Ko Jo Kai 1992

t!GINAL SONG Born in the USA From a Distance SPRING SING LYRICS 1992 (Kojies/Sub-T 16) LYRICS Born in a field of hay! In a cornfield, we scare the crows away ••.••• We're stuffed with hay! (Hay) Hay (Hay) We're stuffed with hay to scare crows away! (Repeat) The farmer's back and we're gonna be in trouble, (Hay-La, Hay-La, the farmer's back!) He wants his corn and he'll get in on the double, (Hay-La, Hay-La, the farmer's back!) Hay the reason we were born, Was! to protect his corn •• Another Brick in the Wall (We don't need-no-Educition) We don't want no crows in our field, We need corn to sell for our meals We Will Rock You On the Road ~gai~ lO ~£~, Row, Your Boat Hey! Scarecrows! Scare those crows away! (Scarecrows chant: while farmer Raps) We will, we will, scare you, scare you! It's been a long hard day--We had to scare those crow·s away And so we hang here in these field and tell the farmers it's okay 'cause when the crows come our way, we have to shout out a Hay! Scarin' crows again-we just can't wait to scare those crows again--Hangin' round here with the farmers as our friends--we can't wit to scare those crows again! Crows, Crows Whoa! Crows Crows Whoa! Crows, Crows, Whoa! We Want Corn! (Repeat) Crows, Crows, we are crows Flying through the Air We see a crop of perfect Corn And then we get a scare! Hey! You! Get out of our field! Who me? Yes you! Get out o·f our--Whoa--

i/12 Beat It i/14 Dreaming #16 See Bleee tke BSA #l~ -2Beat it! Beat it! Leave our corn alone-don't eat it! Get out of our field-Stay out of sight! We'll protect our field-All day and Night! Just Beat it--just beat--just beat it-– Beat it-Beat it--Huh!! We ain't nothin' but scarecrows– hangin' all the time, we ain't nothin' but scarecrows hangin' ~11 the time--(interupted) Hang here-hang, hang here (repeat) When there are no crows here All we have to do is Hang Here! Ease on down, ease on down the Cornfield We've got tp ease on down, ease on down the Cornfield! We are proud to be Scarecrows All we do is hang But we hang. in America's great corn fields We are not ashamed But we cannot Stand up--- To scare the crows, all we do is hang, But there ain't no doubt we love this land! We're ~~E~ ~~ !~~!~~ ~! ~ay!

Month :January Tues. Wed. February Sun. March April Wed. Sat. Tues. Wed. Mon. Wed. Thurs. Wed. Thurs. Sat. Tues. Wed. SPRING Mon. Wed. Sun. Mon. · Thurs. Sat. Tues. Wed. Fri. Sat. Sun. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. KOJIE/SUB-T PRACTICE SCHEDULE Place What Learned 28 8-10PM American Heritage 29 8:30-10PM Banson 2 12-1:30PM Benson 5 8:30-10PM Benson 8 10-12AM American Heritage 11 6:30-8PM American Heritage 12 8:30-10PM American Heritage 17 6:30-8 PM Benson 19 7-8:30 PM Benson 20 8-10PM Benson 26 7-8:30PM American Heritage 27 8-10PM American Heritage 29 4-6PM Benson 3 10-12PM Benson 4 7-8:30PM American Heritage BREAK ••••••• 6-14 • • • • • ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 16 10-12PM Benson 18 7-8:30PM Benson 22 12-1:30PM Benson 23 8-10 PM Benson 26 10-12 PM Benson 28 8-10 AM Benson 31 7-8:30 American Heritage <Club Lighting 6-12!) 1 7-8:30PM Benson 3 KO.JIE BANQUET 4 10-12 AM .Benson 5 10-12PM American Heritage 7 10-12PM American Heritage 9 10-12PM American Heritage 10 4-5PM Benson 11 8-9AM Benson Sun. Tech. Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Brent Heeke Brent Goodwin Kaci/Kelly 13 14 16 17 18 6:30PM 6:30 12 noon 7:00 3:00 7:00 FULL DRESS REHEARSAL!!!! 2nd Full Cast Rehearsal Matinee for Public Schools!!!!!!! also 7:00 Performance!!!!!!!!!!!! SPRING SING PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!! SPRING SING PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!! SPRING SING PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!! GO SCARECROWS! 5599 5220 5267

Candle Lighting Ceremony As part of the induction into Alpha Chi, junior [(risty Dawdy from Honey Grove, Texas, lights her individual candle. Alpha Chi Inducts 71 Seventy'"One new members were inducted into Harding University's chapter of Alpha Chi during a special chapel ceremony held February 19. Alpha Chi is a nationally af– filiated society encouraging and recognizing superior scholarship. Harding's chapter, the Arkansas Eta, is open to the upper 10 percent of the senior class with a minimum 3.55 grade point on 104 semester hours, and to the upper 10 percent of the junior class with a minimum 3.75 grade point on 80 semester hours. Har– ding's chapter currently in– cludes 247 students. Officers for 1991-92 are A!ill.a Conlev of Searcy, president; Diane Roof of White Bear Lake, Minn., vice president; Anissa Campbell of Texarkana, secretary; Mark Pruitt of Nichols, Iowa, treasurer, and Chantelle Bequette of Russellville, Ark., student representative. The new inductees include Laura Ann Adams, Richarc Ed win Bankhead, Stacy Dawn Anne Brown; Stephen Ashley Burks, Philip Andrew Chafin, Jill A. Cooper, Donald Jason Coriell, Ashley Ann Cosby, Dana Lynn Crane, Sonya An– nette Curtis, and Tyler Lee Cutshall. Additional inductees include Brenda Kay Davidson, Julian Scott Davis, Kristv Kay Dawd~, Leslie Denise Ferguson, Eric Bradley French, Arlene Michelle Gibson, Diana L:mn Goad, Diana Marie Gregor, Ellen Marie Gullick, Vicky K. Hobby, Kimberly Jean House, Nathan Dale Howard, Daniel David Jacobs 11, Melanie Beth Johnson, Shawn Jackson Kell, Tracy Ellen Kibler, Jason Eric King, Jay Reginald King and Thmmy Kay Kodatt. Other new members are Chandra Lynn Latimer, Patrick Jay Massey, Andrew Bruce Mawdsley, Arden Jay Miller, Frankie C. Mitchell, Neil Eric Myers, John Edward Scott Nahigian, Jennifer Carmen !i~ Jacqueline Annette Nichols Bill Wayne Oldham Jr., Ma15ha Beth Osborne, Tirr oth>· Wayne Page, Shanna hilli s, Lonnie Allen




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J'enny Adams Lori Adkins Michelle Allen Brandy Bandura Angie Baskett Donna B.easley Kaci Bolls Tracy Boyd Lea Bras'field Meeka Brown Anna Conley Kelly Cooper Kristy Dawdy Stephanie Dempsey Melissa Dennison J'ennifer Gatlin Kimberly Gooch J'ane Ann Gregory Lori Gri'ffin Tracy Halbert Kristi Hallsell Kim Hays KO J'O KAI MEMBERS 1991-1992 Carole Hopkins Ashley House Beth Howard Diane Hunnicutt Kelsie Hutchison Keri Hutchison Tracy J'ennlngs Monica Kimbrell Marla Lewis Amy Lisle Angela Luster Farah Mackey Leah Mangrum J'ennifer Meyer Caren Millspaugh Cristy Mitcham Mary Kaye Mussleman Shelli Mussleman J'•nni'fer Neal Kristi Oldach Heather Oliver Meleah Parker Paula Peebles Natalie Pritle Lynn Regauld Andrea Rehkop Missy Rouhana Julie Ryan Melissa Smith Jana Stegall Anna Thomas Amy Thornton Christy Thrash•r Wendy Waite Shayla Waters

Purer in Heart, 0 God 443 Mrs. A. L. Davison 1. Pur - er in heart, 0 God, Help me to be; 2. Pur - er in heart, 0 God, Help me to be; 3. Pur - er in heart, 0 God, Help me to be; J. H. Fillmore I Pet. 1: 21-23; /Jno. 3: 3 May I de - vote my life Teach me to do Thy will That I Thy ho - ly face Who! - ly to Thee; Watch Thou my way-ward feet, Guide me with Most lov - ing - ly; One day may sec; Be Thou my Friend and Guide, Let me with Keep me from se - cret sin, Reign Thou my A- men. PRAYWITHOUT CEASING. After a game of club softball, members of Shantih emil KD Jo Kai, along with their beaux, gather together for a prayer. This is a familiar scene after many club i{fl»>es.< Phoco by oavld litckm~n

Cross· co,untr.y :teams wit!, AIC and NAIA; ~dvance to nationals in Kenosha, Wis. by Auon Hasten B1:;on r.ports writer Hot.'l of the Harding University cross colmtry teams left the other field members intheir dust Tuesday 1 Nov. 5, to take the 1991 AIO and the National Association of Inter– collet"tiate Athletics District 17 champion– ships at OBU. TheWin for the lady Bisons marked their si:xth straight title. The Ladies ran away frQm the pack with a s£ore of 32. Arkansas Co lege finished a distant second followed by Hendrix College. A deadly one-two punch {rom Shauna Queen and defending champion Kelsie HutS@l0~I~ahli~e;Jiji:z f!e:tJr Distri(:t 17 crowp ip !0pvs. They finished ,Y'jffi n!Spective times of 17:39 and 18:07; both were the individual bests. Queen's time was enough to claim honors as the third fastest ~'n school history. Two other Lady Bisons finished in the top 10. Andrea RObertson arid Keri Hutchinson fi.pish~eighthand!illltllwdllscoresof 19:!§ ru'iil'l9:51. ChaJtdraLatimer crossed the line with a personal best time of 20: 49 for the 15th position. Harding's men's team got back on track with smashing wins in their divisions after suffering their first loss in 20 years last fall to Henderson State. Henderson did finish second tied with Ouachita, and Uni.versity of Arkansas-Monticello came in third. Last year's individual champion, Sebas– tian Villalva from Henderson, did his best to eliminate Harding oncea~in. He topped the scoring column but was followed to the · finish-lineby threeconsecutiveBisons. Allen · Gill, Dave l{utson and 'Nathan Mills of the Bisons finished with respective times of 25 ~23~25:42~2~:47..J;)amon Work ranked 11th with a 'time. of 26:25 as ;TUn Seay notched in at 12thwitha 26:43; Brad Blan– ton roundedout the scoring in the18thslot. Both teams will compete tomorrow in Kenosha, Wis., at theNAIA championships. KELSIE HUTCHISON, a senior [tom Webu Citv. Mq, finished second behina teammate .Shauna Olleen .

FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR the lSOll Sept. 20, 1991 Vol. 67, No.2 ~g University Searcy, Arkansas Student Association Election Returns President Vice President Secretary- Men's Treasurer Representative Christie Richart * Leanne Putnam Paige Daniel * David Roberson * Michael Brooks Julie Plemons Scott Baine Roger Clayton Nancy Palmer * Andrea Shelley Angie Baskett Thrry Davis Kim Gooch Monica Kimbrell David T. Bell Carmelita Bandy • RUN-OFF BOLLS GOES SOLO; SophomoreKaci Bolls, from Murray, Ky., performs her solo assisted · by th~ res! of the Concert Choir. The group performed during Wednesday's chapel under the dtrectzon of Arthur Shearin. Photo by David Hickman Women's Rel!resentative Kimberly Moore Lisa Gilstrap Denise Pierce Meeka Brown

1991 Homecoming Queen croWned today by Carolyn Holmes Bison staff writer AshleyHo~became Harding Universi– ty1s 1991 HODlecDming Queen during a coronation ceremony in chapel today. Alo with tw · IIW~~~ifillil!¥' Ashley was nominatedby eHarding ootball team to preside over the Homecoming game Saturday afternoon. All three candidates were presented in chapel Wednesday, and student elections were held in the student center the same day. This morning, the results of the voting were an– nounced and President Burks crowned Ashley Homecoming Queen for 1991. ~ is the daughter of Jim and Sue Houseot Searcy. Her older brother Matt graduated from Harding two years ago and her younger brother Jordan attends Harding Academy. Elementary education is Ashley's major. In the future, she plans to graduate and teach third or fourth grade. Sports of all kinds top the list of Ashley's hobbies. She plays football, basketball, tennis, softball and swims, as well as being a Bison cheerleader. After attending Harding University in Florence, Italy, this summer, she has also acquired a love tor travel Her photography skills came in han– dy during her travels in Europe. None of the girls knew of their nomination before chapel last week and Ashley admits that it was quite a surprise. "She didn't evenhear theannouncement," ~lains Kin) Gooch, Ashley's roommate. 'We bad to convince her that they'd really said her name." "I hadn't really realized all the Homecom– ing activities were coming up:• Ashley said. "I knew I'd heard my name but I was just so shocked." TommyShoemaker and Patrick Gill, two of theBison football team captainp, escorted Ashley during today's chapel service. Her father will beher escort fo,r the Homecom– ing game. .JiDi was accompanied today by Tad Niblett and1Pate.e'~escortwas Matt Thomp– son, both o w om are also team captains. A second coronation will take place at the game at which Jana and Paige will serve as attendants. lima... a sophomore speech pathology ma– jo~edaughter of Ken ;md Janis Stegall of Durant, Okla. She enjoys sports, such as softball, volleyball and basketball and sing– ing. Jana plans togo to graduateschool after Harding. ~is the daughter of Kurt and Karen Watson of Springfield, Mo. She isan elemen– taryeducation major with a minor in early childhood development. Her favorite sports include running, football and gymnastics and she also plays the keyboard. In the future, Paige plans to start a family and teach kindergarten. Ashley is excited about her opportuni– ty to represent Harding as its 1991 Homecoming Queen. "It's a big honor," she said. Th the football team, she adds, "Thanks for nominating me and good luck on Saturday." 1991 HOMECOMING CANDIDATES: Jana Stegall, Ashley House and Paige Watson. They are pictured with the Bis~ns' team captains.

by Jan Bonds Jl.i~ .!li!ff writer ..The~~ a!jye with mustc.11 lrthe longestrunningliiU$1 ~cy. "The Sound of Music.' will be~rformed tomlbi at 8:15 and fBrilorrowmght at 7:30. Set in the mountains of Austria in the 1930's, and prior to the Nazi occupation, this year's homecoming musical portrays theex– ploits of tile Trapp family. Some ·of the students involved in the musical were asked about their experiences thus far. a Conle a -soverp'tM gf seyen chi1drpp. Indescribing ber characte~ Conley sai9, "Maria tries to figure out what siiewanl:s inlife. She thinks shewants tobe a nun, but she's sent to the von Trapp family to help make a decision about her life. In the mean– time, she teaches the children to sing and falls in love with the Captain." Conley saiQ, "It was a role I'd wanted to play smce I was a little kid." Asked about how it's been to work on the musical over such a short period of time, Conley aid, "It's been very stressful. We've had to work through Pledge Week and Lec– tureship Week., plus we've had two weeks less to practice than we normally have." In 1989 Conley llad a leading role in "B.rigadoon ' and was one of last year's Spring Sing hostesses. Pl~ylng the .role of the Captain is Chris Nuthak, a junior elementary education ma– jor from Duluth Minn. Chris is married to Beth Anne Nuthak, and bad a rol~ in last year's musical, "My Fair Lady." Indescribing his character, Nuthak said, "The Captainis a former Navy commander and is very strict. He doesn't know how to run a household. The governess, with her inging and music, softens him up a bit and allows him to see a side of the children he's never seen. He evolves into a more bendable, sentimental father.'' Nuthak said the best thing about the musical is the songs; theyaremorerealistic and make sense. '"'I love themusic asfar as musicals go." Nuthak also said he especial– ly enjoys getting to sing ' Edelweiss." Asked about the worst part about the musical Nuthak -simply said, "It's been very time-co,nsuming. It's taken a Jot of energy and h.as not exactly been the besL way to start off the semester." As tar as future plans are concerned, N,uthak ~id, 'The life olan actor isn't for me, but later in life I'd like to try directing a play.'' Christine Creasy, a sophomore art educa– ti'>n major from Jackson, Tenn., plays the role of "Elsa." Creasysaid of her charactet; "Elsa is not like the character in the movie. She's not mean like the movie shows her to be. In the movie, the Captain has to choose between a 'witch' and a 'nice person,' and in the play, it's not like thaL" Creasy said, "Working on the musical over such a short amount of time has made itharder for me to develop my character, but 1t'~ easier to remember and tostay focused." Creasy, who also bas a part in the upcom– ing student-produced "Christmas Wishes," bopes toget involved in community theater someday. The role of Max is being played b: ' David Rubio, a sophomore ma~s com1 lunica– tions/radio-television maj01 from Memphis, Tenn. Rubio described · (j cter, ~m "someone who like m . too much. He seems to live off of ~ •p le. best thing about the mu' 'ical ba~ been y reL - tionships with the tlther ac ors,'' Rubioalsoperfon ed in 'My Fair I.ariy" and has a role in " :hristmas Wishes:" Playing an important par t in t .is yf:ar's musical are several "non-college' ' stud,~nts. One of them is Cortney Fisher, r.; nine·year· old fourth grader from West Sid• Elementary. Fisher plays the role of Ma :·ta, one: of th~ seven children involved in the mlllsii.!al. Fisher, in describing her character said, "She's quiet, very understanding and very fun.'' Fisher said the best thing about bcJing in the musical was, "I get to be with lotf, ol' friends. We also get to play in the background.'' Justin Lawson, a ninth-grader f..om Searcy Junior High, plays the role of Friedrich. Lawson said, "It was a spur-of– the-moment decision for me to try out. r was really shocked when I got the part.'· Lawson was also in Harding 's per· formance of "The King and I" when he was in the fifth grade. When asked what it was like to perform ona Uiriversity level, Lawson said, ''Everythlng is more detailed T ha to be perfect with no flaws." Playing Lhe role of Brigitta i Leigl, Br.adley, a 12--year-old seventh grad~r fro Southwest Middle School. When asked about the tryouts Cor ti musical, Bradley said, 'I learned abo 1t tryouts on the last day. My cousin gave n e the music and that night I learned it an tried out." Bradley also commented about being in a college production. '<Everytlling has to h) just right, not just partly right. h's been very time-consuming." One of the directors for the musical, Robin Miller was concerned about the short amount of time allotted to work on this year's musical. 'We've had to try to bec>me very task-oriented. It's been quick wor 'ng on tbe show, and it's especially been bard tryin~ to work around campus aetivitit!S." Miller alSo said, "One of -the best thlugs about doing a musical is we've been able to coordinate the music and theater depart– ments. We've been able to work together .m both departments. We have got so many talented people atHarding that singing wa not the issue ; rather, choosing tb~ characters was the hardest task.' Also directing is Dr. Morris Ellis. Asked why "The Sound of Muslc" was chosen fot' this year's musical, Ellis said, "We I adn't done the musical in a long time, not .tince 1979. It seemed to fit the people we had available." The musical director for "The Soun<.l of Music" is Dr. Arthur Shearin. Shearin as been in charge of auditions, selecting t~ e cast, orchestra performances, teaching the music and vocal coaching. Asked about the difficulty of the music as compared to other musicals, Shearin said, "This musical has been the easiest, as far as music is concerned, for furee reasons. First of all, everyone is: familiar with the tunes. Secondly, the notes are easier and simple; and thirdly, we've had better per– formers this year.' Shearin concluded by saying, "It's been a luxury having so many people and so much talent to choose from." )

CHEER ON. The 1991-92 basketball che.erleaders. They will cheer the basketball team on to victory Monday night in the Ganus Athletic Center against John Brown University. Photo by David Hidanah Coo~ Laura Cobb, Tracie-We8t and oruca. breiJ offer support for thesquad ~ Up ssmen, while freshmen CyJ:tdi Downum, Meredith McAfee and ~ill ~ complete the group. "I'm definiteye:xct about_getting to~" said McAfee. Cobb will be_leacJ!ng_as captain.

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6 THE BISON, Searcy, Ark. 72149-0001, April 16, 1992 Spring Sing1992 All-student cast prepared to ~spring Sing' by Tracey Johnson Bison staff writer It's that time of year again - time for thousands of ~ple to come together and watch a musical event that !wJpens once a year at Harding Universit'l; Yes, it's time for Spring Sin,&. - But what you won't see from your seat inthe audience i the hours of work , the ewing and pain!Wgand the j~ofmany schedules that it t;akes to pUJl tpgether another perfunnance. Although it may seem like the show just comes together by itself, this is not the case. It would be impossible without the work and effort of all the people you see on stage and some whose faces you will never see. Dr. Jack Ryan acts as producer of the show. He 'handles the financial aspects, publicity and personnel for Spring Sing. Dottie Frye is this year's staging and choreography director for the hosts and hostesses and for Ensemble. Steve Holder handles the selection and arrangement of music for the hosts and hostesses and for Ensemble. Robin Miller is the coordinator for Spring Sing this year. The hosts and hostesses for this year are David White, Shannan Horner, Johnny Scott and Kim Scott. Horner, a sophomore from Dexter, Mo., said, "I've wanted to be a hostess since 1979 when I saw Spring Sing for the first time." While being a host or hostess has its share of fun and excitement, there is also a great deal of pressure involved. Johnny Scott, a senior from Germantown, Tenn., said the worst part was the stress of trying to meet the audience's expectations. Another b.ig job falls on the social clubs who have tbeir work cut out for them. Each dub has the task of choosing a theLDe, musjc and costumes that coor– dinate. They are also responsible for their own choreograebY and wngememofmmi,_ iju.ndr¢sof hours .are pent in eractice, as many students can tell you. Shows 'ncluded will feature pigs and k.ailgaroos. Others have curious titles such as "In Business To Get A Head" and "Shootin' The Bull." The shows are judged separately each night by a dif. ferent panel of judges. The judges award points in tht categories of . originall!y, .c, c~e anc choreograg~y. Awards are given in each category to tht show with the most points accumulated. A weeOS~ is also awarded to the how with the greatest nurobe1 o"'ttotai p!UQlS in aJJ four eategori¥S. Separate from tht judging is a plaque for a participation award for on of theclub . All the awards are given .after the Satur· d~ night shQ)V. Spring Sing ha definitely grown since its debut 4 1974. It began when two students, Kathy McKinney an< Jerry Palmer, asked Dr. Ganus if they could presen an entertainment show for the Youth Forum. He agree< and the two have been held on the same weekend eve: since. Tbe first Spring Sing had awund J ,500-2.,0()( people jn attendance That's . a fur cry from .tlu 1!,000-12 000 expected this year, with 3,000 of thQ..o; here for the Youth Forum as wejl. Prospective students and parents, as well as alumni come from all over the country for Spring Sing eacl year. Dr. David Burks said, "Spring Sing is a valuablr weekend when many guests come to the campus fo the first time." But Spring Sjng isn't just about hours of hard wor1 and effort on the part of many. It js a chance to ~v apart in something that makes people feel good. Spfii\ Sin~ ~ves smdents tbe opportnnit;y to have fiw ';in demonstrate their lea&e-F&bip qualitie-s persisten~ teamwork and cteatiHit,·. Dr. Ryan summed it up whe he said, " Spring Sing is an excellent vehicle for t!J expression of creativity." .

PAIRED BEAUTY. Senior Anna Conley, an accormting major from Sellrcy, congratulates juniorAshleyHouse, this year's Homecoming Queen. rp~:o~o by Jerry cu~.J''

Born In A Field of Hay Ko Jo I<ai & Sub T-16 Jay Adamson Lori Adkins Rachel Alexander Stacey Alexander Jon Arnett Michelle Allen Robin Austin Tin\ Ballard Angie Baskett Donna Beasley Kaci Bolls-D Autumn Bowen Tracy Boyd Rebecca Bredlow Tessa Brock Dave Brown Ryan Burr Martha Campbell Paul Carroll Susan Carroll Joy Carter Anna Conley Kelly Cooper-CH Jennifer Cosby Jill Cushman Kristy Dawdy Cyndi Downum Candy Fuqua Brent Goodwin-D Robert Grady Lori Griffin Jimmy Hadnot Tracy Halbert-BD Kristi HalJseU Shannon Hawley Holly Hays Brent Heeke-AD Kristi Hood Amy Hooper Ashley House Jim Ed House Beth Howard-CO Kelsie Hutchison Keri Hutchison Robert Johnson Jeff Jones Chris Kauffman Shawn Kell Monica Kimbrell Jennifer Kramer April Lemon Amy Lisle Angela Luster David Lutrell Leah Mangrum-MA Steven McRoberts Jennifer Meyer Caren Millspaugh Christy Mitcham Kim Moore Janet Morrison Shelli Mussleman Jennifer Neal Connie Newell Heather Oliver Meleah Parker Marcus Pauls Paula Peebles Julie Plemons Michele Regauld Brent Roach !?harmon Romine David Ross Missy Rouhana Rebecca Roussos Kathy Shappard Keith Shollenbarger Ken Slayton Jennifer Smith Casey Smith Steve Spears Jana Stegall James Stephens Jason Strong Jeremy Suggs Amy Thornton Johnny Tollett Leigh Ann Turner Greg Vaughan Wendi Waite Cody West Jenny Wilkinson Marlin Williams Jill Wood Kari Young

gets rave reviews --=---= by Tracey Johnson Btw"·staff write: Mter all the spectacular performances, the hustle and bustle of everything, and all the presenting of awards were over, it can finally be.said that another year of Spring Sing was success(ully pulled off. Not only were the students thrilled with the results of the action-packed weekend, but the many visitors to Harding's campus were delighted with their trip. Youth Forum also took place alongside Spring Sing, bringing many prospective students and their families to the campus. Spring Sing and Youth Forum weekend proved once again to be a very enlightening and uplifting, as well as tiring and activity– packed experience. Theexcitement official– ly began with the ThursdayafternoonSpring Sing performances for local school chil– dren and didn't stop until the last award was presented at the Saturday night performance. StUdents once again demonstrated their talent·and creativityonstage and their coop– eration, de~tion and patienceoffstage. The eight shows performed by the various clubs·were well put together and wonderful– ly executed. Wbe~ you were watching "ElviS" sing in "Steamig the Show" or trY– ing to keep your head during "In Business TQGet 'A Head,' " you had to be impressed with the skills and talents displayed on stage. The Harding University Jazz Band did a wonderful job in their own shows, as well as when accompanying the hosts and hostesses. Shannan Horner, David White, Kim Scott and Johnny Scott were outstanding as this year's hosts and hostesses. The Ensemble was also comprised of a spec– tacular group of students with many talents. Everyone worked well together with the end product being a wonderful show that Students once again demonstrated their talent and creativity onst4ge and their cooperation, detennination and patience offstage. Business To Get 'A Head,' " by Regina and chi sigma Alph~;Ln;"t:l!~el&y,: ggt;e;grsweparate rroml e JU gmg wa~ the _Participation Award. The win– ner this year was "In Business To Get 'A Head,' " by Regina and Chi Sigma Alpha. Although Spring Sing is a wonder– ful time of the year for many students, it can also be tiring. John Bingaman·from Houston, 'Thxas, said, "It was the most hec– tic time of my life.but !loved every minute of it and ·wouldn'·t change a thing;" Spring Sing can also be a great learning experience and time of felldwship, Robert Guy from Dallas, Texas, pointed out that "Spring Sing is a time where you meet a lot of people you see every day and get toknow them and work toge.ther." The campus also saw a lot of other activi– ty this weekend with the 28th year of Youth Forum. Manyp.roSpect.ive students and their families visited for the firsl time and par· ticip~ted in some of t:h~ many activitieS. Ch.arla Cook, a bighschool student fromLit. tie Rock, said, "Youth Forum is a great chance to be around fellow Christians my own age.'' The Admissions Office registered around 3,500 students and their families from thirty– five states and Peru.

'l<O JO KAI Spring Banquet April 3, 1992 The Excelsior - Little Rock ''Universal Friendship and Appreciat.ion of Life''

1992 Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Athletic Directors Devotional Direcotrs Sunshine Directors a Historians Outing Directors ICC Representative Beaux Steven McRoberts Jon Arnett David Brown Johnny Tollett Amy Thornton Donna Beasley Paula Peebles Anna Conley Tracy Halbert Monica Kimbrell Jennifer Smith I<risty Dawdy Jill Cushman Michele Regauld Kelly Cooper Meleah Parker Ashey 'House KimGooch Beth Howard Leah Mangrum Sponsors TlSh Elrod Brenda Allen Debra Shelton Judy Hoggard

j\111\) rrnorntoY\. lofl. f;rnett ~etcorrte ve-ootiort.O.l j\nf\.0. cortle\j pinrt.er l(o.ci Bolls t.rt.terto.irt.rrtert.t Arrt'J 'fnorntort. vonno. Be!lsle'J . -presert.tatiort. sert.tor 199:2 settiors }Aichene Allert. r-ro.C'J Bo')a j\f\fl.a cort.le'J LOri Griffi11 1.(.-risti J-l!lusell l(elsie tlutchiSort. 1efl.rt.iier M.e'Jer tAisS'J Rouho.no. l"tlie Ryan p...nrt.e 'fhOrrto.s ~endY ~etite s-porisors vo.vid -srotOfl. J\tOetrds ctub song oosing 1?fCl'Yer . 5 ?:1-4: 1?1ti\iP1o.rt. .

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