Omega Lambda Chi, 2010-11

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P a s t . ' - . .... n s Senior Jason Tomlinson, sophomore JacobMetcalf, senior Kenny Simpson, sophomore Aaron McCullough Junior Doug Wood, andsenior Tim Wylie catch the holiday spirit at the Omega Lambda Chi Christmas function. The men, who are beaux for the club, created a skitas entertainment for the function. JuniorJenny Avensmilesonhorsebackat OmegaLambda Chi's fall functionOct. 12.Members and theirdateswenttoChiefWhitehorse Stable in Mayflower,Ark.and spent the day horseback riding and fellowshipping. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Aven} , . Sophomore Daphne Fritzand juniorBethanySpeyer join handsas they glide around the rink at theOmega Lambda Chi roller-skatingfunction Dec. 5. "It was probably the most fun functionwe ve hadall year," Fritz said. "We acted like littlekids again." (Photo courtesy of Heidi Hipp) ·~ I

Head for the Hills Omega Lambda Chi girls retreat for unity Unity wastheunderlying theme for Omega LambdaChimembers during their first fall retreat away from Searcy, Sept. 27-28. In years past, the women's so– cial clubheld fall retreats in the homes of sponsorsorother convenient locations. The four-year-old club hoped to do things a little differentlv this year, and traveled to Crowley's Ridge, near Paragould, Ark. "We decided to make it a real retreat with a camping experience," senior Leah Eddy, president of OmegaLambda Chi, said."We wanted to just fellowship, which we don't always have the chance to do [on campus]." Blessed with good weather and surrounded by nature, the club stayed in three cabins with a lake nearby. "We wanted to go there to re– a lly get away from the distractions around campus," · junior Amber Larson, devotional director, said. "It was nice to be able to hang out with just the girls." Friday night included a hand– ful of unity building activities for the club. The ladies made new door signs for themselves and theup– coming induction class. The retreat also included singing around a ca mpfire and smores. Charity Thompson, Omega LambdaChi . sponsor, spoke to the club. Her message for the weekendcame from Philippians 2:1-4. "We wanted to just fel– lowship , wh ich we don't always have the chance to do [on cam– pus]." - Senior Leah Eddy "lt was great to hear from her," Eddy said. "She was just really excitedabout being around us and that was nice." After awater balloon fight, mem– bers retired to the cabins for group devotionalsand prayer requests. "Part of [the purpose of the re– treat] was becoming more unified before we [inducted]the new pledge class," sophomore Christie Martinez said. Saturday, the club had a chance to split into groups for more devotional time. The club believed everyone came away with a stronger sense of unity and a better understand– ing of the clubmotto, "sisters for eternity." "For me, itwas getting to know the girls I didn't know before and it was getting even closer to theones I did know,'' Martinez said. With unity as the theme, many of the girls returned feeling closer and Members of Omega LambdaChi praytogetherduring aretreattoCrowley'sRidge. The group'sescape fromcampus.Sept.27-28,allowedmemberstospendtime together away from the distractions of campus life. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Aven) At Omega Lambda Chi'sfall retreat, sophomore Leigh Anne Seymore reflects on a message from one of the weekend's speakers.The retreatwasan effort to growcloser to bothGod and eachother. (Photo courtesy ofJennyAven) appreciated the focus on serving others. "Because we are a newer club, we are still developing a personality but we have always wanted to be seen as a group of girls serving oth– ers," Eddy said. The women of OmegaLambda Chi kept more than just t-shirts for memories. They kept what they learned about eachother. "It made me really appreciate the club more and the tight-knit bond we have," Eddy said. "I could just tell we needed tha t time." Many other social clubs provided activities to encourage c spiritual growth for members. Delta Gamma Rho, Kappa GammaEpsilon, and King's Men also organized spiritual retreats. A number ofclubsformedprayer groups. These smaller gatherings providedan opportunity to connect with othermembers on a personal level. Delta Chi Delta members were responsible for praying for another member for the entireyear. The club opted for this new for– mat because they wanted to doaway withanygroupings thatmightcause cliques to form within the club. Pi Kappa Epsilonmeton Wednesday nights to have their own time of devotion. Socialclubsprovided anotheropportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth on campus. -Ryan Saul

OMEGA LAMBDA CHI hymn: pass itOn traditional mixer: the blue mixer song: the omega lambda chi song TRADTIONS MERGE Tri Kappa joins Omega Lambda Chi after 60 years T Tri Kappa became a partof socialclub Omega Lambda decidingdisband in the springof 2006. Tri Kappa's final president, said the disin- · the club had been evident for the past few years. "We joined Omega Lambda reach out and helptheir clubbuild up,'' Rodgerssaid."Omega Lambda a fairly new club comparedto Tri Kappa, but once aclubhas existence and has establishedtraditions and history, for it to die out." Despite the difficulties the membersofTri Kappa were going through, Former vice president of Tri Kappa, graduate student Jennifer Dickison, Rodgers said there werea fewmembers who intended to stay active. said their traditions as a club were not necessarily apriority to keep when the "I happened to beone of the ones who wanted to give it a last shot," Rodgers of the club was in danger." said"Unfortunately it failed." The clubhad made it to its 60th year annivasary, which had encouraged ofour traditions carried over into [Omega Lambda Chi]," Dickinson wouldbe under the umbrella of the name [Omega Lambda Chi]," but Rodgers to tryto keepTri Kappaalive. However, she said she believed Tri Kappa Tri Kappa still existed for the time. After the spring semester, however, anything was disbandedat the rightmoment. that had anything to do with Tri Kappa ceased to exist. We wanted to officially Kacey Young, formerTriKappamember, said the troubles they become Omega Lambda Chi members at that point." faced as a club made it difficult for her to enjoy her time as a member. Neverthe- Rodgers said despite the abandonment of history and traditions ofTri Kappa, less, she said it was a good decision to joinwith Omega Lambda Chi. the memberswere able to add more life to the sisters of Omega Lambda Chi. is a wonderful club full of sweet girls," Young said. "It'sour responsibility to uphold that history and unfortunately Tri Kappa "[Merging] just happened to bewhatwas best for both social clubs." was not able to do that," Rodgers said. "But out of our ashes we can help our Rodgers said Omega Lambda Chiwasgoing through some of the early stages sistersin Omega Lambda Chi. That is why we chose them and joined them." of what Tri Kappa went through before their demise. - ManuelTourlay Row1:K. Brown, L. Dove. J. Livingston, K. Waite. Row 2:C. McLean. K. Palmer, L. Woods. D. Adkisson, D. Woods. Row 3: C. Guglielmon, B. Blake, M. Lydon, L. Agee.

Junior Kenny Simpson, a beau for Omega Lambda Chi, knows the girls are thinking about him as he receives a picture during induction week. Club memberssent beaux manydifferentgifts throughout theyear including candy, cookies, decorated coffee mugs and other items that showed their love and appreciation. Photo byAmber Aubrey. SponsorMelinda Johnsonwrites on sophomore Whitney Wash's shirt at Omega Lambda Chi's graffiti mixer in the Mclnteer Rotunda on Sept. 6. Mixer attendees and members wore plain shirts, so they c ould write mixer-essential information for display, such as their name, major and hometown. [Chris Hamilton] Mixers &ClubWeek from Years Past Sophomore Omega Lambda Chi mem– ber Leigh Anne Seymore greets fresh– man Laurie Padgett at the women's club open house Sept. 10. Open house pro– vided the first opportunity for prospective members to check out the variety of social clubs. (Photo by Lindsey Taliaferro) Sept. 10 2002 While visitingwith freshmen, Omega Lambda Chi membersseniors KatieJenkins andMichelle Horton talk during their ''Camo" mixer Sept. 15 at Harding Park. Women who attended the mixer dressed in camouflage attire and sprayed water guns for recreation. -Amber Bazargani hopefulmembers • Seniors Jennifer Livingston and Jennifer Cox and freshman Rachel Martin dance to theMichaelJackson song "Thriller" during rollcallOct 29. New andold members of Omega Lambda Chi came onto the court as their sponsor turned on the stereo to entertain the other social clubs. Nick Michael

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