,., . ... .. - .., . / l - .. < _ _.,._u, , ... rc:-tr . 1 "~"' """" . ..._ . • L.~ ~l".. Zl,...r I1, '1 ]),. .,.. 1 , - ., d.l • (,r ... P 1 .lrt-t t+~ . R ,.., t ' ·1 ~..-.l . D1r ~ 0 .... (' 1' v ;1 .j. • ..- 1.> (? ~-, . J J r C"' ' .l L • •.J''L • Br :i [ll1 Arr1C.' ld D- n r 4 )·"'·c.,... UJ .rlC1 -. \, Ky1 e Ee::.ty L:;.r ry 1?~1 t W..•J2yne Bettis Jeff B-Jddy p') t fJyd itf1o.rk P,rash er D~vid Cc-rlin Chris Cii :tr. Dan Cutt~ r•na<r"'-' D-. ... 1· r. • ' L C-. \ t.. ' I I\~. t t Fl ~ n ·: r::u Sc~tt 0..il8s P. J ' · c ..... + r ..... ,.. n r 1 c z .\ L. J.."" •LJJ,._.l~- ' -~d"'/ !~..rl;er: """'"' t:~ 'tT ,. .,...d_.;.,... ~ - - •C ~ - • •c Ei.1: :Iu t':'~1c::s r:a r\: J:~e ~.Tef!' Klel.~ L~n Z'1 J')nec J ,.... Y'l- +"h ~. ~ l'T.: e ,.... .J.,... ~ ,_L ._/ ... .. ~ --'•• " • • .,.L '- L'._ ......, J.F.. F _,_, ~i l m .... :>r ~_1 J r-')--v,.... .. , r" f l>'l-.,1 .J . . ...... , ~ l ... v r~~, c ,~ (1\rc l~ ~:, . J l v:l· , , e 1'>-:~ ~- + (:. -rQr) '< .a r\,. ..... , .... v ..J -- ....., _ .. .. DouC Pl!i 11i.p ::.~ r""c +':"l· ' ,J ""' I.-' .J ' v c;;.J ~ ... .. • r . .., "l' • -,..., v- .: "' """ ~ ""~ '- 1 l. - { . - o • • o ,l_ L # '-' • • 10 t ;-; ~~ t- ;-.· ::_ = t . J:-:..~ : c 3t~'::=:.r · Pc.~ul :r:er1 _,d ."' • , r• • -'-, ..Jl1."•: ~:!:lv!'.o. en 1;_~1: s·r.: tr.;. "' ) '"""' ,...u t + ., .,.., .L. •• l .) "'....J .. .. A .J 1.. el"'t s·.·.';'~j n m1~· '" .. ......... .;(""' -~ ~ .;.l p 1....1•• _ '-' : ... :l!.' , l .}: ·.-,' c .? \ .. l: :.~ !-- .. \ ?' ., c:- t ·"' .......... ,~ • · 4 .. ~· ..J ·•c:::..... .. - - .... ~:u: :T. ~·\; .... :) C ~rt HeJ,~ ,... .....,r'\., .. ,....,...., ...... -. • r • + 1:'4 \•' trd .•.:l ... c ~-Se-Aiors ( ,.. .... ... . ..... ~11'

CoWboys, Cowgirls Lasso Spring Sing ooord ·oator, check to be OEGE - King's Men Brian Arnold John Baldwin Lec;a Baxter (TE) Wayne Bettis Marie Bobbitt Bob Boyd Dan Cutts N1ark Davis Lori Deacon l\1att Flannigan Allen Frazier (MA) Pam Frazier (~1A) Kathy Gary Andy Harbert Stan Harding Shaun Hayes Terry Heffington Lori Hockenberry Luanne Holland Jennifer Istre ~1ark Kee Lisa Keen Kei th Kelley Kim Kirk Jeff Klein Kim Lynn (CO) tvtichelle McCoy (CH) Connie McDougle Paige Merritt Kevin Meyer Ron Norwood Mack Overton Jane Powell (CH) Sandra Reed Kelli Rowland Sheryl Scott Paul Sherrod Bob Stewart Jake Stewart Lisa Stewart Tom Sutton Joe Taylor Neil Thannisch (TE) 1oanna Watts Andy Westbrook Joan Wilson (AD) Bob Yates (D) I~

Coc.K fOctc.h StotYJP !

Clause I Clause II Clause III Clause IV - Removals Hemovnl of a mr?.l'lber. of K.i ng • s Men shall occul. <luto:n~tj< upon accu~ulat1~n of four uncxcu~ed absences per semester, or upon fa1lure to pay dues by ninth week of S•)mester. In the case of new members, removal will occur if they have not paid dues by the fifth week following their initiation .. n.emovnl moy.also be imposed by a three-fourths m<ljority vote of act~ve merrtbers on grounds of extreme violation of Hardin9 C:ollceje rules or of King's Men principles. Removed members may be reinstated after a minimum per– iod of five weeks, by a vote of active members on the same basis as for new members, as specified in Article VII, Section II of this constitution. hrticle XII - Removal of Officers Section I Any officer derelict in the ~ . ties of his office may Lc removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote of active merrbers. Section II Such procEedings must occur within an official club asse1nbly \yi t:b reasonable opportunit:y having been extended the offi– cer in quesJcion to make his defense. In case of proceedings against the President, the Vice-President shall preside. Ar~icle XIII - Finances Section I Dut:s wiJ 1 be of the amount set by a three-fou.cths major– lty vote of voting members at the first official meeting of each fall semester. Section II _Payment shall be due the second regular rL1eeting of eac.l1 fall and spring semester. In the case of new mejnbers, p.::tymant will be due the third weclc following their initiation. Extension of time may be granted by Executive Council in special cases. Sec~ion III Any extra Expenses at the end of the school year will be shared equally by all club rne1nbers. Article XIV - ffinendments Sec1:ion I Proposed amendments to this constitution must be posted at.le~st four days before being voted on py club. Thre~-fourth7_ maJor~ty vote of active mcrr~ers is required to · amend th~s const1 tution. Section II - Exce}.?t_i.on Clause of The Constitution . . a W1 th the exception of Art~cle I, any part of this const1tut1on m · ~ ~ be temporarily set aside by a three-fourths majority vat~ of net~\~ members in order for club to take measures it deems necessary bu~ ordinarily in conflict with this constitution . Thnt part of the constitution set aside \Yill become reactivated inunediately as temporary measure if fully accomplished.

'{ul). u. 1n '" d -to Ol4t" f•r t VY11Xer ih's T~esdo.y., Sep-r: 7, l'£~1.. You.'.r~ ().l Cf f· W\. in 13\bte welc.o.n.e -f'() Cti>me.. lo o~ devo w.~ (!)UN" !) 1 ~t"evC..luJl, o~~t.., w- gf'·th.. l.l\. ~ s t.lW\oe. f'ooW\. · S"c..n.iors: 1J4r~~ '"Bftti~ 4rr'1"'Bttt " IttV\ FTt1.-..U M4t'k He.l~s na.n Joh~~fbn N\a.~ ~~ l< . kwin. M~ ~Q~ \< Wtt1ve,r ~'·~· ! 'Do.n C"1ts \Jiu.. \\e\ . N\Q.(' \<. DAN;\ 100 Rr I. : :TO~~ ""E41~u~ t'\– Tt-w., ·. 13arr~ 131a.i "'-– ~-/ Ht<.f-. : To~T~ \Dr" Dwo. 'Dir. ~ l?obu-+ ~u • l !"\... Rlio. \die. D;r. ·. Do.('rt.ll Spon~oR~: Ed Wh4t~ 1)~~cl ~~t\SO~ ~dc~as .. ... • '

t 'luhSofthall ttoxSf'ftrH Sub·T 16 ''B Titans 12 6 10 9 Kinp Men "B" 7 TbetaTau 6 Sub-T16'~B" Titans Lambdas ...A" 4"11A a•u ''A'' 14 4 7 5 16 ChampionshipScores Big Club "A" Cham– pionship Titans over Alpha Tau 13-3 Big Club "8'' Cham– ,ionshio ..- .AlpbB 'Tau over Sub-:T 16 1~ 0 · ~ Big Club "C" Cbam– lionshif! ..... -- - Sub-T 16 over Titans 9-4 ~---~--. Kappa Sigs over Titans 11-10 pionship Lambdas ..A" Fraten Alpha Tau ..A" Sub-Tl6 Wednesday, Sept. 8 Sub-T 16 "B" ChiSigs 'TNT ..B" KappaSip w I' 'Y\~ ' , .. I i' hc.\pe~ . . ., ' \"V•\~-- · (-<\V\~~ Mev\ A 1), t ~) --· - ~ :l l-Sro~~= ! Sport~~ A: Fn,t \ Sot-tbll \- \~t I=Dot'o~\ \ - \~t \'o\\.,bCll\ - \<.af 13~ska:+~\\ -1~d ~ I~CLc\{ ..:.t 2v-ad 5pri"~ So(:·tlo<t\ \ - \~ ~ ]·. ~ s.f~~\\ • z~d ~otbo.( \ - 2.,c1 Vo\~~r.. \\ -lee\ --s"~\o.~lt .. 2.hd Spc-.~, Sot-t\,o.ll - l!>t lJ. I' M "'VI~~ ,. tn 1-ttJpS Wi~ --g lcroe112('Q.w - 1>: Voll~b~u - 1 ~ l(l~'4.1-bt\1 l - 1 1s.t E: Vo\\~\ott l\ - 1st tt~1hl~ lr-w

Previous Sweepstakes Winners 197 4 - Sailing, Sailing 1 Ko Jo Kai and Sub T-16 975- Bee Bop u Go u and Galax J979 - Ham It Up! Ju Go Ju and Galaxy 1980 - The Main Event Zeta Rho and TNT 1981 Cancel My Reservation f Regina and Chi Sigma Alpha ( 17[\ 1982 This Is A Good Place For A Stick-U Regina and Chi Sigma Alph1 '- ~~~ Reach Out And Touch Sonteone King's Men - OEGE Kni hts - Phi Delta * John Baldwin ltJulie Beeson * June Beeson • Kim Burton Brian Butterfield John Chapel (MA) Mike Clifton Denise Coggin Keith Cox Farin Crone Karen Doerr (CH) Donna Fletcher Earl Fonville (TE) • Sue Garner • Jennifer Gifford Andrea Grimm (CO ) * Shawn Hayes • Terry Heffington *Darly n Holland MTammy Howerton * Bill Hutcheson Lisa Jenkins (CH) " Charles Justus it-Mark Kee - Lisa Keen (D) Laura Kinningham )fKendall Kirk ttKim Lynn (CO) Tammie Mathis James Moores (TE) it-Ron Norwood • Mack Overton itMike Patterson Robin Peckham Lisa Philpot (TE) Shaun Pierce Ken Porter Kim Roberson Terry Sanders _. Becky Taylor Jt Neil Thannisch (TE) John Thompson (MA) Steve Walters (D) Lisa Watts Russ Wh1te Debi Wilson (D) ----- Phi Delta and Knights REACH OUT AND QEGEand King's Men · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ... .....TOUCH SOMEONE Chi Sigs andRegina won m ~ne costume competition, puttmg TNT and Zeta Rho at first run· ners-up; Galaxy and Ju G? .Ju were second runners-up 'Ihtrd runners-up were Shantih and Beta Phi Kappa t~etr medieval theme "Makmg L•ght of the Dark Ages." .a.~!Wi· ~~~ 1Delta OE

-- "JEFF 5\EVtNSorJ PRE51 DENT tJat -rHruJNisc H S£C.REl!tRY TE'RR"f MAfrn"'} i)I\VI0 JY\ AR.TI rJ DfVO DiP. f. cT,ei$ LIS~ KotLFSKI Q.UEEI'l Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. Good, better, best, never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best. . King's Men's Men. Front row D Martm, Than n1sch, Patterson, Klern D PhJIIJps Kirk Johnson-sponsor Second row Korlesk' queen. White -sponsor Froyen, Tabalu– ;an, B Ph~l11ps, Slttherlond, Mosby , J Matthews, Merritt-queen. 0 Kee. WhJt /leld. Third row· Stevenson , M Kee, Villard. Brown. Harsh, T Matthews Back row. Berger. Fraz1er, Brooks. J Martin, Beck - photo by James Me Creary. ))A\/ tD \/J ATL£Y VICe- p~fSJDErJ"f KfrJDftL J<tRK 1£fltSLLRER. ·10Dl) P~lt*t.-!Ff< rrrHif''( I)JRr-crot. PA~J G[ {V\ERRIT QU[~tv

uqdJY !q ") ~ uaJ T '.~u!)l .,.. (ju!UUI..(j!8 ~~~ ll} • :-tu,uua-5m d4 ua -~-

SWEEPSTAKES WINNER: 'J\n East(>r Eggstravaganza" by Alpha Gamma Rho, Kirei Na ~i , Shantih, Chi Alpha Rh o, OEGE, King's Men, andKnights !photo bv r to Spring Sing weep ,akes .. , ~ ~ -.. ~ " r • A =~. HARE RAISING EXPERIENCE - '/\n Easter Eggstravaganza; ' performed by Alpha Gamma Omega, Kirei Na Ai, Shantih, Chi Alpha Rho, OEGE, King's Men, and Knights, was the winning 1989 Spring Sing show. (photo by Public Relation!.) by Carmelita Bandy B;son staff Wflter --- "An.Easter Eggstravaganza" hopped away as the 1989 Spring Sing Show Sweepstakes Award winner last weekend. They were followed by "Let's Paws for a Moment." Se– cond runnerup was "We'll Light Up Your Life: Cosmos Stars Do!" followedby"It'sAll ~k to Me." "Hold Your Horses : The West is Yet to Come" was fourth runner-up. The 16th annual Spring Sing Show at Har– ding University came toan end on Saturday night with the awards presentation and the recognition of all the people who made the show run smoothly. The clubs participating breathed a sigh of relief with their last perfor– mance. Excitement could be seen in their eyes and a smile could be found on each face. This last performance would be the finale of weeks of practices and headaches. Itwould also mean more study time and of course, more sleep. The production crew could alsobeheard sighing as the pressures of having perfect lighting, perfect sound, and perfect video were taken off their shoulders. Now theycan actually get a full night's rest! The awards were presented as follows : The Participation Award winner was TNT and sister club, Zeta Rho, with "We'll Light Up Your Life; Cosmos Stars Do! '', followed by Chi Sigma Alpha and Regina with "Let's Paws for a Moment." Second runner-up went to Ju Go Ju and Galaxy .with "It's A Mad, Mad World," followed by ' 'Hold QnToYour Horses : The West is Yet to Come" per– formed by Ko Jo Kai and· Sub-T 16. "An Easter Eggstravaganza'' performed by Alpha Gamma Omega, Kirei Na Ai, Shan– tih, Chi Alpha Rho, OEGE, King's Men, and (See BUNNIES, 3) Bunnies hop away with Spring Sing.. .(continuedfrompagel) . M ll':.._, Jeff Bitt, Holly l.o!=k, Mana Knights was fourth runner-up. TbeTheme Awardwinnerwas ' 'AnEaster Eggstravanga:" First runner-up was " It's All Geek to Me" performed by Tri Sigma Delta, Delta Gamma Rho,Titans, andKap– pa1auOmega.Second runner-up was given to ' 'We'll Light UpYour Life; Cosmos Stars Do!" followed by "Let's Paws For A Mo– ment.'' Fourth :runner-up was " Hold Your Horses : Tbe West isYet 'to Come.'' 1bewilmerof theMusic Awardwas "Let's Pawl for a Moment'' followed by ''AnEaster Eaa~nza!' Second runner-up was "~U · .~tUp Your Life; Cosmos Stars Dot" followed by " It's All Geek. to Me." Fourth I'UDDer-up went to "Hold Your Banea: n.ew.t ia Yet to Come.'' 'nle c.t=we AlraN ..._, wu "AD , Pnna•z. ta..,••"WkaadbJ ..Hold Your Horses : TheWest is Yet to Come.'' Se– cond runner-up went to "We'll Light Up Your Life : Cosmos Stars Dol'' followed by ''Life InTheFast VeinperformedbyBetaPhi Kap– pa, Kappa Delta Kappa, Omega Phi, Phi Delta, Sigma Tau Sigma and Friends. Fourth runner-up was ''Let Freedom Ring'' performed byTri Kappa and Kappa Sigma Kappa. TbeChoreography Awardwinner was "An Easter Eggstravaganza" followed by "Let's Paws for a Moment."Second runner-up was "We'll Light Up Your Life ; Cosmos Stars Do! " followed by "Hold on to Your Hones : The West isYet toCome." " It's AUGeek to Me'' was fourth runner-up. A bi&putof theSpriac8iD1SbowwouJd ..... takeplacewitbaut tilebeiDoltile... duction crew. U>ng hours and endless headaches are part of their job to make Spring Sing what it is. This year, the video crew was headed by faculty member MikeJames and David Hurd was engineering chief; Sandi Jones was technical director; Chris Cash ran the character generator ; 10m Dunkley and John Phillips controlled audio; Barry Bag– gett and Kim Johnson ran the video tape; and Mark Griel, Dale Gaskin, and Drew Strasser were assistants tQ the efl&ineer. Camera operators were RickTrujillo, Ivan Hollins, WadeWheeler, Cryatal Stewn1, and Kendall Hewitt. Thchnical crew included Bonnie Dwyler. William Ford, Jo Hall. Thomas Land, Mark Maynard, Todd Meredith, Paul Orlaodo, aDCI WQae ·.t"•terholm. Spot'IIN..............Alia C.~YU&-J• -m and Ryan GibbonS. Dladla, Sean N~ for thiS year: Dr. Tbe Spring SiDg staff . . Bob ~ Sing C()OI'dinator, . J~ck .R~~-:-..1director· David F. BaiJeY, Ritchie, (a;lll._. Martin. sounddireCstage~~direCtor o1 hosts and tor; SteYer .Mdh Ellis. costumeCOCJI'(tinator; hostesses;._... ....._. andJeff Robert Patton. Jr.,~---I Jobnlon. ligbtinl direCtor. GiJreatb, 'l1leHcueBa~ iDcluded Jobn BeiJDeU. BrettRardin. MiMoore. and~ Jail warren euey direCted tbe 8aDd. 'I1Ua ,_,.._ 111111 aad llalten• ~ .... Alee Gil .......... GriiUb ...... Rllllllt ..............

I M King's Men. Front row: Loudermilk, Oil– vert, D. Martin, For– sythe. Secmu:l row: Ba– ril, Lee, Lester, Dearin. Third row: Townsend, Mason, lAnd, T. Mat– thews. Fifth row: Ste– venson, Berger, ]. Mat– thews, Garner. Back row: Soehardinata, Mosby, Celsor, Wilson, Albright. - photo by Jerry Traughber. n OE .Dt; ,..,. t..'<.. ~ J,f~" r I 1 ~\fl

..Y "' ' ~ - • j ..." • .., ~ .. ~ " ... - ~- ~c;.....~ .. """':'!.·~, "-'– ....... :.~~ ...... ~ . -- -... . ,···"'f ... ,.;_ ( .·· ~mall tlub 1 fl 1 ~crl-bctl I &.MLJi'dJilS 6 v(Jra1/ :Spr 'l"'~ B~c.Jt 1..-~ <!J...a..tpio~ ~cf~ Yror- l"ef( ,Coh«-~ /?«<fl~ of ~'/~or ·- { il.c1-.5

King's Men and Oege social clubs are joined as brother and sister clubs. The two participated in several activities to– gether each semester of this past school year. The service project both clubs sponsor was the frequent blood drives on campus. These two clubs were the sponsors of this important activity. In addition, the clubs interacted socially. Among these gather– ings were the combined Christmas and skating party in December and the picnic in the spring. King's Men was also busy this year with other projects. The members went to the Southern Christian Children's Home to visit with the students there. In addition, the men served by placing the sheet music to the Harding Alma Mater in the front of the Benson Auditorium songbooks. Oege added 25 new members to their club during pledge week. The women hosted both a hayride and a Spring Ban– quet this year. Renee Benson, vice-president, stated, "Oege wasn't my first choice club, but I'm glad I'm in there because of the friendships." President of King's Men, Jim Laugh– ary, said regarding his club, "We have so many people with different backgrounds that our diversity is great throughout the club. Our diversity brings us closer to– gether. This club has allowed us all to develop friendships that will never end."