Ko Jo Kai 1999-2000

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Ko Jo Kai members walk to raise money for fight against diabetes By Alva Liimatta Bison staff writer Last Saturday, the Ko Jo Kai so– cial club joined approximately 7,000 people and walked to help raise over $360,000 to combat dia– betes, a disease that affects 16 mil– lion Americans. The walk was sponsored by the Juvenile Diabe– tes Foundation International QDFI). The group of almost 60 Kojies, as they are know non campus, traveled to River Market indown– town Little Rock to complete a five kilometer walk. Sheridan Smith, junior devo– tional director for the club said the walk was a fun way to raise money for a good cause. "We just wanted to start a ser– vice project that we could con– tinue and keep as a good one," said Smith. In addition to the walk, the Kojies also raised funds at Pizza Inn on Tuesday, Sept. 5, from 58:30 p.m., the Kojies served as waitresses. They received 10% of the profits, plus tips. This added over $400 to the $1800 the club raised. They also earned about $60 from running a batting cage in September. PhotobyTish Elrod Sheridan Smith paints achild'sface at the Walk to Cure Diabetes race. Nearly 60 Kojies and friends participated in the event held in Little Rock, Oct. 1. "It has been stressful, but it is so rewarding. I am real proud of the girls for offering of time and offering their money," Smith said. "I know it was a lot for them to take on. Most of the service projects we do don't demand people to raise money or have pressure like that," she Smith. Smith spoke of the larger significance of the walk. "I think it just gets us out of our mind set and helps us think that there are others things beside our college life going on," she said. "It was so neat to see all the people from the community, who you don't even know, coming out to support you." Lynn Regauld, chairman for the Walk to Cure Diabetes, was a Kojie from 1987-1991. She said the walk was the largest fund-raiser worldwide for the foundation this year. "In Little Rock, we were the largest first time walk last year (bringing in $196,000 with only an ini~ial goal of $50,000) and so this year our goal is $250,000. We think we are going to be close to $350,000. We are very excited," Regauld said. "All the money we raise goes to fund research to find a cure for diabetes." The Juvenile Diabetes Founda– tion International was started in 1970by determined parents of dia– betic children. JDFI's Walk to Cure Diabetes is a worldwide event with 160 walk sites this year and that are esti– mated to raise up to $54 million. Eighty-four cents of each dollar will be donated to research. Tish Elrod, Ko Jo Kai spo~sor said the walk was especially im– portant to her since she has been a diabetic for 36 years. "This is the first time I have ever done anything, besides just write acheck," Elrod said. Elrod said she was amazed at the responsiveness of the club. When she asked for ten team lead– ers, at first people were hesitant. Then it was just like that, two people· got up and within just a few seconds, there were the rest of them out there. We even had several students who are not a part of the club that walked," she said. The diabetic children who par– ticipated in the walk impacted SarahAdkins, Ko Jo Kai president. "It was reaily touching to see the kids walking with us that had diabetes," she said. Elrod said Harding is also or– ganizing a support group for dia– betic students, faculty and staff. "Pat Rice (nurse) and Beverly Austin (art instructor) are real in– terested in getting a support group for diabetics," she said. "They would like for the students to know that if they have any questions or need some help that there are people they can talk to."

(Wed) ~t2l1~ ~~es- due Fii ?7erdtrt Yeox:s CALENDAR OF EVENTS Sunday, October 24th 3:00 Accept Bid!!! Recording Studio 8:00 What's a Kojie??? Science BldgRrn. 40 Monday, October 25th 6:00-8:00 Bizarre Band Bash- Administration Auditorium 8:00-8:30 Titan Shaving Cream Fight- Harding Park 9:00-10:00 Pike Pigout- Hammond Room 10:00 All Club Devo Tuesday, October 26th 4:30-5:30 Service Project- Group 1 at Tender Years Sign Making- Group 2 in Science Bldg. 152 5:30-6:30 Mazzio's Pizza 6:30-7:30 Service Project- Group 2 at Tender Years Sign Making- Group 1 in Science Bldg. 152 8:45-9:45 Kojie Scramble- Hammond Room 10:00 All Club Devo Wednesday, October 27th 4:00 Map to the President's due to President Adkins 4:30 Alumni Letters due to Vice President Williams 9:30-10:00 Devotional with Delta Gamma Rho- Front Lawn 10:00-11 :00 Kojie Cheers and Chants- Front Lawn Thursday, October 28th 6:00-8:00 White Night- Recording Studio 8:00-9:30 Silly Olympics with Ju Go Ju, Zeta Rho, Tri Kappa- Ganus Gym 10:00 All Club Devo

Friday, October 29th 4:30 Scrapbooks and Induction Books due to Class Trainer Long 7:00-7:30 Kojie Quiz- Science Bldg. 152 8:30-11:30 Big Sis/Lil Sis Night Out- Harding Academy Old Gym

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