Galaxy 1973-80

'l'HE GALAXY SCRAPBOOK V.~ ,.U 'V w'J U.u !>!.~..:, (frluh As we begin our JOth year, we have had to expand our number of volumes to cover the GALAXY years. It is our hope that those members in the future will continue to strive for truth in an age where truth is devalued. We hope that Galaxy will not only a place of social growth, but through it spiritual needs will also be met. We would also hope that the scrapbook will be updated each year and not r emain hidden for so many years, for it adds stability and p ride to a club. Future historians should be s~:>m e of the most responsible member s . May GALAXY continue to hold high ideals and standards, in tune with the laws of our Father . I;lembers of GALAXY • •,

1973-1974 Off icers Phil L. Herr ington Howard Morris Stephen Herrington Terry Lynn Moore Sheila Kaye Heflin Dr. James Carr Dr. David Burkes President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Queen Sponsor Sponsor Mem.bers Burkett Brannon D. Watson R. Cheatham D. Morris Bristow Burden D. Tucker Ward D. Williams, Sr. s . Herrington Miller Bowers Churchman Searcy Gates Work Carder L. Cheatman Jdns Ellis Woodall Dd. Campbell Langford Dell D. Campbell D. Williams Eubanks R. Watson Mullins P. Herrington Adkins Passafiume . Been Cone Graf P. Watson H. Morris T. Moore s. Tucker Dobbs Crabtree Hart R. Moore Within the past three years, Galaxy has built a strong relationship with their sister club, Ju Go Ju. Among their many ac t iviues together the two clubs shared devotionals, a pancake breakfast and a party with all their pledges. They helped prepare the May Fete decorations and also participated in the fun and hard work of Spring Si ng.

1. Burkett 2. Brannon 3. D. Watson 4. R. Cheatham 5. D. Morris 6. Bristow 7. Burden 8. D Tucker 9. Ward 10. D. Williams, Sr. 11. S. Herrington, Sec. 12. Miller 13. Bowers 14. Churchman 15. Searcy 16. Gates 17. Work 18. Carder 19. L. Cheatham 20. Johns 21. Burks, Sponsor 22. Ellis 23. Woodall 24. Dd. Camp– bell 25. Langford 26. Dell 27. D. Campbell 28. D. Williams 29. Eubanks 30. R. Watson 31. Mullins 32. P. Herrington, Pres. 33. Heflin, Queen 34. Adkins 35. Passafiume 36. Carr, Sponsor 37. Been 38. Cone 39. Graf 40. P. Watson 41. H. Morris, Vice-Pres. 42. T. Moore, Treas. 43. S. Tucker 44. Dobbs 45. Crabtree 46. Hart 47. R. Moore. 214 I GALAXY r Pancal\:es and pledges help build spirit Striving to facilitate growth mentally, spiritually and athletically by provid i Christian fellowship in club activities. was the intention of the establishment (;alaxy social club some 26 years ago. At that time, charter members selec-ted for t motto and emblem, "Astra, Castra, Numen, Lumen", which means "Star our cam Diety our lamp". Within the past three years, Galaxy has built a strong relationship with their si~ t club, .lu Go Ju.Among their many activities together the two clubs shared devotion. , a pancake breakfast and a party with all their pledges. They helped prepare the 1\1 fete decorations and also participated in the fun and hard work of Spring Sing.

Sheila and ofarr'J June I, 1974 Miss Heflin, Cheatham :Will Be Wed Mr. and Mrs. Orwin c. Heflin, 1136 Darlene Drive, announce the engagement of 'theirduaghter, Sheila, to Larry W. Cheatham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis W. Cheatham, Lawrence, Kansas. Miss Heflin is a junior Business Administration major at Harding College, Searcy. Arkansa·s. Mr. Cheathamwill receivehis B. A. inSacial Science fromHarding with plans to begin wo~k this (all toward a Master's Degree in Public Administration at the Uni'lersity of Missoqri~ Columbia. The wedding iS planned for June 1 at the Dlx Road Church aof Cht;ist in Jefferson eity,

Galaxy Beaux Tri Sigma-----Dean Campbell OEGE----------Howard Morris Ju Go Ju------Stephen Herrington Delta Theta---George Duberry Epsilon

Weddings ..: /~ ~ __.e ~~ +-, .?f~ ;a, 1'7?.3 .2. f/J.P'?7/~-./~ (?~/?If?' ~~ lf7Y 3. /~1t. (?~~.d~¥Jr. 1/1??¢ ~ R~~ ~ ~----zr~l aC?'"CJe lt!J_, /9)Gj $: :/~ ~.-.a..c_ ~ ;4_.;. ~ .q,b-+~-" ~ ,.:;~/ I~ 'J,r '

1974-1975 Officers, David Campbell Kevin McWatters Jimmy Cone Rodney Cheatham Mike Johns President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Scribe Gary Beck Moose Moore Andee Lea Lawyer Dr. James Carr Dr. David Burks Atheletic Director Devotional Chairman Queen Rick Adkins Daryl Bassett Gary Beck Mike Borger James Bristow Robert Burch Dan Burden David Campbell Dean Campbell Rod Cheatham Bobby Jo Churchman Jimmy Cone Ricky Crawford Brad Dell Ken Duke John Mark Ellis Phil Eubanks Don Gates . Tom Graf Jimmy Butler Sponsor Sponsor Members Jimmy Harden Mike Hatcher Greg Heiman Steve Herrington Dave Huey Mike Johns Averell Johnson Larry Langford Kevin McWatters Don Miller Mike Mitchell Ronnie Moore Terry Moore David Morris Howard Morris David Ozbirn Tom Parsons Russell Passifume Rickey Payne Billy Pearce J. w. Pitts Jeff Playford Gene Prescott David Scobey Buddy Searcy John Showalter Scott Stafford Tim Stafford David Sullins David Tucker Stephen Tucker Dave Underwood Buddy Vetter Larry Waller Don Watson Phil Watson Richard Watson Joe Whitehead Brent Wilson Bruce Woodall Rick Work Galaxy participated in all aspects of club activity while continuing to grow closer to their sister club, Ju Go Ju. October saw the clubs enjoying an early morning pancake breakfast at Camp Wyldewood. Club queen Andee Lawyer, a Ju Go Ju member, served the club well as she led the sup– port for Galaxy in its sports competition. Its "C" team took the honors in large club football, and all teams fared well in volleyball and baseball. In basketball, the "A~'. ••c", and "D" teams all made it to the finals. Spring activities in– cluded a float trip, a Little Rock banquet and participation in Spring Sing with their theme "Bee Bop", which won the sweepstakes award.

.alaxy goes to sports fmals Galaxy's 65 members participated in all aspects of club ·tivity while mntinu ally growing closer to their sister club, Ju o Ju. October saw the dubs enjoying an early morning ncake breakfast at Camp Wyldewood. Club Queen Andee wyer, a Ju Go Ju member, served the club well as she led he support for Galaxy in its sports competition. Its "C" t::lln took the honors in large club football, and all teams red well in volleyball and baseball. In basketball, the "A", " 'and"[)" teams all made it to the tinals. Spring activities or the club included a tloat trip and a Little Rock banquet. 1. Herrington 2. Vetter 3. Eubanks 4. Johnson 5. Langford 6. R. Watson 7. D. TuckerS. P. Watson9. S. Stafford 10. D.Morris 11. Underwood 12. Dale 13. W ork 14. Churchman 15. Huey 16. Johns 17. Brannon 18. Ellis 19. Searcy 20 Crawford 21. T. Stafford 22. Bristow 23. Osborn 24. Waller 25. Parsons 26. Cheathem 27. Hatcher 28. Scobey 29. Whitehead 10. Wilson 31 . Hyman 32. Carr, Sponsor 33. Mitchell34. S. Tucker 35. H. Morris 36. Cone 37. Lawyer, Queen 38. Moore 39. Adkins

az / Ju Go Ju and Galaxy have been brother and sister clubs since 1971 and as each ~r progresses, have become closer. Special friend– ships have been made as activities are shared, as Secret Brothers and sisters exchange mail and goodies, as they eat together, and participate in Spring Sing together. Many marriag es have come from this relationship, in addition to Galaxy queens from Ju Go u 0

f I . ~ - ' B(6i~us, . · .a_s· ~roM.i~cL Lf~ose wko did.. rt.o"t fh-Y -fle_~r ( (!)( -tel! ~-: w~y -N-.ey didn:t) <:t\e o.f t~~s dAy 1 fhe. ieKtk ci ¥,elKbee-, tl'\. 1ke ~~~ - ~ au..s; .. L<!)<<i . r'\(rt.e.fee\'\ k~dre.~ $€u~II\ty -. .fou..(" 1 , 6fficia._ny irtn..d;...,e a.vt&: \~ -to pe..<t\c<eG..te. irt .G..r~Y ·du_b .f'w~.<:.:ti~n ( i'll crt:a-– \.uo('d.s , th.ei ~li.v)' t · { W~~.d ion\) • Tke -to/(C>uJilii9 I'I a. Ust erf tkose- a_{oren.\evttiond pecp[e : .. . ·=· . . L f>e«\[ Se~n · · · 2. B("o..Cl Oe. ll 3.· Ref\ .·Gdhect : <f~ 16m. &r~f 6. Rei('(~~ ~td<wt.cut . . -'\. Oa\\ . fVl&ller .. . . ' .- cg. ferr\f rvtoo(e. . ·. q, ((fJ.SSI lo. OCLue. .S<J{erts s. f<ru,.dy Ha.«i~ l •, .. It' · you.. .. _do~t't po.y . -~o:;t- yo~ ~;{( be, _ ,'VI. . Severe ~o..vt3er ot ::L:1 f'eit(!)wsh.p JIM! ce(cued. . _ b<oihe('5 1 _~o pleCLse 1 fu...(n ·from. y6w· SJ·~1·&J . ' l .. f . .· ..>.. - Wtl.J{·· Lefs · 1'1.0-b.;_ tlifn ·.To . rtyrnn =# (S! and si""j . . ·~ · j u..s-t- . 54:<. ·\Jecse.s, Wof\' t yo (J._ pa.~ ? . ., . ·. ·· ~ · -· · . From ik.-e rvtedi~: · · . . - ~~s~ kc..-s b~~ · ~i3Mt~ jersey ~Y· . CA. l!l,UJVt~ i~o..t- . t'lt51tt.)a~ ~A.(.~ 1M.~ - Oo.t'f {o(~e.t 1ke _ ou:/l((q_. ;r£ y<? -- ~et o... . rid.'-e ! pc.£t a. rtotc" itt tf;_e box. 1)e _Titt<e ·~ . .1/:IJ(J G...m.. j ltr6tt1 Rtf'... .,INIT,._._._,


,. - . , - I '· . - - • _l{ Pa/ic~ - . yt>u;. {Httst L?~e to -f~e O'tkereu; 5e f-5 /iffle. neec( <(~ hru.Je0 1i.efK.. T?r.eref6(e; yuu_ Me a.{(owed_ .. Oi( I~ ~rt.e W't.ex(_u.sed. - .ibSettee . Tf .you_ Cwt T- m.o...(<e if 1 be Suse vou... tel( D~e (5( i-ke , 6c.ife.(.s beto<e hantl1 • tJic (Qt6r5 Lv~i ( be {o(ce.d to ._{e>of: a:t a. . pict~\e o{ . G-(1(\f . (Sec..{c. (vt. hLs- . A.~t(AOJ(~) y6(J.._ -w( i( 1 be cfec(Q..(ecl (n.CL<:ft' ve • - · B- .1e~ncecs . o...c-e pu.J{ i (l.~ in a..n effut -t6 jet l-lf <foc Sct..i. 's 3 a.nte . ·Trt 6ne .· L{rti-{:e& ~ue~e'-d- _ 1 1"-ey Juwe a_{( . d..ef-~:ied .-t-o_.j() .w~h_u..~ e:-n ,;( . -th.e rewto.i<l[.fe 6f ~e . li.Jee~. Hoo{<. S(,de f - . _tue'(yone t-Vh~ .ha_c; D- C:~a.ttce J sfof byfc - see Csoxy. r-t -ve(y libely is <1.. litHe . clee(essi~t.j fC> -be in his s!fu.o._Tic,'(\ ( m...ea.nt <;,er ,·-fellc..~). 1h~tls d~ ~c . focl._o..y. · 5T&y sweet1 -s;/{le~ . .. .. . '

GALAXY SOCIAL CLUB PLEDGE BOOK: A. ~·;r lte your full name on the front cover o f your Galaxy plegde book. On the inside cover write your class cshedule. This book is to be completed and turned in to the lJresidcnt on Frid<::.y night before rou&h ini tiaL:ion. Your boot should be verv neat~ B. his id e your pledc:e book, you should have the sit-natures of: Galaxy club officers Ju Go Ju officers Gala:;:y members Ju Go Ju membe rs Galc;xy yueen Ju Go Ju sponsors Galaxy sponsors Ju Go Ju pledges Gc:.l axy p l edge s C. The l ast two pages of your pledge book should be reserved for merits and demerits. D. Dating requirements for the week: 1. '1'\·:a JT:<2j or dates, V.'ith Ju Go Ju pledges if possible. Each date should write a summary of the date and the pledge on a·pag e in your pledge book. 2, Ter. minor dates. All dates should sign the pledge book on the same page. '3. Sign.atures of 25 girl s you do not lrnow, along with add r ess and phone number. E. For each o f the above, a h ead ing should b e glven the page. F~ Th e remai~der of pages in u l Edge book will be marked off by members as they deem necessary based on the p ledges activities. All pages are to f ill marked off by Friday night. P •• (2_'eet aJ_]_ l<:O. lazy wembers, queen, 2nd sponsors V>'i th the club motto, " list~cc~ C2st~2 .. j I,~urr:er1 L~J.!ner-~. '' Yo·J. a~ e to knov; tt1e rne2ning of i t ! 3 . Galaxy pledge book is to be with you at all times, exc ept church and footba l l practice. C, Gc:J_ axy p l edr:es are to be dressed ne2.tly, Co c..r 2nd tie 2Te r equir·;;:;d Gal~txy ann band is to be v:orn on the left a:cm. I\: _·. ~; ~ ~'I' AC ·T~\'ITI~S : :,-,r::: cir:.e sci ay - ;;~'T 8r first church, we v:ill hc_ve a pc_rty Vli th Ju Go Ju. This v;il] be a.-i- ~ .Jylc:iev:oocl and e-;rer ;yone lS to meet in front of the Her i tage at 7~15. ~hursd 2y - the conc ert will be one of your major date s. : . .. :. . . . ,. ... . . . .. : Friday-Gal axv pledEes are t o have a skit fJr the pep rall ey . A · '"'~~;, 51\it ;·.rou. 1~1 }JLJ.t e\.rer·Jrorle i11 a_ Jl.LJ. C11 bAttel"' rno od! Other in fornat ian about these will be posted in t h e club box in the student c ent er. You a re r esponsible ~ or nbt es in the box. Plr:: dp; c:s arc? Pxpc::ctecl to know 2.11 club merr:ber::::, :.::c:<.Ch Gzil2_xy member is i •·:c::lf·c> "' rr, r~ ,-,,__"':l~c;]'~D C'·'r· r' Q1"l ' ' "'']~]n'-'nt ·r" "''' l.('2-I'"' I'' 'J"' "O'' 'c:co•:::c -:c \r '1 l -~ ri .L'--'"a'"- ,1.._1_ C- 11. \._,. J , l.lt_ .._ ._.._ L...l _... .._...._ U" .-. .0.-L• ..__\ ....._,li.. • • ....__, )_ ~' , .. t..,. l, ._, ~;l ._ _ ·,_ ,, l.J ).....Jo.....•C .·•.) '-- {..-. _.__,_l J.... c~rd, si ~ncd bv current nre si d~nt m1d SDansor. Dis nlav of this c 2rd n,.., -,, ""' ,, ;;k,:o.c 1 i-·a' ·r once . ., .,.,·a·1 on l v O"'"e '(o . . , '"''"8 .;-'--;:o.r·.,;T·-r'e,-1-. I'C'c''''"'l c: J· >--.-, "' · '--'- ,j .._. ...__. c.;::_.__, - .. .__, . .._ _, _ ~ ., L ....L- -'- ,) ... .L. '-" , er -'- lj. c.;., .L Vi 1, .._ .~ C C--'.-'- U . . .- '-..1 .::--' J .o. .._, • L; ~ ~-- for ]mowin g iclenity of p l edg e ~::as ter~

The men of Galaxy Social Club announce the accept(JlJce of your bid and invite you to meet us. Time: 7:30p.m. Date: October 8, 1974 Place: Ganus Bldg. 201 Dress: Casual * * * * * 1) Galaxy Pledges enjoy water balloon toss with Ju Go Ju pledges at Wylde– wood. 2) Ken Duke ably directs Pledge activities 3) Tom Parsons "feels free" with the Galaxy "1, 2,; •••4) Galaxy Pledges present a winning skit on Friday night.

) Dave Scobey silently eflects during rough. 2) Stafford and Underwood endure silently. J) Pledges take a dip to clean off! 4) Brent Wilson rests after exercises in front of Patti Cobb. 5) Dave Huey Tim Stafford, Ricky Payne, and Brent Wilson find time for games during rought night! 6) Cisco (Daryl Bassett) takes a break.

It's great to be * * * * * Suzie Carey does her part at the Galaxy/Ju Go Ju pancake breakfast. 2. Dr. and Mrs. Carr enjoy a Galaxy outing ). Dr. Carr, Galaxy sponsor made this phrase famous. 4. Gary, Ali, and baby Beck remain active, though marr ied. 5. Kathy -Lewis and her Galaxy friends. * * * * *

"Bee Bop" was Galaxy and Ju Go Ju's attempt in Spring Sing, and was ob– viously sweepstakes mat– erial. The bees sang "I' Just Buzzin' Along with the BEES", "It Had to BEE You", "Let Me Tell You 'bout the Birds and The BEES" and "0 Save the Queen.. as Steve Herr Queen Bee, was lowered to the stage where he did a Robot presentation and hopped into the Hive to the tune of "Honey, Honey Honey; Honey". The au– dience was, needless to say in hysterics. Many returned to see Bee Bop again. The originator of the idea and director was David Campbell.

S.A. election rally Monday 5:15 Student Center Bee-bop, the program presented by Galaxy and Ju Go Ju social clubs, received the sweepstakes honors in last week's Spring Sing. Galaxy, JuGoJu receive sweepstakes Winners in four categories and the best all-around trophy in the second annual Spring Sing were announced after the performance last Saturday night. Galaxy and Ju Go Ju social clubs received the sweepstakes award in the second annual Spring Sing program. Judges also selected winners in four categerfes after the Saturday night performance. Regina and Chi Sigma Alpha Look first runner-up for over-all performance while Kappa Kappa Kappa and Kappa Sigma ~ppa placed as second runners-up. The club with the highest percentage of club membership participating was WHC. First runner-up was Kappa Phi and · second runner-up was Shantih. In the area of theme, the judges chose Regina and CbJ Sigma Alpha for their "Wonderful World of Disney." Tri-Kappa and Kappa Sigs were the first run– ners-up; Galaxy and Ju Go Ju took second runners-up. Galaxy and Ju Go Ju again placed first in the area of costuming. Regina and Chi Sigs were first runners-up and Tri– Kappa ar.d Kappa Sigs were second runners-up. In choreography. the judges chose Galaxy and ,Ju Go Ju social clubs for the first place plaque. Tri-Kappa and Kappa Sigs were first runners-up while Regina and Chi Sigs were awarded second runners-up. "The performance was a phenomenal contrast to last year's show," said Dr. Jack Ryan, chairman of the Spring Sing committee. "Last year's show was excellent," he added, " ... it was the Great Ex– periment." Dr. Ryan noted three distinct benefits from the program. "The hours of rehearsal cemented relationships within the clubs," Dr. Ryan commented, "and created a bond in the group ef– fort." Secondly, the program provided an initiation into show business "with all the fun and excitement.'' Thirdly, "the funds that were raised for Harding were sub– stantial," he said. In several years after the Spring Sing ac– count is built up, ''the substantia! amount will be used to do something for the college," .he continued. unanimously to present a performances last Monday for · . '' Rya .......,_.,~ "The quality of this yec.r's ·-· .,..,., . show," he concluded, "with the creativily, the singing, the choreography, the costuming was just fantastic. I salute aLl of the clubs that participated. '' The two performan~es of Spring Sing were comp! snld out because of the 2,600 Y;·:uth Forum visitors on campus. 'rhe cast of the program " vot ~d .1.\l\IES BHISTOW and TRISH DAY ham it up for the (;alaxy and .Ju (;o .Ju skit in spring sing entitled Bee Bop. The second annual Spring Sing will hi' tonight and tommorrow night in the Main Auditorium. Photo by Scobey

Ju Go Ju----Stephen Herrington ) OEGE--------Brad Dell OEGE--------Howard norris Tri Sigma---Rick Work Theta Psi---James Bristow

is ' in there! 3) Gary Beck this game.

G;~\ LAXY FOf\M.A ... f?ANQUET Orfic9rs !)resid9nt- ;)i:!vij Can"~fJbGII v;-r;· . [·-··r(:'~l· ,·:e ·,-,.,. _ K'n·,,·, n 11J1t•'I~L~l·t'nr·s (r' n ;)·D· ·-t·, [I'P2 } I .. . v ~· • , ._, _ . .._, t.., 1~. ,_ t; ~ r; a : ..... .:.> .,., ,.. t _ Secretary- Ji .fliT·J Coil& ,. rec~urer-Rodney r:. c:a~ham ii:J aostentia) Scribt3- Mike Juhn'" z,r.·h Oir- - G;;' ry E,...r·!t ;l·, -::-:-. ;-;,,n:i;;'~ • "\. .,. l1 ,. ... . ....,l, :\. •• -!.•' ··-~ •. v 1. ;,. 1 \-· t Devvtional Ch :-rHL - i"t/!OSe :'-/k>:re ::·~~- ~rc Muncv and G::vicl C::Hm;b~.ll an~ nJt {r~fs;~d ~ \ . r3ec;>: :.J~J:; rhey w0xH -,.Jt aske·:i to en~BdJ in at 'Ud~~

Weddings I ~~~ jr~ ~~ .../.-L ~~• .._. _; /r . .IY_.. /?'Y '

. ~ .

®nlax~ ~ciial <frluh 1975-1976 Officers Howard Mo rris Stephen Herrington James H. Cone Larry H. K. Waller Jimmy Harden President Vice -President ':Preasurer Secretary Buddy Vetter Andee Lea Lawyer 'l'ony Felker Atheletic Director Devotional Chairman Queen Sponsor Jerr·y Walker Spons-;;Jt' Daryl Bassett Larry Beck Ben Brannon James Bristow l'iiike Borger Robert Burch Jeff Burroughs Cedric Byrd Bobby J-o Churchman J'immy Cone Brad De ll Dallas Dobbs Ken Duke Billy Dutton Stan Eckwood John I't1ark Ellis Eddie Gilmore Tom Greene Mark Hackney Jimmy Harden Steve Dumas Members Bobby Harvey Mike Hatcher Stephen Herrington Brian Hogle John Hurt l'ilike Johns .Averell Johnson Bill J-ohnson David Lumpkin Goober McCoy Kevin !JlcWatters Billy Martin Iviark Miles til ike I:J1i tchell Don IViiller Dave Ulorris Howard Morris Bruce Nunnally Dave Ozbirn rrom Parsons Butch Delaney Russell Passifume Rickey Payne J~ynn Pettus Jeff -Playford Gene Prescott David Pitts Steve Pylkas Don Hichards Kermit Schol Scott Smith Scott Stafford Tim Stafford David 'Tucker David Underwood Bruce Vantine Ec.1.rnest Vaughn Buddy Vetter Larry Waller Don Watson Hichard Watson Joe v!hi tehe8_d Brent Wilson B:uce 'Noodall Hick Worlc Members of Galaxy bet;an a busy year by en,joying a pancake break– fas,t with Ju Go Ju. Other activities they shared with Ju Go Ju included an outing to Camp 'rakodah, a skating party, and n1.1 merous devotionals. Besides supporting ~he S. A. Toy and Dolly drive, members collected toys for a needy family for Christ– mas. Always a tough competitor in club sports~ Ga l axy took "C" team football and "B" team volle;jrball. "Fire" was the Se lected Spring Sing theme f or Galaxy and Ju Go J-u vvhich due to some last minute problems was not presented to everyone 's disappointment. . '

Andee Lawyer was Galaxy's queen for two years. A native of Searcy, Andee was a member of Ju Go Ju social club playing a large p~t in the suc– cess of ''Bee Bop •.n Andee supported us well at all sport events and fed us well at meetings. Because ~f her friendliness and outgoing personality, everyone loved her very much .

146 I GALAXY Pancake breakfast enjoyed Members of Galaxy began a busy year by enjoyiag a pan breakfast with Ju Go Ju , their sister club. Other activities t shared with Ju Go Ju included an outing to Camp Takod n skating party, and numerous devotionals. Besides support the S.A. Toy and Dolly Drive, members also collected to~ s a needy family for Christmas. Always a tough competi t club sports, Galaxy took "C" team football and "B" volleyball. 1. J. M. Ellis 2. B. Harvey 3. D. Underwood 4. J. Parsons 5. L. Pet S. Herrington 7. D. Morris 8. S. Stafford 9. S. Smith 10. T. M. Hackney. 12. D. Bassett 13. M. Hatcher 14. A. Johnson 15. J . 16. K. Duke 17. K. McWatters 18. J . Harden 19. B. Dutton 20. J. B 21. R. Passifume 22. E. Vaughn 23. M. Mitchell 24. M. Miles Churchman 26. A. Lawyer, Queen 27. R. Watson 28. L. Beck Cheatham 30. K. Schol 31. R. Burch 32. R. Work 33. L. Waller Payne 35. J. Hurt 36. D. Richards 37. B. Woodall 38. D. Ozbirn Pitts 40. M. Johns 41. G. McCoy 42. D. Tucker 43. J. Burroughs Nunnally 45. H. Morris 46. D. Dobbs 47. B. Martin 48. S. Pylkas 4 Vetter 50. B. Brannon 51. D. Watson

~~~~(~~ ~' lll,.:~~i ~l~ /"---~ _ _, __ h'~-~~~1

JU GO JU & GALAXY Cathy Angei Robin Bales Terri Baker Larrv Beck Suz; Beeson Sus;n Bird 11 I Ben Brannon ~ . II James ,, wtw.\~'1 Ulllml Robert IImlr(ll;i II' Jeff Burro.up,p,s Rodney Cneatl'iam Jim Cone Cindy Cox Da!ia~ l ffilo~l}',IIUIII!I\1111[ K.en Du~1 e ~ou~~ ~~~~~~N~~III Beckyfl-!fi\tzjerre ! Tom <Bireene I Jimmy :~~·~~ fin! II~! Laura He.,ey Stephen Herrington ~:~:*!!' l\~~111111111 Andee Lawyeq Susan {I fl~ Jan Lawyer ~~~ Shauna Lawyer Kathy Lewis Jenny Lynn Lisa Lynn Goober McCoy Mark Miles Mike Mitchell David Morris Howard Mvrris Bruce Nunnally David Ozbirn Ricky Payne Cindi Pitts David Pitts Debbie Price !~l~l't E:~,)i;~~!" · \11 «~II r5f~~~~i;y~eK:J~ll'l ~~I· .till\ ~ •\ \~ l Sfit>tlr\ ~ln ~ I .Jh 1'\ ~~~ 111\\1\1 s~~~~~w~Tdt all" I~ ' !Ul Helly Tabalujar. 1 allillltl1111 David Underwood l' Bruce Vantine Ernie Vaughn Kim Webb Brent \Nilson Kattina Vifilson Carole Winther Bruce V! oodali ~l/11 "Fire" can ·be said to have ''fizzled." This was the nanJ •,,. of Galaxy and Ju Go Ju' s Suring Sing theme. Much fun ·and closeness w~s attain~d as the practices progressed, as costumes 'lvere n:a.•~-e;, and as music was being ·prepared. Many humorous moments wer;e sha red, like dress reh-earsal when the muslc didn't come on and we performed a c~pella, when Queen Andee fell on her posterlor reg– ion, a nd when Jame s Bristow's flam~ hel~et was Meked off by Carole 1Vinther. 'rhe nlght before performance, some of our weaker brethre~ at Harding deemed the show unac– ceptable for the Harding stage a~d ~ade the conditions such that Galaxy and.Ju Go Ju did not oerform. The other soclal clubs w~re sympathetic and sent messages of s~pport and sympathy v,rh ich was very appreclated. f) Galaxy and Ju Go Ju help the SAC hand out ice cream friday night of Spring Sing weekend. 2) "When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes ••• " J) Mona and susan watch the other club's shows on video t

September11, 1175 Member of U.S. bowling team Beck departs for world tourney Can a Harding athlete fmd success in jolly olde England? can a Bison Kegler respond to a position precedented by no other collegiate athlete inhistory? Can Gary Beck knock down bowling pins? A new page will be added to Harding College sports history when Gary B~ leaves next week for London, England to participate in 1975 Federation lnternationaledesQuillers World Championships. 'fbe FlQ is known as the "Olympics" of bowling with all the top bowlers from around the world entered in the competition. Beck's appearance will make a number of firsts in that hewill be the first Harding bowler to bowl in international competition, he will be the first NAIA bowler to make the world team, and in fact, he is the first collegiate bowler to ever make the U.S. team that competes in the FIQ. The road to London wasn't an easy one tor .Beck to follow. In order to get invited to the U.S. Team Trials in Milwaukee last summer, Beck had to win the NAIA national singles title. And that he did, winning not only the singles competition, but also the doubles tournament with Zearl Watson, the tourney all-events title, and was aJso awarded the A. 0. Duer Award that goes to the outstanding bowler in the national tournament. With these credentials firmly in hand, Beck left to compete in the U.S. team trials June 12th a bit hopeful if not apprehensive about his chances. Knowing that no other collegian bad ever qualified for the U.S. team before, Beck was also told that NAIA bowlers never performed well at the trials, a fact Beck set out to disprove. Talking to a reporter, Beck remarked, "I wanted to make this team and show you that we're (NAIA) not too bad." Things could have gone better, but Beck was fighting for the ninth spot of the team which carries only nine players. Near disaster struck the well-liked Bison kegler when, faced with competition from two other bowlers for the last position on the squad, Beck left opens in the first two frames of the final game. Approaching the end of the trials, Beck mustered all the strength and courage that bowling in four national tour– naments could afford him, and the Harding ace struck out in the last frame .to grab the ninth and fmal position on the roster, in– suring his trip to London. After the trials Beck said, "I was really low, I figured it was the end." But as he had done so many times as a Bison bowler, Beck did come back and bagged the coveted berth, a feat which is enormous considering that ·only nine bowlers from the U.s. qualify. · The only problem with amateur bowling is just that, it's' amateur. Therefore, outside of transportation and lodSing for Beck himself, there is no financial compensation for the 17-days the tournament takes, nor is there any provision for his wife whom be hopes to take along_. If the upcoming competition isn't enough to think about, Beck bas a large loan debt for both his , and his wife's education, and he was aJso set back about $2,000 when his 13-month old child nearly died at birth. Not the end of his prOblems, Beck bad a teaching job lined up this fall only to learn that the school would not let him have time off for the world championships. So the road to London has not been an easy one. Beck bad been doing a lot of driving this fall preparing for the FIQ meet, bowling against the best competition he can find in Arkansas. He is also trying to raise the necessary amount to take his wife with him, which "is po easy task in itself. 1 The 2kyear old defied the odds when he came out of Harding Academy to make the 1972 Harding NAIA National Championship team and he defied the odds to become one of five bowlers to ever appear in four NAIA national tournaments,_ Gary Beck, a former Bison, will be bowling iD the world tour– nament next month. Galaxy, Theta Tau post wins Galaxy and Theta Tau regis~red important wins last week when they advanced at the expense of defending softball champions. · Mohicans and Lambda Sigma. The victories leave both Galaxy and Theta Tau undefeated and in the finals of the winners bracket. A full schedule of games is one hand for tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, Chi Sigma will tackle Kappa Sigma in ''A" action. Tomorrow action will begin with Mohicans and Kappa Sigma " B" at 9:30, followed by Lambda Sigma vs. Knights at 10:25, Sub-T vs. Chi Sigma " B" at ll :20; Alpha Omega vs. the Sigma Tau - Kingsmen winner, at 12:15; TNT vs. Sub-Tat 1: 10; Alpha Tau vs. TNT ' 'B" at 2:05; Mohicans vs. Kappa Sigma - Chi Sigma winner a t 3:00 ; finishing up with Fraters vs. Lambda Sigma Knights WiMer at 3:55.

.,-_ --· ·- --- Galaxy held their banquet late at Ca j un's Wharf in Little Rock. were taken at Jimmy Cone's house also in Little Rock . A seafood buffet was enjoyed by all along with the entertainment and the y.sual awards.

. . . BISON,.sean:y, . . --- ~t,:earrl':" -woild Bison kegler{;~Beck ~ade- champiorf. The United . S~tes' national · title qualified Beck, the-· jump· fz;om small college- entry finished' in second place in along with the NCAA champion, bowlmg ~ to earil himself a the world standings behind for the United team . niche as- a world class bowler in · Finland in five-man competition. tryouts last summer. tbe ·• Ei~btll Federation.- In· ·~ Beck's success was a fitting Competing against former ternationale. de Quilleus~s climax as be Overcame near professional bawlers with years ·World Bowling_Cbampionsbips at astronomical odds to even of experiel}ce, Beck astounded the Olarrington Bowl in London; qualify for the world cham- · the bowling world by earning the England ·~ · · · .. · · pionships · · • • ninth and final spot on the U.S. ;• 'Ihe·tits AiA -- · ' · ~ After ffnismng second behind FIQ team, the first time ever by ~ ·- · Brad Davis in the AIC and NAIA an NAIA bowler and only the 17 finals last spring, Beck led the second time a collegiate bowler '" BiSOns tO the natio.nal NAIA team bas ever qualified to bowl for the for- the. title as he captured the national , U.S. abroad. Beck recorded :seconcl ·ohlY.~. tQ 8PJgles title and ··te.,a!J}ed with another first when be got to tea:lDIII8tE!_B~idStoutwho"was the Zearl Watson to take top honors London as be became the first 1-e doubles The. bowler for the U.S. to come from Tri Sigma---Rick Work Theta Psi---Dale McCoy Shantih-----Jimmy Harden OEGE--------Howard Morris OEGE--------Brad Dell Ju Go Ju----Jimmy Cone ·the ninth spot· to qualify for the fiv~man team. .ti.s. CoachEddieJackson, who also directed the lWl FIQ team said, "Gary did a . tremendous job. He is the only man-as far as I - know to <;<>rpe out of the ninth spot on the teamandmake the top five and bowl in the five-man competition." . "Gary was the only collegian there," Jackson went on to say. "He was putting· just four years of experience against 10 and 15year veterans. More than that, tliis is just not your everyday bowling match. It's like going to a football game, with tbe horns, bells, and noisemakers. It really bteaks your concentration if-you · don't have your head on straight." . Beck, who was voted the outstanding senior athlete last spring, (the first such honor for a bOwler at Harding) was not entirely satisfied witb his effort, but felt' he had a lot of room to improve. Summing up his perfor,mance, Beck stated, "I think maybe I bowled better than anyone ~xpected me to, but I don't feel I did ~well a.S l could have. I think I could have done better. I'm pleased, but not satisfied, ' . Beck will have to wait for fotir ye·ar.; to get another cra~k ~at the worldmeet which is held at four– year intervals, not unlike the Olynipics. He has four years to add to his "greed~' career, which brightened eons-:t.terably the past few months. "He's a Jine bowler " Jackson comniimted. "Gary's got a good future in front of him arid most of all, he s got a lot of pride in his game. He averages 240 in my book." Beek graduated last spring from Harding and bis heroics at -~~.• London has earnedhim a position in lr'ISorr sports history un– precedented by any other and will be remembered _for a long tiine to -

¥t+-D: g-q:s~ FIRST SECURI TY BANK SEARCY , ARKANSAS StEVE HERRI ' G~nN BOX 57 6 HA·R)}ING COLLEGE SEARCY , ARJ('A~ S FOAL---~~~~~· --------- 81 - 153 ---a29 1) "Paid my eel like trave l i n' on • • . " 2) Larry Waller sets up a circuit in physics lab. J) Galaxy and Ju Go Ju help with Spring Sing weekend. 4) With torrents of rain fal– ling on May Day, May Fete was he l d in the old gym.

• Jerry, one of the founders of Spring Sing on the Harding campus, is back at Harding after a brief absence. A senior , art major, Jerry is the dorm manager for the American Heritage. Upon graduation in December 1976, Jerry would like to go into commercial art, or free lance art. When not making pizzas, he enjoys drawing and painting.

Weddings I. ~~ ,d'~ ~ j- C2-. ~~, .,1.. n /)~ ~ ..d~ d...&:.,_, '7?1-,. (;., /#J'J ~ 3. R~~~~L2e~vP-r--, J-+ r:JJ I 'I?~ If. ~~ ~.~~c. ~ :7.---R~ .~~ -'.~ t9')~ .s-. .R~ ?;P~ ~ £..-6! Ch.-...?t"~.;. ~- ,21~ /9?~ c,_ ~('~ -?J?.(". ~~~r "~~-~~·~ ~'7 /s: 19?~ . . .

<!ialttx~ {§11rinl <frluh 1976-1977 Officers Jimmy Cone Rick Work Butch Delaney John Mark Ellis Mike Mitchell Steve Pylkas Kathy Lewis Jerry Walker Tony Felker Stephen Tucker President Vice-President Secretary Dave Baker Gary Beck Larry Beck Jimmy Black Mike Borger Tim Boyd Ben Brannon Mike Brasher David Bm-ns Jeff Burroughs Clint Burrus Cedric Byrd Dean Campbell Taylor Carr Tommy Carr Rodnel Cheatham Kent Childress Jimmy Cone Tim Couch Ricky Crawford Butch Delaney Dallas Dobbs Ken Duke Steve Dumas Billy Dutton Dave Dyke Steve Eads Gary Edwards Treasurer Atheletic Director Devotional Chairman Queen Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Members John Mark Ellis Lewis Faulk:aer Jeff' Garner Tom Greene Mike Grey Walt Gumser Mark Hackney Jimmy Harden Steve Herrington Brian Hogle George Hollis Dave Huey Mike Isenberg Brad Jackson Dave Jernigan Mike Johns Averell Johnson Phil Keithley Mark Kirk Carl Kuwitzky Rick Lytle Goober McCoy Mark Miles Frank Mills Dave Mitchell Dave Morris Howard Morris Mark Morris Mike Mitchell Charles Murphy Randy Murphy Bruce Nunnally Dave Ozbirn Russell Passifume Ricky Payne Eddie Pierce David Pitts Kevin Pope Steve Pylkas Rick Scott Jeremy Shackleford Scott Smith Jon Sowell Scott- Stafford Tim Stafford David Tucker Terry Tucker Dave Underwood Bruce Vantine Buddy Vetter Larry Waddell Don Watson Richard Watson Brent Wilson Pete Wittereid Bruce Woodall Rick Work Larry Waller

- This year had a bright beginning for Galaxy social club. The group started off by having a pancake breakfast at Wyldewood and several devotionals with their sister club Ju Go Ju. The members of Galaxy set out once again to prove how atheletic they were by "A" and "B" teams placing second and third in softball, "B"team placing second in football and "C" team capturing, for the third consecutive year, first place in football. The members of Galaxy actively participated in many service projects ~ which includedpainting garages, fixing Thanksgiving bas– kets and helping with the toy and dolly drive. To round out the Year the members of Galaxy did their share to bright– en up Spring Sing with the unusual theme of 11 Shoe Shine" which was awarded with first runner up for s:weepstakes award. Other activities included a roadblok for the American Cancer Society, helping Ju Go Ju with May Fete decorations, and winning the large club swimming com– petition.

Kathy Lewis is Galaxy's queen who like those before her is pretty, personable, a good cook and loves Galaxy! Besides keeping us well fed , Kathy supported us at ball games, represented us as a Winter Queen and Petit Jean Queen repre – sentative. For Christmas, we all received pens which read "Galaxy's for me!!! I love you , Kathy . " Kathy was also president of Ju Go Ju , was on SAC, and was active in many aspects of Harding life . Kathy ' s home is Maud, Texas .

This year had a bright beginning for Galaxy social club. The group started off by having a pancake breakfast at Wyldewood and several devotions with their sister club, Ju Go Ju. The members of Galaxy set out once again to prove how athletic they were by "A" and "B" teams placing second and third in softball, "8" team placing second in football and "C" team capturing, for the third consecutive year, first place in football. The members of Galaxy actively participated in many service projects which included painting garages, fixing Thanksgiving baskets and helping with the toy and dolly drive. To round out the year the members of Galaxy did their share to brighten up Spring Sing with the unusual theme of ''Shoes." 1. Pope 2. Scott 3. Waller 4. Brannon 6. Byrd 6. Childress 7. Kirk 8. Isenberg 9. Hollis 10. Mills 11. D. Morris 12. Ellis 13. M. Morris 14. Mitchell 16. Underwood 16. L. B,ac:~.- 17. Dobbs 18. Johns 19. Duke 20. Edwards 21. Dumas 22. Carr 23. Work 24. Con~~5.·:· Campbell 26. Lytte 27. G. Beck 28. Harrington 29. Dunton 30. Crawford 31. Keat~- 32. Stafford 33. Burroughs 34. Watson 35. Passafume 36. Whi1trid 37. Miles 38.r Watson 39. Vantine 40. T. Tucker 41. Payne 42. Hackney 43. Bu!~44. Gumser 45. Waddell46. Couch 47. Smith 48. Faulkner 49. R. Murphy 50. C. Mu~y 51.,Eads 52. Dyke 53. Pitts 54. Veter 55. Sowell 56. Oz.birn Sl. Pylkas 58. Gr759. Boyd 60. Nunnally 61 . D. Tucker. ~c;

Galaxy This year had a bright beginning for Galaxy social club. The group started off by having a pancake breakfast at Wyldewood and several devotions with their sister club, Ju Go Ju. The members of Galaxy set out once again to prove how athletic they were by "A" and "8" teams placing second and third in softball, "8" team placing second in football and "C" team capturing, for the third consecutive year, first place in football. The members of Galaxy actively participated in many service projects which included painting garages, fixing Thanksgiving baskets and helping with the toy and dolly drive. To round out the year the members of Galaxy did their share to brighten up Spring Sing with the unusual theme of "Shoes." 1. Pope 2. Scott 3. Waller 4. Brannon 5. Byrd 6. Childress 7. Kirk 8. Isenberg 9. Hollis. 10. Mills 11. D. Morris 12. Ellis 13. M. Morris 14. Mitchell15. Underwood 16. L. 17. Dobbs 18. Johns 19. DYke 20. Edwards 21 . Dumas 22. Carr 23. Work 24. Cone12q. : Campbell 26. Lytte 27. G. Beck 28. Harrington 29. Dunton 30. Crawford 31 . Keati'il\y : 32. Stafford 33. Burroughs 34. Watson 35. Passafume 36. Whit~rid 37. Miles 38. ~· Watson 39. Vantine 40. T. Tucker 41 . Payne 42. Hackney 43. Burris·44. Gumser 45. Waddell46. Couch 47. Smith 48. Faulkner 49. R. Murphy 50. C. Murphy 51 ..Eads 52. Dyke 53. Pitts 54. Veter 55. Sowell 56. Ozbirn 57. Pylkas 58. GreEi'n.59. Boyd 60. Nunnally 61. D. Tucker. !;:· ~>

GALAXY ?LEDGES 1 David Baker : .,:. I • 2. Taylor Carr 3. Ken t Childres-s: 4-. S.lint Burruss. Tim:!Couch 6. Steve Eads.: ?e Gary Edwards 8 •. Lewis Fa ulkner 9. Walt Gumser 10. Mike Isenberg 11 •. Phil Keathley 12. Mark Kirk 13 • Mark I~±rIt 14. 15. 16. 17. 18 •. Kevin Pope ~-... - 19. Randy Murphy KCv··-,!1~ JYL..__,_ 1 ! ·, ( •. 1 20. 21. 22. 23·- 2 1, '+• , _J Jeremy Shackelfor~~ Rick Ly-tl.e .. _. I ..... 25. 26. 28. Ri c:..i.( SC:D t t eo ~r I 32. . T i m Boyd; 3-5, Larry ra:rr1e J6~ David Burns ·37. Mike Gr ey 38.

, - -.... - Harding College •

Robin Bales jimmy Black Tim Boyd Mike Borger Celeste Bray Jeff Burroughs (A, C) Dean Campbell (A) Suzie Carey Rodney Cheatham Mindy Crouch Steve Eads John Mark Ellis Cathy Emerson ' Amy Furlong Tom Greene (C) Ju ~Go)u and Galaxy 11Shoe Shine" .? Dave Huey Averell Johnson (D, C) Jan Kirk Mark Kirk Shauna Lawyer (D, C) Rick Lytle Kathy Loden David Mitchell Joy Mitchell Mike Mitchell Howard Morris Randy Murphy Russ Passefume Lisa Phillips Eddie Pierce David Pitts Donna Plunkett Kevin Pope Carol Riddell Jeremy Shackelford Scott Smith Gala Shipp DiAnn Shumate (C) Ginger Stroud Bruce Vantine Lou Ann Tennant (C) Larry Waddell Phyllis Waller (C) Denise Warren (C) Carole Winther Bruce Woodall "I'm so tired and I'm so poor, I ain't gonna shine for a rlckel no morea La~es and gentlemen, Galaxy a~ Ju Go Ju present 1 Shoe ;/– Shine! ! ! 1 " A lot of har& work and fun went into this show. It appears as though patience and endurance pays off because we were runners-up ~or choreography, music, theme and sweepstakes. We won costumes and were third in participation.

"1qear the foothiJJs of the Ozarks ••• " 2) "Walk a Mile in My Shoes!" J) Tim Boyd is helped by Diane Shumate. 4) Two minutes till showtime. 5) Rick Lytle practices.

No, no, no, cuz I ain't got on my travelin' shoes! 2) Jeff Burroughs puts the finishing touches on Cathy Emerson. ,)) Tim Stafford won't be seen in public with– out his makeup!

P . 0 . Sol< 3!~8 r, 1\krnphi <, Tennessee 38103 DINNER MENU SEI.BCTIONS - 1977 Seasot'A9d &k®d i3a&i'l.B With B1.~~ ~nch BN.~:Q 1ilxd :t£l,J.rtt\Sr' Ccl9 Slaw Ic@1 Cream I~IS T~ <! ~ CoffiB~ •:));'' St;rf'~~ rtri:r. TGMOS!e9 >)~·d ~t,fl~ ~ ~~ ' ~ r ~J ~i' J-~ ~ French ~:r~~w !~·?.f':,\ D'il.t.t~~,~- '~'Ill " , ~~~fhlh ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~· ~ Cr~&r!ly G~Jlot 3 t!lrlt ' 1111/Uf(! I ~},m~ ~@tltrui/Q.l iq I • I rt I I z T2rl~;c~ sa,h~~~ Av~ ".,.~W.©l'lB . ~ ~ ~li ·rl'aq~ ~~ ~ tf.ll/lnl . t~ ~ ! ~ • At • u,5'?~L<• ~-- po. B ' , ~~~ w ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~///j '~~1'$.., ~i~ it1,~~~~~ j . ~~,;' n ~~~· ·!I Ju! f.JP 1 , 7/ · ·~~,,Mt~J'//f/idliP.!!,fi/!1!1 Ic~ Tea,. v~ffe<:; Cl" t ~ ~ ~ , ..., I ru~f/ /!l Wft: 1 ~l,l ~ 1 ~ ~~ ~ . ~ • ' !L ~~fi .·~ /,1. ~I ~1f19! llfi(l . ~ 1 ~m I {/~~ ' rt~;; . 11 ~~~~~Ji ~~ .'· ~wlUul~ . Cllptun oJr' ~tr:;, "; 11//ddfil;; ~'IQIV/1/1/dptiiJl ~~~~ !h I I ,IJ ~~ '/~ -~~','"'''''',,.. ,.~., ·~ ".tiff" 11/J '1~1lllllli r,, i/ If/~ lh I ~~~~~~:;~~--~·•l 'i:l ltl!J:,,~:WN:~IIu Galaxy h eld their banquet en the 11 111//Uu .. Memphi s Queen on the Mississippi River. Gal axy ' s dat es v;ere considered so lucty to go on thi s river excu.rsion <UKl it was the talk of the campus before and 8.:f t e r the b anquet: l'his f an tasy melted before ou~c e :yes as we annroached the boat. 'I' here v1as no decor and t he en~ine was loud l anvone three baclr talked among trcer::s elves---as they c ou ldn't hear 8.nywa y! '.rhe v cat erers surpris e d iJS a sumptio trs me8.l of cold_ catfish., cold :C> _p aghE~tti, cold cole slaw, a nd. ·warm t e a served on clecora:tive wl-li te pa})er plates c.CJ.nd \lv·ith plastic_forks. Des p ite ~he~ e ~and i caps 1 the night was fu n, especially the Gong ~how and the dark upper aecK ! ~uh-oh~ ) . ~ . ·- . . -

Galaxy Beaux WHC---------Larry Waller Tri Sigma---Rick Work Theta Psi---Dale McCoy Shantih-----Taylor Carr Ju Go Ju----Dave Huey Ju Go Ju----Jimmy Cone Phi Delta---Scott Stafford Shantih-----Jimmy Harden S ih-----Dallas Dobbs

e .

- e • ' Svvinger Tommy Carr: 2) Couch plays third. J) Galaxy pJays the field ~

lO "'1:::, f" \. ....... ~ w ., .,.() ..... "' ..... oQ

®alnx~ §§11rinl 6luh 1978-1979 Officers Kevin Pepe Rick Lytle Charles Murphy Carl Kuwi tzky Gary Edwards Mark Kirk Sammy Berry Dave Pitts Robin Bales Dr. Jack Ryan Heward Morris President Vice-president Secretary Bill Anthony Bill Arquitt Vernon Beach Mike Beam Sammy Berry Jimmy Black David Bryant Jeff Burroughs Danny Campbell Pete Carlile Tee Carr Jim Church Rick Collin Lance Curtis Dick Denton Steve Dumas Gary Edwards Gary Ellmore Lee Farrar Jim Finley Gary Garner Jim Grant Tom Greene Jeff Garner De8.1\l Campbell Mike Brewn • Treasurer Devotional Chairman Atheletic Director Seargent-at-Arms Historian Queen Sponsor Sponsor Members Bruce Guthrie Jimmy Harden Bill Haynes Brian Hogle Bart Hulsey Mike Isenberg Brad Jackson Kevin Janes Barry Kelly Chris Kelly Brad Kinser Greg Kinser Mark Kirk Carl Kuwitzky Rick Lytle Dan McLarey Maurice McLendon Lee Miller Frank Mills David Mitchell Mike Mitchell Lawrence Moore Charles Murphy Bruce Nunnally Bobby Gutierrez Eric Riley Steve Oliver Jeff Peden Dan Pitts David Pitts Kevin Pope Ricky Qualls Ricky Reynolds Jeff Robiscm Mark Ryff Mark Scribner Jim Shelton Scott Smith Vernen Starling Tye Taylor E.C. Umberger David Underwood Ricky Underwood Bruce Vantine Bobby Vawter Larry Waddell Kevin Wall Randy Wooten Brent Wilson Jay Witt Carter Lambert

Row 1 Nunnally,Mills,Wall,Elmore, Isenberg,Dave Pitts,J.Garner,Lytle Carlile,Scribner ~ Rew 2aB Kelley, Dan Pitts,Vawter,Haynes,Umberger, Reynolds,R Underwood,Denton,Guthrie, Shelton,Bryant,Oliver,Moore,C Kelley, K Pope,B Kinser,TaylQf,Finley,Collins Kirk, Smith,Jackson,~ller,Farrar, Anthony,Arquitt,Beam ~~addell, ~obison Row ~aCampbe~~~Edwards, Starling, Mitchell,Gr~nt,Dumas,G Kinser,Church,D Unde~wgod,Kuwitzsky, Curtis,Carr,Beach,M~phy,Burroughs ·J!i Officers .!ill! Queens .~ Charles Murphy-secretary, Rick lytle-vice presiden~,• .Kevin Pope– president, Robin Ba~es-queen,Carl Kuwitzsky-treasurer ·~ In the school year of 1978 and 1979 Galaxy once again proved to be a dynamic force on the Harding Col– lege campus. Many devotionals were shared with Ju Go Ju, our sister club including a cookout and devot– ional at the cave at Wyldewood dur– ing the week before first choice preference lists were passed out. This was a good time to become re– acqJ!lainted with each other and re– lax from recruiting activities. Galaxy helped Ju Go Ju run a road– block down on the square for Cys– tic Fibrosis, on an early Satur– day morning in September. The re– sult was that $600 were raised in four hous. Galaxy and Ju Go Ju hosted "The Great Banana Split Sale" which netted $900, $400 of which was profitted. The officers of Galaxy and Ju Go Ju, as a result were invited to the 80th birthday party of Dr. George S. Benson. At Thanksgiving, a turkey basket was sent to a needy family, and Christmas caroling was performed at Leisure Lodge, an old folks home in Searcy. Besides eating together at the "Galaxy'" table, sending notes to our secret sisters, enjo~ng somes parties, Galaxy ended the semester

1. Petit Jean State Park, Ju Go Ju outing. 2. Deanne Thompson and Tom Greene stand under the falls. J. Gary Edwards is one wild and crazy guy! 4. Bill Haynes enjoys a quiet dinner at the Heritage cafeteria. with a Christmas party at the home of Jeff Robison follow– ing the victory game of Gal– axy's A team volleyball. In sports, Galaxy took 2nd place in B team Soft– ball; A,B,and C team cham– pionships in volleyball, and participated in A, B, and C team football. *** The spring semester was a busy semester for Galaxy. Galaxy was once a strong competitor in sports doing well in basketball, taking third in large club swimming taking 2nd in softball, and doing better in track and field than has been done in quite a while. The semester ended with Galaxy just a few points out of first position for A team All-Sports trophy and winner of B team cham– pionship. Galaxy had many get-to– gethers including a party at Wyldewood with dates, a swimming party, ·and devot– ionals with Ju Go Ju and Chi Sigs and Regina. The highlight of the spring semester was Galaxy and Ju Go Ju's sweepstakes winner "HAM IT UP!" presented at Spring Sing 1979. Many hours of work and planning went into this production but many friendships were made as a result. "Saturday Night Live" was the theme of Galaxy's banquet on April 7 at the Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock~

1 . Steve Oliver shows his talent. 2. Jeff Robison never go es anywhere without his tooth– brush. J. Mark Scribner, Bison quarterback. 4. Jim Finley, Tom Greene at the Galaxy/ Ju Go Ju skating party. 5. Galaxy and Ju Go Ju show their Bison support. On April 28, Galaxy helped Ju Go Ju set up for Ju Go Ju's May Fete by building the gazebo and dressing it with flowers. The year ended with a float trip down the Spring River and an open house at the heme of Mrs. Morris, Galaxy's honorary queen. Robin Bales. our queen was reelected for her third year as queen.

Robin Bales is Galaxy's queen for a second year. The reason is that there simply was not anyone who could have done a better job than she did. You coUH always see Robin, or hear her laugh, at Galaxy's games. She also sent us little notes through the mail and cooked for every meeting even if she could not be there. Robin is a mem– ber of Ju Go Ju and an elemen– tary education major from Sear– cy. Robin represented us as our Petit Jean queen represen– tative and Winter queen candi– date. She represented the senior class in the Winter Festival. Galaxy will always remember Robin for her pretty smile and funny sense of humor.

Ju Go Juhas been Galaxy's sister club for eight years now. In that time many relationships have developed to the point that many other clubs wish they could have the closeness that exists between the two clubs. N0t only are they pretty, but they are atheletic winning speedball and softball this year. They parti– cipate with us in many activities including devotionals, service projects, and Spring Sing. Ju Go Ju is the oldest club at Har– ding with lots of traditions including May Fete.

FH<::: Cfi ~oF J. W. Morris SECRETARY, Bt,<ne~ Abbott W-AYOR: SEARCY FfRE DEPA.RTMENT 301 West Race ,1.ven~e SEA RCY, A RK A NSA S 7 2 1 4 3 President Clifton Ganus arding College Searcy , Axkansas 72143 To tihom it may concern: September 5 , 1978 leslie E. Ccrmfchoei In behalf of the members of the Searcy Fire Department 9 I would like to ex-press our appreciatio~ to the f ollm~ing : Jessica Williams , Ju Go Ju and GaleA~ Social Clubs , for thei r assistance in the !1uscular Dystrophy Drive on September 4, 1978 . These groups tu1~ed in $600 . 00 as a result of their vwrk . Again a special thanks for the participation given in t his project . Jl·:1'Ybl ' ' - Sinc~:rt~ly < . ' ..... n . I /112 )J1.A • / '7J lu , (J!).A-~ '3 . \·1 • Norris Fire Chief ,


!, Division !!!! Galaxy Alpha Tau TNT 1!!!.! Titans Galaxy Galaxy B Division Win Galaxy TNT Galaxy Galaxy Mohicans ~ Alpha Tau Galaxy Titans Chi Sigs Galaxy Tee Carr takes third en a fly 2. Kevin Pope pops one to left field J. Steve Dumas takes a break from the game 4. Let's ge, Galaxy 5· Frank Mills bring~ it home

'Banana·$piits' to helpfinance· newauditorium "The Great Banana Split Sale," sponsored by the Galaxy and Ju.ffi>Jusocial clubis and the Student Association;' is U. tlie Student Center ·toliigbt from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Benson Auditorium fund, according to David Pitts, chairman of the project. The Banana splits will sell fo.r one dollar each. The project will be similar to a coffee house with club members producing the banana splits in assembly line fashion, said Pitts. Featured during the party will be Dr. Jack Ryan playing ragtime at the piano and the movie, "Who's On First." "This is one or the biggest student projects in years and both Galaxy and Ju Go Ju have put in a lot of time toward the ijnal product," saidPitts. During the five hours of thesalethe clubs hope to produce 1,000 banana splits. 'lbe ice cream is bt$g furnished byYarnell's inSearcy. On Friday. Seirt"-~:.;11::· 1978, Galaxy and Ju Go Ju pres ented ''The Great Banana Split Sale~ in the Student Center from 7 to 12 midnight. Banana s plits sold for a dollar each. After purchasing your split you could sit down and eat in a decor ated room fr0m the '40's complete with ragtime piano and music by Glenn Miller. Cartoons were shown in the TV area of the student center. It was an evening full of surprises including receiving frozen whip cream requiring 4 days to thaw with five minutes till the opening. The ice cream was too hard to scoop at first; we ran out of toppings, nuts, and whi p cream ; and fina lly the lights went out due to a mal – function in the computer sys tem. Nevertheless it was a great success with a good shgw.i pg for Galaxy and Ju Go Ju. ...,.,.,. · ·- ·· Banana Splits Joan Gregg <left) and Lori Faulkner belp serve banana splits at the "Great Banana Split Sale" in the Student C.enter Friday night. The s·aJe was c~sponsored by the SA and the Gala~-JuGo Jia social clubs. More than 900 -nana spUts were sold and &be project profited$400 for the Benson Auditorium. c~~ampusologjl Today "'Ute Great Ba!WUl Split Sale," sponsored by the Galaxy-Ju Go Ju social clubsand tbeS.A., in tbeStudent Center,7-12 p.m. S.A. movie, "Second Time Around", 9 p,m. White County Fair, fAinlrnuntk